In The Reflection


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Chapter 1


It was a cold, breezy evening for me and my friends, we were on the lake watching the sunset.

"Hey guys" Jordan said as she walked onto the bank of the lake.

"Hey" I said.

"Sorry for being late!" 

"It's fine, my dad hasn't brought supper out yet anyways" 

"Oh okay"

Jordan sat her lawn chair out on the bank and sat down.

"So what have y'all been doing?" She asked,

"Not much, my dad brought me dropped me and the luggage off for me to unpack, then he went to the store to get the hotdogs and he got back and he helped unpack and then I came out here and sat on the lake skipping rocks and then Jason got here, and all of the others showed up not too long ago" 

"Oh sweet" She said as she picked up a flat rock and skipped it, it skipped three times and sunk to the bottom of the lake.

A few minutes later my dad came out the door with the hotdogs,

"Y'all ready to eat?" He asked

"Yeah I'm starving!" Jordan exclaimed 

"Okay then, we got hotdogs and hamburgers" 

"Yummm!" Jordan said.

We all got up off our butts and got hamburger's and hotdog's and started roasting them, my hotdog's finished roasting and Mmmmm it was delicious! 

After we finished eating it was 8:45, and dark, but it was a good thing that we had a fire going, we played some flashlight tag, we had teams, I was on Daniel and Amanda's team and Jordan was on Jacob and Andrews team.

My dad owned about three or four acres of land and so we played out in the woods and all over the place.

I was running side by side with Amanda when I saw Jordan, she didn't see us, me and Amanda kept running,

"I see you!" Jordan said.

Awe crap, I thought to myself

"Come on Amanda" I whispered.

While Jordan chasing me and Amanda, Andrew and Jacob was running along side of the lake, Andrew was running in front and Jacob was following him from behind he saw the reflection of the moon in the water, when he tripped over a root and went rolling into the water, Splash, Andrew was still running and didn't notice he fell in, he saw me and Amanda,

"Where's Jacob?" I asked Andrew

"He's right behind me!"

"No he's not" Amanda said.



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Chapter 2


I was running behind Andrew on the side of the lake maybe a yard or two away, when I saw the reflection of the moon, I tripped over a root and went rolling down the hill and rolled into the lake, Splash I was in the lake, I could see the reflection of the moon, the water was cold, then something started pulling me to the center of the lake and then it took me under... Back up,

"Andrew! Help!" 

Back down, It wouldn't let go of my foot, and back up...


It pulled me under the water again, it kept me under the water for thirty some seconds and then it let me go, I swam back up to the surface and I saw the moon, still full.

I swam back to the bank of the lake and flopped down on the sand,

"Andrew...!" I paused for a second,

"Blake...! Anybody?" 

I heard something in the woods to the right of me,

"Hello? Who is it?" 

There were bushes and tree's rocking back and forth. I heard a Whispering noise.

"Get out of here... Leave... Or die..." The whispering voice said,

What the heck? I thought to myself.

"Okay Andrew that's enough! Come on out guys!" I said, Hhssss

Hhssss... The wind blew as I heard a loud hissing.

"You better go... Run, run like the wind" the whispering voice said, I stood up and heard the hissing noise again, Hhssss... Hhssss... This time it sounded closer, the trees started swaying back and forth again. This time I heard something Growling.

"He's coming..." The whispering voice said,

I started walking towards Blakes house, I walked into the door,

"Blake!" I yelled out.

I tried cutting the light on but it didn't cut on.

"Mr. Zach?"

No one's here, just face it, I told myself.


The lights cut on and off quickly, the electricity was humming, 

"He's here..." The whispering said.

Who's here!? I asked myself, or what's here?

