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They had Gone


Hallie swam out farther, the waves gently lapping her skin. "Wait up," called Avery, her best friend. Hallie's eyes crinkled with happiness, when suddenly, her hair turned a deep red. She screamed and fell under the waves. Avery's hair turned purple in fright. "HALLIE!" She yelled. Blood surrounded her body. Avery stared in horror. Avery then gained control of her body again and tried to swim to shore. The riptide pulled her out father. "Help," she croaked. "My friend.." Avery was so lost in surprise that she had lost strength as the waves pulled her from safety. She was tugged out deeper and deeper. Avery couldn't touch the bottom. She slowly sunk. Her hand slipped under the water and as quickly they had come, they had gone.

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The 100-Foot Deep Lake


Ana splashed her sister. "Do you think I could get that shiny rock down there?" Ana pointed to the bottom of the lake. "I triple-dog dare you!" Her sister, Kenna sneered. Ana took a deep breath and kicked her feet. A few moments passed before she realized something was wrong. She stopped kicking and looked down. The rock had been getting bigger and bigger, when now, it was about the size of her parents' Minivan. Ana thrashed her arms, trying to make it to the surface before she ran out of breath. It was too late.

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We the Creators

We the Creators.

We sculpted this land.

It took millions of years.

Carving each canyon,

Designing each mountain.

We the Creators.

We assembled each creature.

Big and small.

Establishing each territory,

Across the great unknown.

We the Creators.

You don't know we're here.

Or why we made you.

We were lonely,

Craving company.

We the Creators.

We traveled far.

It took lightyears.

Across the black abyss,

You call space.

We the Creators.

We made you.

You betrayed us.

You destroy and annihilate,

Ruining everything you touch.

We the Creators.

You are nearing your end.

Your home is growing hot.

You try to slow the process,

Of which you call death.

We the Creators.

You are dead.

Your home is dead.

We restart the process,

And watch you burn again.

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