First Day of School


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First Day of School

So it's the first day of high school,

You're on the bus by yourself'

The seats don't appeal to you

With old stains and God knows what else'


Will school be like the movie's?

Will bullies bust your head?

Will they stick it in the toilet 

Until your face turns red?


Do teachers tower over you?

Do they still use the cane?

Do they whack you on the buttocks,

Striking with deadly aim,


What happens in detention?

A dark and dirty place?

I've heard legends about people,

With screams etched on their face,


Will there be fights in the playground?

I know I won't be going,

I wonder what school will be like...

but oh no, the bus is slowing!


I'm on the bus home now,

and what a day I've had,

the teachers were nice to me,

and the food...wasn't bad,


There were no bullies as I thought,

and nobody was mean,

I didn't get put in the toilet,

but if I had, at least they were clean


I'm starting to think I can take it, you know,

then I remember... there's still 7 years to go!




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Excellent, should be shown to all new pupils starting at the 'big' school.


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