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000; Preview

Envy fumed. How could two of them win? That wasn’t fair and that certainly was not how the contest worked.

She marched up to Lucifer. “How could this happen?”

“It just did.” Lucifer didn’t even turn to look at her.

“Well, that’s not how the contest is supposed to work!”

Lucifer turned to look at her. “Someone’s a little jealous aren’t they?” He smirked. “Two sins won this tournament and now it’s up to you lot to figure out how that’s going to work out. I judged it, they scored the same, and now my job is over.”


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001; It Begins

Here we go. Envy thought as she made her toward the arena set up in the depths of Hell. It was time for another tournament to take place, time for another sin to be the prominent sin in humanity for the next hundred years. She grinned when she saw Wrath sharpening his sword. “As always you’re here first.”

“I am hoping to win this time,” he answered without looking up at her.

“Right, because we need more wars in the world.” She rolled her eyes.

Greed came sauntering over wearing his usual Armani suit. “Hello.”

“And how have you been Greed?” Envy eyed the watch on his wrist. It was rather nice and expensive. How come I never have nice stuff like that? How come I’m not rich?

“Fine. I’d be better if my time wasn’t up.”

Wrath finished sharpening his sword and stood up. “Where is everyone else?”

“Someone’s impatient.”

Wrath ignored Greed. “And we better not have to wait around forever for Sloth to show up.”

“I sent Gluttony to go get him,” Envy said.

Just then Gluttony came up with food in her hand. “Hey guys!” She shouted around a mouthful of food.

Envy gagged and looked away.

“Where’s Sloth?” Wrath grimaced.

“Oh, oops, I forgot to go get him.”

Wrath groaned.

Pride came walking up. “I have a good feeling about this tournament!”

Envy rolled her eyes. “You have a good feeling about every tournament.”

“That’s because I’m so awesome and should be declared the winner automatically!” Pride grinned.

Greed shook his head. “Question, if Sloth and Lust don’t show up am I automatically considered the winner since I won last time?”

The group rolled their eyes.

“No,” Wrath answered.

“How would you know? You’re not judging.”

“Speaking of our judge, where is he?” Envy looked around.

“Right here and the answer is no, Greed. The tournament must take place.” Lucifer melted out of the darkness. His eyes narrowed as he counted them, “Aren’t we missing two? Lust and—”

“Did someone say my name?” Lust flashed everyone a huge grin as she walked over to the group.

Envy’s eyes widened. Lust had a habit of changing her hair color whenever she felt like it. Her hair was currently blonde with blue and green streaks in it. But that wasn’t what made Envy, and everyone else's, eyes widen. It was Lust’s choice of armor. Her armor, or lack thereof, consisted of a metal bikini top, a short skirt, and some metal bands on her arms.

Wrath raised an eyebrow. “You’re going to fight. In that?”

Lust looked down at herself and then back at Wrath. “Yes. Do you have a problem?”

Wrath threw his hands up in defeat. “Nope. None.”

Lust smiled and nodded, clearly satisfied with his answer. “Good. Where’s Sloth?”

“Gluttony was supposed to get him but it seems she stopped to get cookies instead.” Envy watched as Gluttony ignored them and stuffed a whole cookie in her mouth.

“Don’t worry. I sent a few demons to drag him down here. I figured he wouldn’t show up and I didn’t want another situation like last time.”

As if on cue, three demons appeared and dumped Sloth onto the ground in front of Lucifer.

Sloth groaned. “Can I go back to happily laying on my couch?”

“The quicker you get up, the quicker the tournament ends, and the quicker you can go back to laying on your couch.” Lucifer looked down at him.

Sloth sighed and dragged himself up. “I suppose you’re right.”

Lucifer nodded. “I’m always right.” He turned to face all of them. “Now that everyone is here, we can finally begin. You know the rules. Whoever I determine the winner is becomes the prominent sin in humanity for the next hundred years. Now, during the tournament, no killing your opponents.” Lucifer pointedly looked at Wrath.


“You know what.” Envy narrowed her eyes. “You almost killed me last time.”

“That was a hundred years ago, get over it.”

Envy opened her mouth to retort, but Lucifer interrupted her. “Just no killing each other. Bad things happen if a sin dies. As always, more weapons can be found in the arena and the arena has been transformed into a different landscape than the last tournament. Blah blah blah more boring rules that you already know. And...let’s begin! Get your weapons and line up in front of a door.” Lucifer disappeared and reappeared on his throne.

Wrath, sword already in hand, was the first to take position in front of a entrance. Greed took out a knife from inside his suit jacket and made over to another door. Envy picked a sword off the rack of weapons and took her position in the arena. Pride picked a set of throwing knives and, grinning broadly, took position. Lust tossed her hair over her shoulder and stood in front of a door with a sword in hand. Sloth let out a deep sigh and came over to his own door dragging a baseball bat behind him. Gluttony made her way over to the final door with nothing but a bag of Cheetos in hand.

“Ready….begin!” Lucifer yelled from his throne.

The sins burst through their respective doors into the arena.

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