Love Me, Love Me


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Chapter 1

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As you get onto the bus you spot a boy with dim reddish locks sitting alone, staring out the window, with white earbuds in.

You sit beside him and ask him,

“How are you?”

He blinks and turns to you, a bit startled.

“” He finally mumbles.

“Oh I was just wondering how you’re doing.”

He bites his lip, a little frustrated.

“Hasn’t anybody told you not to talk to somebody with earbuds in?”

Your cheeks turn a misty shade of red as you mutter,

“Oh, sorry...”

He sighs.

“No, I’m sorry. That was kind of rude, heh.”

You find yourself staring at each other before saying “oh! No no you’re fine.”

His lips pull up into a small, genuine smile.

“I’m great, thanks for asking.”


“You asked how I was.”

You stutter, now flustered under his gaze.

“Right! Right. I’m (y/n).”

“It’s alright. The name’s Parker, nice to meet you.”

And with that, the bus pulls up to the school.

• • •

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the L O V E starts

 Silky black hair.

Golden locks.

Dark pools of brown.

Bright and blue.

Scraped up, bruises frame him.

Soft hands, she has a warm feel to her.

             This described them.

 And this is what drew them together.

                              • • •


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