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Meet Me

 Do you believe in spirits? Do you believe in the afterlife? Than this book is for you. All of this book is based on my life. My name is Sonia Burns and I'm a Paranormal Investigator. Before we start I want you to know more about me. I was born in Mexico City, I was raised part of my life here in Imperial Beach California. My dad was born and raised here and in Tecate, Baja California. My mom was born and raised in Veracruz,Mexico. Their story is history that I won't go into detail. Anyway... during my life I had an almost normal childhood. When I was younger I was molested by a man that lived next to the apartments we where living in Tijauana,Baja California. We than moved. When I was younger we lived in this house   Two story building and our neighbors/landlords are 'till this day great friends of my family and I. That's where my life in the Paranormal started.

NOTE:My second language is Spanish and my grammar and spelling sucks. Just a heads up and This is based on my Real life. 

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My Crazy Life Begins.

 When we moved to this house in Tijuana Baja California everything was great until, and according to my mom, I started having an imaginary friend. My parents thought it was normal, but it was still strange. My dad has been doing and knowing about the paranormal since he was younger, so I'm pretty sure he found that odd when I told them about my imaginary friend. I do not remember any of this I'm going for what my mom and dad told me. Well, my imaginary friend was an older lady I would call Grandma Meg. I don't have a grandma named Megan or any that we would call Meg. My dad and mom told me that I would always play by myself and talk by myself and one day when I started growing up more, things started changing, I wouldn't talk as much with the Grandma Meg. My mom told me that one day, when we where on the car going home I pointed at a pink house on top of the hill and said That's where Grandma Meg lives, and since then I never spoke about her again. My parents still think it was odd. After that everything was normal. Until we moved to Tecate, Baja California. A house that my dad's family let us rent. We fixed the house because it was abandoned. So my grandpa and grandma helped us fixing it. My dad told us about this house and the memories he had of this place, his grandma sounded so evil I was scared. I remember this because that where I started noticing my abilities. While fixing the house there was a coffin in the living room, my dad said his grandma will sleep on it or something like that or she will make him sleep on that. I don't remember that well. But this house would feel weird like you where never alone there. I felt like I was being watched and hated all the time. Speacially the back part of the house gave me the creeps. One night my dad put one of does winter santa hoodies looking thing and wrapped it on the light that was hanging from the ceiling and it started to move by itself. My dad was omg look look. What I never told them was that I saw a shadow by the door way that's why I started crying that night. Well now they'll know. After that our uncle passed away the owner of the house and like all families, we got a greedy aunt that kicked us out. All the labor and hard work we put and the kicked us out. And yeah, they rented it to someone else. Anyway... we finally where able to move to the United States. 

We had this place in Imperial Beach CA, a place I will never forget. This place was awesome right. School was extremely close to us, and it was fun there. The apartment where we lived at, Apt 10, was when many things in my life started happening. At night you could hear the dishes breaking, and you could hear it every night. I remember not being able to use the bathroom alone, not even taking showers, I literally made my sister sit down on top of the toilet and wait until I finished showering, and she did too. We just didn't feel comfortable. One day someone we know, stayed with us for a bit. This person told my mom and dad what happened during the middle of the night. This person explained that while sleeping, this person wakes up and sees a big shadow looking blob at the end of his foot and that it has green glowing eyes. When I heard that I got more scared. I still felt like things where watching me. At school we had this story for the bathrooms about the candy man, because what I was going thru and now at school too I was so scared. The candy man story was the big kids messing with the little kids. But I didn't know how to deal or explain what I was dealing with at home, the feeling in that house was so bad. In that house was the first time I remember watching my parents fighting that bad. I won't go into detail because ended up involving the police. After a while things went a bit back to normal, until we moved to the apartment complex next door where things started happening that I will never forget. 

NOTE: Next 2 chapters will be posted soon. 

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