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House of God

 The house of God is a house of worship,where altar is built,it's a place of memorial,it's a place where you anoint with the anointment given to you by God .

It's a place of getting dreams which comes from God,it's the place where word of God is revealed.its a place of remembering the promises of God,it's the place of affirmation of the promises given to your ancestors ,your forefathers ,promises which are huge and eternal,the promises to backup all the promises.

The liveliness in the promises will make us to give promises to God,vow to God,

The house of God where our promises were got will chase us ,till it is accomplished in our lives.

When we find no one,no place to rely with,grumbling,no escape found,everything getting worse for us and our belongings,the God of promises will direct us.

Gods time reveals to us ,that it is the time to keep up our vows and promises to him,in the midst of our hopeless times.he reminds us to return to the house of God where those promises were given.

When our own house was not in order,boiling inside with unwanted painful things ,the promises we received will drive us to the house of God and settle there.Gen 35:1-8,15,16

The promises of God will purify us,it will bring terror to those who terrify us and will help us to build the altar for God in the house of God and will give us wisdom to call on his name as El-Bethel.It means God of Bethel.Every activity in that house of God will be a memorial.

Its the place God will rename us ,it's the heavens declaration on our changing life.It's the place where God reveals himself as El-Shadai-'God Almighty '

Now the offering to our God also changes.

First we built the altar of worship,the order of serving changes,first with the wine and then with the oil we serve God .

Wine represents the plenty of the land,blood of God ,symbol of communion with God,oil is the Holy Spirit anointing.

God will help us to call upon the house of God .

It's a place where we can work on our intelligence for our further destiny in gods promises.

Joshua7-12 chapters

Any unholy deeds in the house of God breaks the covenant with God ,God will make their enemies defeat them meanly.It can also become a valley of trouble.

If enquired about this unholy deeds in the house of God,god will reveal it to the people,so they can repent.

When going towards the destiny that God has in our lives,we should listened to the guidelines God is giving us.focusing on the worldly things and taking things of the Lord not serious can make us to be with the things ,which God has called us to set apart,to lie,to hide things.

It may be to run as a defeated one,as a weak link ,when the enemy comes again to attack us ,the strength of God so far hidden in us ,will defeat the enemy ,like out of an ambush.then we can burn the enemy identification with the fire of God in us.

It's the place where the altar of worship has to be built in accordance with gods word,Joshua8:31tells of an altar made of uncut stones ,no iron tools for shaping,where burnt offering and peace offering were placed.

So here the altar is built with the stone which has gods own cut and gods own shaping.The stone which the builders reject will become the corner stone.jesus is the rock.To Peter Jesus tells,upon this rock I will build my house.

There people should be reminded of their do's which brings blessing and don'ts which will bring curses.

It's a place where woman head a very significant place,the places where the lushness,and peace lacked.God anoints woman as prophetess ,as judge to take very crucial and brave decisions,where brave men hide for safety.

In the instinct of providing or creating a greater authority to fulfil God's main purpose,God starts the initiation form his house.To make a handsome man more handsome for his purpose,a different man according to the dictionary of God ,he makes the people of the house to play an important rule.

1samuel 10 states that,when Saul stayed at the oak of tabor 3 kids with three goats with three loaves and vine skin bottle ,gave two loaves of bread to Saul,they were on their way to meet God at his house.After that he went in the midst of the prophets and prophesied.The spirit of God came upon Saul and transformed him to a different man suitable to head a kingdom.

The spirit of God only can invoke a man so that an unfavourable man can become a favour with man and God.The people who question the mans position,can be put to hold only by the anointing of God .For the unusual bravery and strategy and a kingly thought can make a man stand apart from his counterpart.

This can take place only after the word of God gets in and takes the place,so that the spirit can position it on the light of the word.Here the light shown by the word of God is Saul to be the King .Hence the spirit directs him to the place where he can be filled with the spirit for further transformation.

