The Ladder


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man stood high in god's ladder

For he is gods reflection

Everything in him and off him

Are put in order

All in a ladder 

Peace,happiness and joy🤗

In his ladder

Gets him to the kingdom of God 

Anger and hatred

Makes all in the ladder

To fall....

Love ladder !📈

Is the attraction of them all

Who ever climbs in it

Always reaches the top

If anger fights them to a fall

Even to the ditch dark might be

It can again reach to the top

With a rocket start🚀

What a ladder it is

In God 's folder

God stood on top of Jacobs ladder

Movements picked up

As angels ascended👼🏼

Angels descended

God declared his blessings

As promises he showered

In a dream it came

In real it went

As from heaven it was sent

It firmed onto Rachel 

For its a ladder from bethel

In the water well ⛲️

With her sheep tending

It all started in love♥️

Laban in love for Jacob

In love on all Jacobs hands produced

Jacob in love with Labans daughter 

For her he enslaved himself 7 years

As he met her on the water well

He chose to be with her

Working on the sheeps

Greedy Laban wanted all heeps

Laya he gave for Rachel 🚶🏿‍♀️

Another 7 years he enslaved himself

Finally he got Rachel💃

With all he returned to bethel

To anoint and to serve

The God who appeared

To prevail over God and man

Be changed forever

From Jacob to Israel

From a single man to become nation


The ladder of God 

Makes one gladder

To grow is a step ahead 

In the ladder

For God stands top

Wind may blow🌪

Lightning may glow⚡️

The steps may slow

It's the fathers hand on hold

He stands on the top

Storms may come

Thunders resound💥

To shook our ground

Our steps it may pound

It could not put 

Our steps down

For God is around

Heat may treat 

Smoke as our steps threat

Where steps retreat 

It's the ladder

Above God to meet

To protect our feet

It's all in the ladder

To carry steps

Without fall

For God in all

Is supreme overall


Jesus in our ladder makes the Holy Spirit gladder

His steps are the seven spirit of God

Yielding all the nine fruits 🍉 of God 

Fullness of God in

Is the fullness in man

Man and God to be one

One he becomes with God

All in his ladder

With Holy Spirit as guide

He was in all 🌏 instances

In creation was he

In guidance for Jesus ,was he

In his ascension and descension

Opening the heavens 

For all thence forth

In all the steps was he

In all the spiritual ladders 

He will be

Jacob ladder carried 

The 👼🏼 of his providence 

For the heavens were open to them

Waiting for the sons of man

To get on themselves 

He is going to be

In jesus second coming

Ladder is hung

By the word of Jesus 

It's steps are the promises

The providence on the ladder

Is by the blood itself.

Even though flesh and blood

Cannot climb the ladder

The blood of Jesus 

Was the insurance cover 

For all ladder climbers.


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