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Chapter 1


 After a long night at school , I felt my body grow heavy as I sank into bed next to Brice. As he wrapped his arms around me , my heavy eyelids fell.
        When I opened my eyes I was in a hospital , I looked around frantically looking for Brice . When suddenly I realized where I was . I was in the same hospital my father had passed in when I was eleven . Theirs no way this could be happening , I burst through the emergency doors to my right. Only to be completely thrown off guard and in a completely different location. I was in a field , no an orchard of cherry trees. I see a house ... its my house from when I was seven , I remember my father and I use to play out here . I ran up to the porch taking it all in . I open the front door  , but what is inside isn't my child hood home . It's a labyrinth made of brick and stone , I felt a cold breeze coming from the darkened corridors . A shove came from behind sending me stumbling into the cold dark hall in front of me. The heavy door slams behind me and locks . I spin around and start pounding on it to no prevail . I start to run dazed and scared through the maze . Left right left right wall back track left right . it was no use ,  I could feel the tears filling my eyes as my long black hair cascaded to the floor around my knees  my tears hitting the cold stone beneath me sound like bombs going off in the distance, I hear the faint cry of my name echoing around me . I'm shaken awake by Brice in a panic,
 "Piper , wake up!" Brice shouted in my ear.
 " Huh.......what time is it ?"I mumbled as I rolled over facing him .
 "Why were you crying ?" he sounded so worried , he always dose .
 " It was a bad dream , but this time I couldn't smell  anything, and  I didn't see him..."  I wonder why  didn't see my dad in my dream this time ... I snuggled up to Brice , his pale skin so cold .
 "Are you ok now ?" he said wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
" I am , just go back to sleep" I said closing my eyes once more.
        I'm wakened by the screaming of our alarm clock. I get up and start the shower , coming back into the room I try to wake Brice . He gives a little grumble and rolls over . I jump on him and start to tickle him , as he goes to try and grab me I clutch the blankets and roll on to the floor with a loud thud . He stops and asked if I'm OK . I respond with a burst of laughter , before heading to the shower. 
 "hurry up or well be late." Brice shouted from the bed room .
 " shh.. your going to wake my mum, I'll be ready in a minute" I said through the crack of the door.
" oh yeah sorry .."
My mom doesn't understand why I enjoy night school , but she also doesn't know my boyfriend is a vampire , or that I'm posing as one .  Its quite easy , all I really have to do is cover my scent and drink fake blood , which I mix with red kool-aid . I have a feeling Brice knows but I hope not ... Brice and I sneak out of the house and head to school making small talk about last nights episode Arriving at first period we take our seats in Mrs.murda's classes of vamp. history. Mrs.Merda starts roll call walikng up and down the isles.
"Piper Anders" she said walking passed my desk
"hear" I reply
 " oh on time today I see" she snared turning to Brice who sat in the desk next to mine." this is not your seat mr.Coleman" she glared . " I know but Hutchins is not hear today. ma'm may I stay here?" he asked glancing at me
"Is it your seat ? no I think not , go" she demanded pointing to his desk on the other side of the room.
Brice liked to stay close to me he worries , because sometimes I black out . he tried to get into all of my classes with me but he only got into three , but three is OK we will only be apart for third  and forth period and lunch .
        The bell for third period end rang meaning it was time for lunch ,I stopped by my locker to switch my books from third to forth period , Landon Verset walked up to the locker next to mine . Weird he doesn't use his locker that often . His twin brother Grayson walked up to him and punched him , they started to fight in the middle of the hall so I dropped my books and got between them trying to pull them apart . Then Alexa , Graysons girlfriend ran up and helped me . We got them to calm down  before they started shouting at each other from across the hall me standing in front of Landon and Alexa in front of Grayson the feud continued with words .
" You slept with Alexa ! "  Grayson yelled with rage,
"no!" Alexa and Landon shouted at the same time. 
 " Then why did Hutchins tell me he saw you two together under the bleachers!" even more anger entered his voice 
 " because we were but we weren't doing anything , we were planing a surprise party for you ! " Alexa said punching Grayson in the chest with her tiny fist.
"Grayson I'm your brother , you really think I could do something like that to you! " he said with pain in his voice .
 " No ... I'm sorry for punching you I acted irrational I'm sorry ." Grayson spoke with a little shame in his voice looking at his girlfriend then to his brother .Grayson hugged his brother , then grabbed alexas hand and walked away . Landon then realizing that I was the one to pull him off his brother he then  turned facing me.
" I'm sorry , you didn't have to get in the middle of that ." he said looking down at me with a slight smile sneaking across his lips .
" Its fine I didn't want you guys to get expelled for fighting ..." I said bending down to collect my books.
" I'm Landon , whats your name ? " he asked bending down to help me,
" my name is pi-.." every thing went black ...
        I woke up in the schools infirmary , I was in a bed and Landon was siting in the chair across from me . I tried to sit up but fell back, Landon jumped up to help me but I stopped him . I tried again , this time siting up and face him , he sat back down in the chair .
"What happened?" I asked 
" I was about to help you with your books when you just passed out . I got scared so I picked you up and brought you hear "  he said looking at me like he cared ... he didn't even know me .
" Thank you , you didn't have to do that ."
Just as I said thank you Brice came rushing through the door , he grabbed my hand and asked if I was ok , then he glared at Landon .
 "Hun I'm fine." I said trying to pull his attention away from Landon
 " what happened ?" he said to Landon giving him an accusing glare .
 " She blacked out while I was talking to her so I brought her hear..." he said returning Brice's glare.
" Why were you talking to her . Do you even know her name ?" Brice took a step towards Landon,
" Not that its any of your business , but I was thanking her for stopping my brother and I from fighting , and I asked her name but she blacked out before she could tell me." Landon stood up and meet eyes with Brice taking a steep towards him.
"Piper, my name is Piper ." I said before one of them could throw the first punch. They both looked at me like they forgotton I was even in the room .
" Landon , thank you for watching out for me. but can you leave me and Brice alone ?" I said giving him a reassuring look.
 " Oh , yes I'm sorry ." he said before winking at me and leaving the room ignoring the hiss that came from Brice .
Brice looked at me as if I did somthing wrong , he sat down on the stool next to my bed . We sat in silence for a few minuts until the nurse came and said I was fine and could leave.
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