It's a place where the abomination by the calf idol on the altar,in the house of God be stopped from further sacrifice. It's a place where God send his man to preach to the altar to be cleansed by splitting it's sacrifice to the dirt and be cleansed. It's a place to ignore the King of that land who had gone out of his mind to cause abomination in God's holy place. It's a place of god's rule and even if the king raises his hand against the will of God,he would be struck by God. It's a place where God's word which was sent ,it will do what it had intended to do and it would not return empty handed.

It's a place where the journey of the prophet who carries the anointing to encounter the fiery anointing of God. It's the place where the prophet of God starts his journey to get the mantle of anointing to continue in God's work.

It's a place where God's purpose for his children to start with and it passes through the confirmation of other prophets in that area,it continues to the place where the wall of hindrance to be broken by break opening the praises to God,which again is confirmed by his prophets and it passes to the Jordan river where it splits by the mantle which carries the anointing again confirmed by the prophets of god and which requires a serious focus on the heavens intervention with the earth. As bethel is the place and house of God,all things are provided to the journey from the house of God itself.

It's the place where every tongue that raises against God and God servant be put to shame. Young children who commented teasingly towards Elisha's appearance were attacked by wild animal.

It's a place where God's house while getting cleaned of all foreign God practices by burning it outside Jerusalem and disposing the ashes in bethel.

Where the altars built by the ones who led the people against God to sin is destroyed and it stood as an example to do the cleansing in other places also. Where the memories of god's children were protected and other ungodly things were destroyed.

In Hosea,it's a place where the goodness of God in Jacobs life was remembered . It was from the womb how he got the best of his brother and in his youth,how he got the best of God. No one could best God ,Jacob got to his knees and God blessed him by appearing as the God of the army of the angels of God, God was revealed and God was known.

In Amos ,it's a place where the word of God,the God of the angels armies rebuke, against the sin of worship of idols. Their horns been torn off and their seasonal houses destroyed .

It's a place where God reminds us of the every morning offering made,the tithe that was brought every third day,the special offering ,thanks offering and the wilful offering which had been a religious show. Loved not God in that.

Even though God emptied their pantries and their cupboards to run out of food they didn't hunger for God. God stopped the rain in one village and rained in the next village,rained in one field and not in the other field and they went for water from one place to another and they thirst not for God.

God brought the plagues of Egypt upon them and they smelled the rotting,he burned them as the charred stick and still they ignored him.

He appeared to them there as a mountain shaper,wind maker,who had plotted plans before the existence of Adam . As the one who brings dawn from the darkness,who does things out of nothing ,as the God ,the God of the angels armies.

It's a place where the man of God Amos  gets a vision before preaching against amaziah who stopped him from preaching God's word.

First vision he had was a swam of locust,second was the firestorm which dried up the ocean ,the third was the plumline,the line of God's limit.

It's a place where called his man, who worked in a farm to preach in the house of God . He was raising cattle and pruning trees.

In Zechariah ,it's a place where the priests of the temple of the God of the angels armies and the prophets wanted to enquire of the Lord for a fasting to get the blessings of God. God reminds them for the interest in the people and not a religious show.

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House of worship

The house of God is the house of worship. Worship is the reverence and honour given. It is the adoration ,beautification and exaltation given. It's emptying oneself and pouring out all.

It's a place where every knee will bow down and every tongue confess the name of God which is the name above all names.

Knee is the joint in the leg,helping in the movement. When the knee is bent ,the movement of the legs are restricted . It indicates the submission fully,restricting the movements.

John chapter 3 tells about nichodemus,he was asked to be born again,to submit to baptism.Jesus explains,as the spirit hovered on the waters,the invisible over the visible,so is the baptism under water without which it's impossible to get inside the kingdom of God.

Knee has also a meaning of patella and popliteal .

Patella is a pan shaped or a cup shaped vessel.

The cup represents the honour,the honour comes from the place where it is submitted.

When Joseph was prisoned in Egypt, the cup bearers dreamed of the grapes budding,blossoming and the ripening. Then it's plucked,squeezed and filled the wine cup to serve pharaoh.

