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Publish Your Own Book as Easy as 1-2-3

Most writers of all types can only dream of one day becoming an established author or let alone having one published piece of work out there with their byline on it. What used to call for jumping through hoops with big publishers such as Random House and called for tons of money upfront and that led to heartbreak with denial after denial has now become more simplified and easier than ever no matter what type of book you choose to get published.

Before Shopping for a Publisher

Before you start sending manuscripts in anywhere like they did decades ago, you should understand that everything you have ever dreamed of can be accomplished online through the convenience of your own home. So, all you have to do is assure that your content is engaging, entertaining, enlightening, and educational!

Here are some quick writing tips:

1.    Write what you know about and are passionate about

2.    If you do not know about what you are writing, do the research to know what you are talking about

3.    Try getting someone to critique your writing

4.    Invest in finding a soul “editor”

5.    Brush up on your writing skills

How to Get Your Book Published 101

Whether you are writing a fiction, non-fiction, reference, or an autobiography book, there are ways that you can get published through using online means such as Amazon and other places that you can publish digital books. But what if we told you that there is also an online portal that could have you published at every book shop around and it also works compatibly with Amazon Books – Tablo.

Tablo is a new publishing platform online that provides you with the portal that you need to get your writing piece published in whatever format you prefer or want. It has taken online publishing to an entirely new level and possesses all of the tools any beginner or novice writer needs to publish their work.

They're easy to use online book-publishing software does all of the difficult work for you. It sets up the book; all you have to do is write it. It also helps you to format the book properly so that it looks fresh, crisp, and professional in all formats and when reading in hard copy, soft copy or by any digital device through ebook format. And it requires no up-front fees such as other publishers charge before you even get published or strike a deal! You pay after you publish!

Bottom Line: Make Your Dream of Publishing a Book, a Reality

With the evolution of the internet, it has become as easy as 1-2-3 to publish a book. Whether you want to publish a hardback romance novel, want to publish a book about fantasy creatures in all formats or just want to create and publish an eBook about gardening plants or guide on picking the best gear for climbing, there are plenty of resources online these days that can really help you to accomplish publishing your writing and becoming an author.


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