Opposite Personalities


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The interview

I rushed into the room the fastest as I could and said. 

_[I’m sorry that I’m late. There was an accident on my way here so the bus took more time to arrive...] without even finishing my sentence, I was interrupted by the CEO’s manager.   _[eh I guess it’s fine. So Emily tell us a bit about yourself.] said the ceo’s manager while giving me weird looks. Well probably because of how I look. You know... messy hair and dirty clothes because of the bus. But it’s kind of normal to me since I always look like that.                                                      _[I’m Emily. I’m 19 years old and I just graduated from Istituto Marangoni fashion university. I would be really honored to work at your company as a fashion designer.] I said.                  _[okay Emily. Can you please give me your cv.] said the ceo’s manager.       _[oh yeah sure.] I said without hesitation.                                                So I reached my bag to get my cv out and I was searching everywhere for it but I just couldn’t find it. I started panicking and not knowing what to say. The ceo’s manager looked at me as if she could read my face and said coldly: [Next.] with a pretty annoyed voice. So this is where I knew that I totally screwed up my job interview. After that I went out of the room and went to meat one of my closest friends William since he always helps me when I’m down.

At the cafe...                                   _[OMG, I TOTALLY SCREAMED UP MY JOB INTERVIEW!] I screamed as if I was the only one in the room. And I totally forgot that I was in a big cafe and that by now everybody was staring straight at me. Probably thinking "what a crazy girl!". William looked at me and started laughing.                               _[why the hell are you laughing. This isn’t supposed to be funny.]           _[Well, in your last interview, you fell down and threw your coffee all over the secretary. So what is it this time?] he said while laughing at the same time.   _[That was an accident. Plus, the coffee was not even hot.]                          _[yeah, totally.] he said in a sarcastic way.                                           _[whatever.] I said while dozing out in my own thoughts. Totally not noticing the worker taking my order.       _[excuse me miss, what can I get you?] _[get her a cappuccino with double cream but without sugar.] said William while looking at me.                         _[you know me sooo well.] I said while still being in my own thoughts. Then I noticed William staring at me with a small smile on his face. So I said:  _[what is it? Is there something on my face?].                                                        He gave me a small smile and said: _[omg yeah there is this big thing on your face.].                                      _[really, where?].                               Then, he smirked and said:        _[joking].                                       _[hahaha that was sooo funny] I said sarcastically.                                       Then, after drinking my cappuccino and complaining to William about my messed up life and him joking around about it, I got up and went home to relax after such a long day.
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Chapter 1


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