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April 22 2018

Today I was reading another section of my favorite magazine 'Parents'. The focus in these paragraphs and line of words was child depression. Now what is being read could shed light on me. I have been diagnosed with ADD at a young age. The moods and behaviours are shocking to me. I have a sister that was also raised side-by-side with me.

OCD; bellyaches; Sleepless nights; slamming doors, are all things that are characterized here as I read on. Some important points express how everyday feels like one bumpy ride to the child. I am sure that does not apply to me. Another, distress and some dysfunction. The dysfunction part can be caught in me.

"Little kids are notorious for rollercoaster moods, from weekend meltdowns over torn hot dog duns (crushed tacos) to morning tantrums about getting dressed or brushing their teeth."

That's a quote from the magazine.

I would like to bring attention to two very special and important points that riddled my growing childhood/experience. After long days from being in Elementary there was a special moment that would happen once me and the family are getting home. Once in the door I will take off my uniform but my sister would slip out and have something ready for her big brother. My younger sister would turn on my Sega game system for me before changing my clothes. That was not fleeting to me but more important to my stability. It would let me know I was alive. Little did anyone know.

The second great step to my brother and sister childhood is this: Having a functioning sister with me. Allow me to explain, this is great because every single day being at Elementary school I had a sister. So when attendance was taken the grown ups would say 'Bruce' you don't have to stand in line your sister logged you in!! That made my tummy flutter everyday. It is not easy to explain the joy. My sister has always played a role in my life.

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