Rawrrrrrgrrrr rawwwwwrrrgrr

"Told you" the whispering voice said, I heard thumping sound coming down the stairs the first thump, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and the last one, twelfth, 


It roared again, I ran into the kitchen, knelt down beside the kitchen island, I could here the foot steps coming from behind me so I ran into the dining room and got behind the curtain, no it wasn't the best choice to make but that's what I did, it came in the dining room and I could hear it sniffing around, it crawled it's way over to the curtain that I was behind, it sniffed it a few times, turned around and crawled itself away, I got out from behind the curtain and ran back into the kitchen, I saw some goody slimy trail on the ground leading into the dining room and out the other entrance to the dining room, I walked out the kitchen into the living room, I had to get out of here, I told myself, I started walking towards the door, I put my hand on the door knob to open it quietly knowing that the thing was still in the house.

I felt something drip on my head, I reached up and touched my head with my hand and looked at my hand and it was covered with the black gooey slime that I saw on the kitchen floor.

I looked up really slowly.... It was there, it jumped down at me.







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Chapter 3


"Where did he go?" Amanda asked Andrew,

"I don't know he was running behind me and then next thing I knew he wasn't behind me, he must've cut to the left or sI something!" 

"He could have fell into the lake..." Amanda said sarcastically,

"Yeah I really doubt that!" I said,

"He might be with the others, let's go find them" Andrew said

We went to go find the others, we walked up to the house to find Jordan and Daniel sitting on the bench by the lake,

"Hey have y'all seen Jacob?" I asked

"No why?" Jordan asked

"Just wondering, Andrew said he was running with Jacob a few feet behind him and then when we ran into Andrew he realized Jacob was gone, we think he cut to the left and went into the property of the people that live... What? Three or four houses down the road"

"Oh well no I haven't seen him"

"Okay, well he should be able to get himself back here" I said.

A few minutes later we went inside to wait for Jacob but he didn't come. 

"Where is Jacob?" Jordan asked

"I have no idea..." I said

"Do you think we should go look for him? I mean it's been an hour" Daniel said.

"I don't know, should we?" I asked Jordan,

"Yeah, we should go look for about an hour or two, if we can't find him I guess we'll have to call the police station" Daniel said,

"Okay, come on, Amanda! Andrew! Come on we're going out to look for Jacob" I yelled,

My dad walked downstairs,

"You're going to look for Jacob?" He asked,

"Yeah it's been over an hour, we'll be back in an hour or two, we'll let you know when we're coming back" I said,

"Okay, bye" 

"Bye" I said as we all walked out the front door, we walked up the driveway to the road, we walked down two houses down and cut into the woods, we saw some junk cars, broken glass, mirrors, beds, all kinds of old junk that the people that lived in the house three out,

"Hey guys come here, look how weird this broken mirror makes you look!" Daniel said, me and Jordan walked over to him to check it out and it did make us look weird, Jordan started laughing and her laugh was the weirdest laugh anybody could ever have, she made me laugh by her laughing, Daniel caught something in the corner of his eyes in the mirror while he was watching us laugh to death, 

"Hey guys what's that?" He asked,

"What's what?" Jordan asked,

"In the mirror!" 

"What's in the mirror?" I asked him,

"Just look real close!" He said, I got down on my knees to look, at first there was nothing but our surroundings in the reflection until I saw the trees in the reflection sway back and forth, 

"Guys, look in the reflection the trees are swaying back and forth but when you look up they aren't!" I said,

"Hmmm..." Daniel paused,

"Guys? Do you hear that?" He asked,

"Hear what?" I asked,

"The hissing sound? Do you hear that?" 

I took a second to listen, 

"Yeah I do! What is it?"

"I don't know!" 

Then there was a growling sound, 

"Okay you can't tell me you don't hear that!" He asked me,

"Yeah I do! Come on let's go!"

I said, we all turned out backs to the junk area and started running none of us looked back but Jordan,

"Uh guys what's that?" She asked, I looked back and it looked like a big long gooey slimy arm reaching out of the mirror, then it jumped out of the mirror throwing goo and slime all over the place, 

"Guys run!" I yelled.



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