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7 Alternate App Markets Marketing and Monetization Tips

The below are just a few tips and tricks for now, but the mobile app market changes EXTREMELY FAST! These methods can change at any time so I recommend trying them out ASAP! These methods and tips are from my own experience and are in no way the “only” methods.

This is just a small sample of the ongoing training, courses and information that I am constantly making available to the Mobile Industry.

TIP #1: Local Marketing

1. The best form of marketing is word of mouth, yet app developers rarely put their mouths into in-person marketing! Every week there are dozens of local networking events happening around most towns and cities! Simply print out some business cards and go and say hello!

TIP #2: iOS (Apple App Store) – (General Marketplace – Western/US/Euro Concentration)

1. Add up to 3 different versions of English in addition to American English and get an additional 100 characters for your keywords IN EACH! ==> UK English, Canadian English, Australian English!

2. Can’t get an amazing title? Here’s a quick option -> Simply add another language and try and get a top title for your app in another international app store! In some cases you could end up getting a VERY high keyword searched app title in a totally different language and thus get into top ranks in other parts of the world!

TIP #3: Google Play Market (General Marketplace – Eastern/Asian Concentration)

1. Keep freemium apps in the Google Play marketplace, and monetize via in app ads and in app purchases.

TIP #4: Amazon Market (Teens, Young Women (20-30) and Seniors – Western/US/Euro Concentration)

1. Titles can have a lot of keywords as can your bullet points! Make sure you complete full ASO on both the title and bullet feature points on Amazon to help increase your rank. It’s much easier to get into the charts on Amazon. Example of one of our apps => “My Clock Station Pro – Alarm Clock, Soothing Sounds +MORE – Works In Sleep Mode!”

2. Download volume is heavier on free apps, so add an interstitial ad banner from a company that supports Amazon, such as RevMob, to monetize.

Apps that do well: Student and Educational apps, Games, Lifestyle apps, Reading and Childrens apps.

TIP #5: Barnes and Noble Market (Children and Women – Heavily Western US Focused)

1. Create childrens games and use FULL ASO on your game! One of our games is always getting top downloads just because we kept its title with basic keywords => “Car Car Race Car”. Very few devs do any form of ASO to monetize here.

Apps that do well: Childrens Apps

TIP #6: Blackberry Market (Business Market – Has Now Shifted East New Growth In India and China)

1. Make sure to get in on the various contests and port-a-thons! Just earlier this year there were around 5-6 port-a-thons with Blackberry giving $100/app ported for up to 20 apps! In many cases, people were getting $2000/port-a-thon just by uploading that many apps! Blackberry is always working the hardest to get the attention of developers. You can get Tablets, Phones, Money and even Trips and more!

2. App Store Optimization is a HUGE thing in Blackberry as no one really does it. There is a huge potential opportunity to get your apps found simply by working on the titles and keywords.

Apps that do well: Social, Chatting and Business related apps and Utilities.

TIP #7: Windows RT/PRO Market (General New Windows Users)

1. App screenshots have a 200 character limit so you can load them up with keywords. You can also load up keywords in title and description.

2. If you are creating a game, MAKE SURE you uncheck Brazil, Korea, South Africa and Taiwan from the list unless you actually have the rating certificates for those respective countries! Those countries require a mandatory rating certificate and if you by some chance select those without having a rating certificate and submit your app for approval, you will have to wait for rejection or call your local microsoft evangelist to find a way to get it out of the review queue!

3. Find your local Microsoft Evangelist! In many cases they can introduce you to the BizSpark program which upon acceptance gets you all Microsoft products and licenses fully paid for! On top of that your Evangelist can help you get your app noticed in the Microsoft App Store!

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