Our Planet


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Our planet


We dream of soft, soothing seas

Teeming with life and pale blue

As clear and gentle as the ocean breeze

Where the suns warmth beams straight through

We dream of the rainforest

And its exuberant nature 

The wildlife is at its best 

Animals whispering to their neighbour

The greenery and all the plants

The bright colours and different sounds

The huge tigers and the tiny ants

The critters that hide among mounds

But this is all a dream

We open our eyes and wake from our slumbers

To see animals, slaughtered in their numbers

There are no sounds of birds or humming bees

Just a chainsaw as it ploughs through the trees 

The clear blue ocean we fantasised 

Now littered with bottles and vandalised

A coral reef, poisoned and befouled

How can these crimes be allowed?

We look at the telly and coo

Over the animals who are cute

Pretend we care, but still, we eat

Animal products such as dairy and meat

Take a look at what we've done 

To what Mother Nature gave us

If the time came, and we needed her help

Do you really think she would save us?

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