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Chapter 1


Once you are in college, paper writing is almost a necessity. However, in this era, students are becoming busier and involved in work to sort all their financial needs. This leaves them with very little time to focus on assignments given to them.


Why Is Speed Important


In school, assignments given always have a definite deadline that all students must meet. This means that speed is of essence when preparing essay and paper assignments to ensure all the deadlines are met. Time limitations also make it very important for students to utilize the little time they have at their disposal wisely.

Students often decide to make use of online writing websites like papersowl to have their papers done professionally and in time. Before picking an online writing company, use Essay Explorer website to review available companies. This website contains reviews for all the top writing companies online including papers owl to help you make a decision.

Therefore, online writing services helps you get your papers done on time at a fee. The prices are charged according to the type of paper you need. Dissertations and research project reports are charged more compared to other articles and essays.

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How to Improve Your Writing Speed Drastically?


In as much as you have to spend the least time possible in your paper, you still have to think and evaluate what you are discussing. Drafting an essay is not an easy task but you can learn how to do it within a very short time and prepare appropriately.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your speed when drafting essays;

1.Be always organized

Plan adequately before embarking on your assignment. Planning ensures that you understand every instruction that bounds the essay you ought to write about. Plan for what you intend to pen, the resources you will use, where to get trusted reviews and the timeline to finish the assignment.

Have all the materials you need at hand then look for a comfortable place free from distractions where you can work from.

2.Gather all the information and data you need for the assignment

Never make the mistake of drafting your essay as you research. This makes you waste a lot of time trying to glue together information from different sources. By gathering all the data and information you need prior making the final draft, you save a lot of time and energy.

This allows you to sieve all the irrelevant information from the relevant and plan a nice flow of ideas, thoughts and information. It also lets you find a way of making it unique.

3.Make it a habit to practice writing regularly

Maintaining a journal can be one way through which you can practice writing on a regular basis. Doing this can help you improve your speed tremendously because you are more accustomed to it.

4.Learn to tackle your essay in sections

You can always make an outline of your essay and start tackling it section by section whenever you are free. By doing this, you will always find that you are way ahead of schedule as far as the assignment deadline is concerned. It is faster and easier to work on the essay bit by bit as compared to working on it all at once while under pressure.

5.When stuck, tackle the intro and the conclusion last

Once you have drafted the article, it becomes easier to draft the introduction since you know what is in the article already. Therefore, you are able to explain to the reader what to expect in the article with much ease. The conclusion should also be done once the essay is complete for you to summarize it.

6.Use an online citation generator

Trying to come up with the citations on your own is time-consuming and tiresome. However, there are many free citation generator websites you can use. These sites make the process of generating citations and references quick and easy.


As far as drafting essays and academic papers is concerned, speed is one factor that you can never overlook. You need to ensure that your speed is perfect for you to find it easier to complete all your assignments within the stipulated timeline.

Taking a writing class can be one direction towards achieving the speed you desire even in intensive papers and essay. You can be so good and end up being the help on papersowl other students seek.

But before then, be fast.


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