How to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Windows


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How to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Windows

Brother printer is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and advanced printing devices that can make the printing process quite easy by ensuring the printing quality as well. Now if you face the problem as you Brother Printer is offline on windows 10, then you don’t need to worry because you are at the right place where you will be getting the most prominent solution with easy steps that can fix your problems within minutes. However, you can also contact to Brother Printer support number to get the expert solution and guidance.

Easy methods to fix the Brother Printer offline on windows 10 issue:

There several methods that can easily fix the issue but here you will find the most common solutions that will not take any deep techniques and professional approach. Now without wasting time further, you can follow these methods to solve your issue:

1.    Check the printer connection:

·        Check all the cables through your printer is connected, if you find any loose connection make them fixed.

·        Check the Ethernet port as well and make sure that is connected well with the network.

·        If you are using the wireless network check the Wi-Fi connection and router network as well.


2.    Test the printing status:

·        By pressing the windows+, I key from your keyboard you will get a new window

·        Now select the devices option there

·        Navigate the related settings and click on “devices and printers” option

·        When you find the devices right click on the icon with a green mark

·        Now select the “See what’s printing” option

·        Then right click on the grey colored option

·        Now choose the option “set as default.”

·        Select the “Printer” option and remove the tick marks to the pause printing and use offline printer boxes.


3.    Review the printer spooler services

·        Press the windows+R button in your keyboard and get the search bar

·        Now type services.msc in the box and press enter

·        Find print spooler option in the list and check the status “Running.”

·        If you are unable to see the status, then right click on the option and select start

·        Now again right click on print spooler and select restart

·        Then you can close the window


4.    You can update the printer driver

·        Press windows+I button and select the devices option

·        Then click on “Devices and printers.”

·        Hit a right click on Brother Printer

·        Then select the option of remove device

·        Permit the dialog box and press yes

·        Now you can update the printer driver easily.

Get customer support for further assistance:

In case all these methods failed to solve your issue or you area unable to perform these methods easily you should call at Brother Printer support number and get the most professional approach to solve your issue easily.


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