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Chapter 1

Some reasons:

1. It is fun.  

2. Let good taste and want to keep playing (… Reading).  

3. Converts a time to work at a party.  

4. Children understand that to play naturally have to follow certain rules. So we save time work to follow rules for the activity.  

5. Children play naturally. There is almost no need to encourage them to play. Although, yes, should guide the development of the game. The teacher or teacher rather than play with them is to take the role of moderator, arbitrator and / or guide the activity.  

6. Students already have enough “work” to perform. We can use best thesis writing companies and willing to do something different and make the act of reading into a game and make the resulting act of reading a good time. That this association “read = good time” becomes commonplace.


Activities to encourage reading should be participatory and children have to perform them for fun. That is why I am a strong critic of systems such as command post (and compulsorily) chips on the reading done, and doing so consistently as homework or extra work. This only serves to reinforce in the student reading an association of type = extra work does nothing to develop the love of reading.


We organize activities where students can take part, let the kids involved and even encourage this participation. Demonstrating that they have formed an opinion on the history of the book or to cross train to others. But we must also take care that the group is not embarulle. In the following sections pose some tricks to help this.

The games that I present are intended to promote pupil performance. Give him a chance to be the protagonists of the event.

Let such that (when you have read a book) are the leading figure of the event to encourage reading (although, of course, do not call it like that in front of them).

As for how to approach the circumstances of the activity, the most effective is that it develops in a special frame as possible, something that only happens when it is read. He has to get out of the ordinary and the more exceptional is (in order) better. Convert the classroom into a magical place for one (or more) hours. Aided by the imagination of children will need very little to get it. Lose some blinds us and put a special hat or logo bold and put some background music will work miracles.


But it will not help us to organize a good “function” but before we promote interest in animation especially in the first actions, then the children know that something good comes to reading. Prepare the student for unusual activity. Piquemos curiosity the first few times and affirm their complicity in the following. When you know a bit about the “magic” will collaborate selflessly. 

For children the first thing is to make them understand that in the books are fun and interesting things.

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