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Chapter 1

The beat of my heart quickens as I begin to run through the crowded streets. They have seen me. I pull my hood up over my head, covering my messy hair. My worn-out sneakers thud hard against the footpath below me as I push through the thick crowds. I grab tightly onto my satchel bag, in fear of it falling and losing the only food that I have.

"Thief!", the police shout as they give chase. 

I glance behind and see five police officers closing in on me. I dart down an ally-way, searching for a place to hide. I see an opened door and I dash inside. The room is vacant and cobwebs cling to the walls. I scan the room, looking for an exit. I head into another room. Old and torn furniture is scattered around the room. I hear the sound of footsteps become louder. I dash over to the on the opposite side of the room. I try to turn the handle and curse as I realize the door is locked. I run over to the open window. I’ve jumped from higher I think to myself as I begin to climb out. Strong, large hands grab my hoodie from behind. I gasp in surprise. 

“I’ve got you now, boy”. The giant of a man says. 

I’m a bit offended that he thinks I’m a boy, but I brush the thought aside as I rack my brain for a plan to escape. I place my satchel bag on the window ledge out of sight. He pulls me inside as a try to escape his grasp. He catches my hands and puts them behind my back a lot more forcefully than he needed to. He places cold metal thing around my wrists, locking them together. Handcuffs. This is going to make it ten times harder to escape. More policemen fill the room. 

“Who do we have here?” one of them says. I look at the floor, allowing my hood to cover my face. 

“look at me boy.” The same person says. I keep looking at the floor. “I said look at me.” he barks. 

I clench my jaw but continue to stare at the ground. His fist meets my stomach. I double over but a hand grabs my hoodie bulling me back up. Another fist crashes into my face. My hood falls back. The police officers look at me in confusion. 

“girl?” one of them says. 

“Yep.” I reply before twisting out of the police officers grip and kneeing him in the groin. 

He grunts in pain and crashes to the floor with a thud. The other police officers sprint towards me as I run towards the window, running awkwardly with my hands still in the handcuffs. I climb out and reach for my bag which proves to be very difficult seeing as my hands are tied together behind me back. A hand reaches for me and I jump. My ankle twists as I land. But surprisingly I don’t fall over. I look up to see the officers looking out of the window with scowls on their face. I step over my handcuffs so that my hands are in front of me. I look up to the furious police officers and smile as I bring my hands up and stick out my middle fingers. 

“Go around.” The police officer instructs the others. 

They hurry to leave the window. One remains and looks as if he is going to jump out of the window but decides against it and follows the others. Wuss, I think to myself. I clutch my satchel bag in my hands and limp down the street. 

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