Are they not?


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Are they not?

 Does their blood not beat around their bodies as ours does?

Do their souls not exist as purely as ours do?

Do they not feel emotions such as pain and love?

Are they not just another species like me and you?

Have they not outlived us on this very planet?

Are they not our only company we have known for so long?

Do they ever harm us, or do any damage?

And what we have done, isn’t that just wrong?

Do they not hold the roots of humans today?

Are they not the sole reason we are what we are?

To slay them as we do, is there no other way?

Our cruelty to them has been taken too far

Are they not our brothers, whom we are lost without?

Are they not our mothers, whom we love and adore?

Are they not our friends, whom we dream about?

Are they not our family, whom we would die for?

Of course they are

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