Agony Limbo


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What drives my music

After four years of songwriting, process and production. There were questions within my own self. Also questions that had no immediate answers. I will answer these now. The initial feelings one feels from "Nas-One Mic"; How music has moved me, I want to move you. The local Urban-folklore and the Union in ritual. Keep all that in your mind while things are being explained.

Giving the listeners— that would someday grow, a serving to take with them. Them being full aware that something would stick. That led to the ten year study in Engineering of sound. The shock, from one humanly sense (hearing) moving physical. Hearing sound and being able to make positive conscious actions toward a goal. Knowing the music created that spark, and acting on plis in progress. I want the gears in your mind to move, doing that is my goal.

Folklore plays greatly while thinking of me, Agony Limbo. I had to make this. Showing my audience just how Urban-folklore is important. Ritual can be done well and union is the future in modern day. Personally I know well how to execute proper ritual; playing the greatest host. The effects of union and ritual are powerful, blend those with great sound. The real agony is when you wonder effortlessly how, and then the light shines: Showing that with proper timing and delivery, instantly changing the worst nightmare. Making that nightmare a captivating splash reflective of one's self, in paper and soul.

There were so many reasons I chose music and song-writing. The feeling: How all music moved me and the union from ritual. I know the standard of morals of my peers might not match those of mine. Believe me... that factor can change.

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