Calypso I release your bonds


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A past love...

When the moments would pass there is always these small notions. Thoughts on reserve. Future wealth from what has happened.

When I have a party or event. Do I charge at the door? Only once in my life have you seen that at my door step. So how do you pay me back? Then from natural expression and collection only the correct action is to send gifts of payment. The party was free for you but the risk is all mine... I grew extremely large to further expect my pockets to be fat later on. 'You owed me' okay, listen— for each event paid in full but never expressed.

'You owe me' really from this day forward these words are a bulletin. Cause when my-selfs goes to collect now the vision is clear.... And you were waiting for me to come and ask for you to pay. That won't happen because you don't owe me anything. 

"Calypso I release your bonds."

For the Forward content covenants to become. That past will vanish. To be this grand person only the approach is your-own. But have no bonds with value. 'Junk Bond'. Learn to be that and let's allow the popular agenda. No reserve, new party scene, the company you have surrounding me. Sheesh.

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