How Many College Athletes Become Professional Sportsmen?


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How Many College Athletes Become Professional Sportsmen?

A lot of children go in for particular sports and become athletes while being at school. Participation in university competitions is an enriching experience. Over 350,000 students take part in various games every year, and many receive scholarships. As fun as it seems to be, the life of these people isn't that easy at all.

All the players have to train since their childhood. They dream of becoming professional sportsmen. The bitter truth is that a very small proportion of athletes actually make it big. One out of 25, actually becomes professional. In college, when your team competes, depending on how big it is, either one or none get selected. The selections aren't completely unbiased either. A lot of factors and examples like politics, favoritism, recommendations, quotas, etc. play a role apart from your own talent and skills. The truth is harsh, but athletes do have an unpredictable and hard life. It's a wise option to concentrate on your academics side by side and have a stand-by career other than sports.

Making money as an athlete

Earning money in college is a challenge for some young people. There are a few who are talented enough to get some cash in hand via the extra work that they do apart from college activities. Should college athletes get paid? The answer to that will vary depending on a sportsperson in consideration. However, college athletes are made to perform only for the institution they study at. Thus, there is no means for them to get paid otherwise. The whole essay or even a dissertation can be written regarding this issue. There are plenty of examples in every college where athletes complain of similar problems.

Do college athletes become professional sportsmen?

This is a very pressing question, which has a bitter reality to it. Only 2% of athletes become professional sportsmen. There are very few examples of college students getting national or international exposure. There are so many essay topics on the internet that focus on how hard the life of athletes is. Here is why:

· Sportsmen often get scholarships from their colleges. However, it is limited. It won’t last for the entire college fee or after that.

· An average student-athlete spends about 20 hours a week doing classwork and about 30 hours on the field practicing. They're hardly left with time for relaxation and doing other things that they are fond of. Due to the lack of time, athletes in universities don’t participate in internships and projects related to their degree. This makes them miss out on the experience and opportunities in other fields than sports.

· In order to qualify as a high school senior athlete, there is a set of specific requirements. This filters through most of the sportsmen. The NCAA has strict eligibility criteria for college players.

· The graduation rates for college sportsmen are as low as 40%. This is a primary reason why students don't become professional sportsmen. They end up having to pursue traditional careers rather than continuing being involved in sports.

· The coaches don't follow the prescribed field time with students. They tend to take away their academic time to practice. This results in worsening one’s academic achievements.

· Baseball players have higher chances of making it big compared to those playing any other sport. As per essays and reports, it's said that about 11% of students go pro in baseball after college. This is followed by ice hockey, football, and basketball players.

The above facts highlight why the majority of college athletes won't be able to become professional sportsmen. A lot needs to be changed for the students to get better chances to proceed with their competitive careers in sports.

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