Best Books Healing Students’ Depression


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Best Books Healing Students’ Depression

Mood - can you imagine any worse example? And you wildly want to escape somewhere, hide, bury yourself in a warm blanket? The best way to overcome depression are books. Of course, you will not run away from your problems, but you will lift your spirits. And maybe they will even find a solution to their problem.


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Sometimes we need a "magic kick" to shake things up and start enjoying life again. Depression is one of the most severe student problems. There are various depression essay examples, and you can search for interesting college sample or find more on Edusson. In the books from this collection, you will find moral support, step-by-step instructions on how to get out of stress, as well as many inspiring stories that will help you to pull yourself out of the swamp of gloom.

Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig

At the age of 24, I almost killed myself. At that time, I lived in Ibiza, in a very beautiful villa on the quiet coast of the island. Right next to the villa was a cliff. Overcome by depression, I went to the edge of a cliff and looked at the sea. I tried to find the courage to jump down. I did not find her. This was followed by another three years in depression. Panic, despair, daily tormenting attempt to go to the nearest store and not faint. But I survived. I have been over 40 for a long time. Once I was almost sure that I would not live to 30. However, I am here. Surrounded by your favorite people.

The author, Matt Haig, a British journalist and writer, talks about his personal experience in life and dealing with depression, gives recommendations and a list of reasons that helped him not to commit suicide and live on. And also, teach healthy people to properly behave with those who are depressed.

You can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

Louise Hay is one of the founders of the self-help movement, author of best-selling popular psychology genres. Over the 30 years of her ascetic work, she has helped millions of people around the world change their lives for the better with the power of thought, using positive affirmations. Just by changing your stereotype of thinking to a positive one, you can overcome the barriers of the past, love yourself the way you are, build relationships with others, radiating and absorbing Love, learn to gratefully accept all the benefits of the Universe that belong to us by right. We are building our future today ourselves - this is the main message of this book, which includes the bestsellers “I can do it!”, “Manage your destiny”, “Letters to Louise” and “The Affirmations Diary”.

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Cases. Jokes. Aphorisms - Faina Ranevskaya

The work - a storehouse of wit and humor. And if after reading the first page you don’t start laughing, don’t rush into the next room to share some subtlety with your family, if you don’t improve your mood for the whole evening and the next day, and during the week you don’t remember any then jokes in the subway or at work planning, trying to suppress the bouts of laughter bursting at you - immediately go to a psychotherapist.

By the way, studies by British psychologists have shown that after watching a funny movie or reading a fun book, the level of irritation in a person decreases several times. Moreover, the mood of the subjects rose from the thought that they would soon laugh: knowing that in the evening they would return to reading their favorite funny book, during the day they were angry and sad twice as often as usual.


The Little Book of Mindfulness (10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress More Peace) – Dr. Patrizia Collard


The idea of the book is very tempting. Instead of many hours of meditation, singing mantras and difficult exercises - simple and clear steps to confidence and happiness. The author claims that in just 5-10 minutes a day you can: get rid of stress, put things in order, learn to understand and accept, thank, and live in the present. A wonderful gift for those who want to get an ambulance from the storms of life. Among foreign readers, the project already has quite a few fans. Here is what the "lovers" readers write about him: “I was looking for an introductory book on awareness. And here it is! A lot of useful information, simple practices and as a bonus are wonderful illustrations. Now, this little book is always on my nightstand." "Listen to my advice: buy this book, and you will be surprised how you managed without it. The book caught me in a difficult period of my life and became my kind helper and a true friend. Even the busiest person can easily find a few minutes a day for exercises and practice. If you practice regularly, you will become much more balanced.”

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