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Chapter 1: the call

 The screams of dying soldiers was all that could be heard that night. The smell of blood and burning flesh lingering in the area as the battle showed no sign of ending. This was the last battle to determine who will lead the human race. To determine who is king. On one side there were the velvet veil, they wish to rule over the human race with an iron fist and wage war with the other races. They didn't care what the cost was they wanted power and they would do absolutely anything to obtain it. There leader, general agnar the crazed stood on top a pile of bodies. He had short blonde hair that was stained with blood. He had sunken in cheeks and a somewhat large nose. He had thin lips and cat like eyes filled with mystery. Agnar didn't care for the well being of his soldiers, he would even kill those that got in the way of his plan. He sent a small fire ball into the sky to act as a flare for his soldiers attention. Once they all faced him with their jagged weapons ready he begun his speech.

“Men! With this final assault we will rule over with power and fear! We will shape this world to our liking using my mighty flames! My velvet veil go and die for me!” 

He pulled his large guardless blade from the bodies. Holding it up in the air for all to see. the blade quickly got engulfed in his flames, a twisted grin on his face as his soldiers cheered, pounding their weapons on their shields. This is what agnar wanted, undying loyalty. He loved the feeling of holding one's life in his hand.

He jumped off the pile of bodies and got mounted on his black horse, he pointed his blade off to the valley where the last battle would be held. The soldiers yelled excitedly and started to march towards the battlefield where the other army waited. Their cheers, there excitement, their willingness to die for him made him feel like a god.

The ones opposing the velvet veil were known as the call of the storm. They dreamed of a kingdom they could call home. Away from all the violence, away from all the things that threatened their safety, they planned on staying here in this valley, building a kingdom here. The lands around them were soaked in blood from their previous battles, but they were tired. They wanted this to be the last fight and they were gonna give everything they had to win this god forsaken war. To many good people died in this war, they wanted no more to perish before they could see the freedom they have longed for, for so long. Their leader being derrin the true king. He is a tall well built man with heavy lidded eyes. He had a chiseled jawline and a small nose. His lips somewhat thin and his nose small. He has light brown hair tied back into a ponytail, a couple stands covering his right eye. His armor was light, his cape having his group symbol straight in the middle. The symbol was of three sword handles, the blade shaped as lightning rods. He stood right in front of his army, his hand on the handle of his blade. He looked back at them with a small smile on his face. He turned to face them, they were anxious he could tell they were scared to fight.

“I know you are all expecting a speech but i'm not very good at those.

He had scratched the back of his head with a nervous smile on his face.

“But i promise you all that we will win. That we will be free.”

He turned his back to his soldiers. Smiles on their faces as they readied their weapons.

“Now let's go win this war”

He pulled out his long sword and raised it into the sky. The black blade seeming to shine as his soldiers roared. He closed his eyes for a moment, when he reopened them his soft grey eyes were now a fiery orange.


Derrin thought to himself as he started to run towards the torches in the distance, a grin on his face his heart and his mind was blank. He was preparing the Warriors torch, an ability he should have used much sooner but he thought now was the perfect time. Both arms marching towards each other, one wanting freedom and the other wanting power. A war that will determine the future for humanity.

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