The cup bearer was honoured and the baker was punished.

John 3-30 tells about why John's cup over flowing,so that Jesus will take the centre and he sidelines, for he declared that he was not the messiah and he came to make a way for him.

Psalms tells about God having a cup in his hand and it's the cup of wrath.

Psalms 23 tells about the head being anointed and the cup being overflowed. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me.

In the upper room gathering with Jesus,Jesus took the cup and told ,its my blood for the new covenant and do it till the day of my coming.

When James and John asked of participating in his glory,Jesus answered,if they can drink from the cup,that he was going to drink from.

In the garden of gethsamanae,Jesus prayed to father,if this cup would be spared from him and prayed,the will of God to be done.

Knee represents submission and honour.

Every tongue will confess.

James chapter talks about,it is easy to tame a tiger than to tame a tongue. For the same tongue is used to both bless and curse the man and woman in god's image. A loose tongue will cause destruction and the sharp tongue will cause fire.

When Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist ,priest Zechariah was made dumb and when john was born,his tongue was loosened,he began to praise and glorify God.

In Samuel chapter the spirit of God moved and the word of God got shaped in the tongue.

When King uzziah died Isaiah saw god on his throne and the seraphim touched the tongue of Isaiah with the coal of fire and he was made holy.

The small organ tongue can be used both to build and destroy ,to bless and to curse,to make or to break. Such a powerful organ when it confesses the name of God,the word of God gets shaped in the tongue.

As the spirit of God moved first and the word of God uttered next for the creation to start,so the knees of the creations has to bow and the tongue has to confesss for the creation to operate in God,which is the worship to God.

Those who worship has to worship in spirit and in truth.

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It's a place of memorial,it's a place of pouring the anointing .

It's a place where an act of showing,not me but you. 

The first altar in genesis was built by Cain ,followed by Abel.

In idol worship all natural things irrespective of how they were made,origin and their place was sanctified with the splendour of the land. Living sacrifices were done on an altar put before the idol.

Cain and Abel placed their produce for which they have worked hard. The blessings which they have earned out of their sweat was placed on the altar as a thanks ,as a mark of respect for the creator God who gives them.

Cain dishonoured God by taking the best of his first fruits and Abel respected God by giving the best of his first fruits. Abel's altar was blessed by God. God was full of love and appreciation for all Abel 's doing in the altar.

Altar was the place ,that human being found to meet with God. As the servant brings the produce from the land of the master as an account of his faithfulness,he brings his produce.

Abraham when asked to come out of his family,he built altar at every place as thanksgiving to the God who led him. When God asked him his very best and first fruit his son Isaac as an offering,he hesitated not to submit to God. God lifted him and blessed him by considering his faith as righteousness and declared him as the father of all believers.

Jacob when went alone from his father's house to his uncle Laban house,he laid his head down. The Lord God appeared in his dream and conferred blessings on him. Jacob got up from his sleep and took olive oil and anointed the stone. He determined in his mind,that if the Lord God took care of him and brought him safely then he will offer sacrifices on the altar.

When he returned safely,he called on the name of the lord God as Elshadai and offered sacrifices on the altar.

God made his prophets to preach to kings and people,how they should sacrifice on the altar. If the king itself does unworthy on the altar ,God sent his holy man to preach directly to the altar so that the altar will clean itself by spitting the dirt aside.

When idols were placed on the altar,God made them to be burned in Jerusalem and its ashes to be dumped in bethel.

When the man of God Elijah according to God's word,challenged the prophets of Baal to prove their worth,God answered Elijahs prayer by sending the fire on the altar and consuming the sacrifices.

When king Solomon built the temple for God and offered sacrifice on the altar,God's glory filled the whole temple.

When the Lord Jesus was born,three wise men from the east presented him with myrrh ,gold and frankincense as an offering in the altar.

After the resurrection of Christ,he himself took his blood to the altar in the heavens tabernacle as a sacrifice.

Revelations talk about the Angel of God taking the burning coal from the altar and pouring on the earth as a wrath of God.

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