5 Rules for Good Sex


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Physical contact between two people, coupled with love, is, without a shred of doubt, the biggest bliss a person is destined to feel while living on this planet. Yet, the higher the expectations are, the more likely it is they will not be met. The feeling of attraction to another person is based on our perception of their appearance. When the feeling is mutual and two people embark on taking their relationships to the new level, it is quite often that they end up feeling depressed because they failed to satisfy their partner. As a result, the image of a Greek God or Goddess that we build in our minds regarding our loved ones is being destroyed once and forever. Hence, today we are going to speak about the five rules you should follow if you want to be a sex guru.

Get Ready

Even though we have mentioned that people are attracted to each other on the basis of their appearance, it does not mean that you have to try and sleep with all the beautiful people in your city. Getting to know the person before you proceed to any kind of coitus is a great strategy to make sure that your sex will take both of you to cloud nine. Go online and search for the hookup websites where people tell a lot about themselves in advance by filling out their profiles. Yet, make sure that this is a decent web platform. For example, the Adult Friendfinder review will tell you everything you need to know about this website. Thus, you will start your sex life in a wise way, already knowing what the person likes and what detests him or her.

Stay Safe

With the coronavirus pandemic booming, society has already adapted to hearing and reading this phrase now and then. Nonetheless, if you want to be the best at sex, you have to ensure your partner that you are not against using contraception, as, given the global STDs expansion rate, this will surely become a card up your sleeve. Folks on the Adult Friendfinder have profiles where they can state their preferences. So, you can even emphasize during a date that you are extremely cautious when it comes to sex and it will infuse your partner with the feeling of trust to you, which makes people more relaxed, and lets them enjoy the process.

Pay Attention

Have you ever tried observing your partner during sex? No, we are not talking about a creepy stare at somebody, but the ability to pay attention to the details. It is of the utmost importance as those details can tell you a lot about the things that require improvement. Just like a good guide to online dating, paying attention to what makes your partner go crazy about you and what repels them in bed will help you understand the moves you have to make to stay successful in your private life.


If the previous piece of advice did not help you, start talking with your partner. There is no way your sex life will become better if you keep all the things that you don’t like under your hat.

Take your partner to walk with a cup of coffee or have a seat in the park and talk about the things you both like and detest. Thus, you will be able to drive up the formula of your perfect sex life.

Don’t Be Afraid

The experiments are great. If there were no experiments, the world would have lacked a lot of things that we are so used to having around. Medicine, science, technology, art, and fashion are all products of those who were not afraid to experiment. For example, when you start the 

Adult Friend Finder free trial, you can emphasize that you are up for experiments and don’t waste your time on long and tedious negotiations leading to interesting sex life. Yet, if you followed the steps above, you have already since started talking with your partner about it. So, make sure to discuss the probability of trying something new, as it can spice your sex life quite up quite a bit. Sometimes, this is exactly what couples need to stay together.


Nobody is born a designated lover, and nobody can learn how to become one, as being good at sex is something that requires passion and desire. The whole secret boils down to making sure you’re your partner is satisfied. When two people take care of each other and not themselves, you can rest assured that they both will be satisfied with the outcome.

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