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Which is Better?  The Book Versions or the Movies?

There has been an ongoing debate about this issue since film producers started making movies out of books.  In the past, when people only go to theaters to watch movies, you often hear people debating as to which version is better as soon as they exit the movie house.  Even now, after people watch movies online, people continue to argue about this issue.

Why People Think, Movies are Better

People who love movies have the tendency to love movies more than they love books.  These people who watch movies in theaters and watch movies online, have these to say about why they prefer movies to books:

•    Entertainment Value – Regular movie-goers will reason out that movies are more enjoyable.  For one, the visual and sound effects are very pleasing to the eyes and the ears.  According to their argument, movies give life to books.

•    Social Value – People who prefer to watch movies online and at theaters believe that films provide more opportunities to socialize and to connect.  Friends and families can watch movies together.  When they watch movies online, they can even eat together, talk about what’s happening and have fun.

•    Efficiency Value – Movies cost less and requires less time to watch as compared to the prices of books and the time needed to read.  In fact, the expense of seeing films is reduced considerably when friends and family watch movies online together. 1movies is one the best sites that lets you to watch movies in HD for free.

Why People Think Books Are Better

Naturally, book lovers will have their own arguments, too.  Book lovers maintain that books provide more depth and educational value. 

According to book readers, the words that they read to make them integrate their feelings better because books explain and expound on how the characters feel.  This allows them to connect more with their characters, to get themselves into the story.

In addition, people who feel that books are better than movies argue that they learn more from books because reading enhances our mental faculties, making us think more while we read.

It’s Not About the Movies or the Books

In reality, it’s all a matter of preference.  There will always be books buffs and people who love movies better.  There are people who would prefer to watch movies, and there are those who would much rather spend time curling in some place to read a novel.

Both movies and books are valuable.  We learn when we read and we learn when we watch movies that are meaningful.  To get the best of both worlds, there is nothing wrong with enjoying both.  In fact, you can watch movies that was based on books and be encouraged to read the book versions.  On the other hand, you can also start reading a book and watch the film version later.

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