My Diary 2016/2017


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So today I attended a university for a couple of hours. I turned in one of my school assignments that I know I worked extremely hard on, ideally, I will get the evaluations from it that I need. The climate was pleasant when I cleared out toward the beginning of today however then out of the blue in transit home it just poured down so thank god that early today I carried my jacket out with me. 

I truly cherish this parka coat that I purchased from Primark in a deal, it is warm and comfortable and cosy. I knew I needed to get it yesterday when I saw it on the rail. I don't typically wear this shading, yet I am glad to the point that I decided to in light of the fact that it looks extremely pleasant and it suits moreover. 

I adore this style of coat and in the event that you haven't got a coat like this then I genuinely recommend this. 

So where it is as yet raining, it would appear that I am going to simply need to remain in, so I may very well hear some out music on Spotify or something or possibly simply make a stormy days playlist to tune in to during this snapshot of time.


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                                            Photo From My Snapchat BayfieldPeter


So today isn't a school day today, so what to do? do I do some more coursework for school that is expected in, in two or three weeks or might I simply tune in to music or watch the TV or something. 


So toward the beginning of today, I chose to put this blue, suede elbow/bear fixed hoodie on, another thing that I as of late brought from Primark in a sale, I completely cherish it and I truly prescribe it for individuals that need to purchase something like this. 


at any rate proceeding from the best section today I have done some more coursework and I have tuned in to some of my most loved music, I completed a Q&A on periscope too which was truly cool, thank you, everybody, that tuned in to watch.


presently as some of you may know, I am right now on a break from singing right now yet I extremely needed to share a front of one of my main tunes with you, so prior to today I recorded my adaptation of Love yourself and transferred it to SoundCloud and ReverbNation for all of you to tune in to.


I truly trust that you appreciate this cover and there will be unique music/tune covers when my music break is finished. 


Likewise, today separated from tuning in to music/singing to music I was altering some photographs of mine,I adore the edits,I additionally cherish the photographs.

12645268_443666715832128_1360678233559343221_n.jpg (800×800)

12552703_443666642498802_1178988679337308502_n.jpg (800×800)

At long last I was experiencing some of my old photographs and found this one of me with Leanne Jarvis from when I met her at the Essex laser facility in Grays

12496210_443659545832845_6903682270505758164_o (1).jpg

                                                 With Leanne Jarvis At Essex Laser Clinic


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So Today I Went To Work, Afterwards, I Met Up With One Of My Friends And Did A Bit Of Shopping After. I Brought An Amazing Gray Cardigan From Primark As well As Some Lounge Wear Items From Forever 21. I Can't Wait To Start Wearing These Items Soon. 

I Saw Loads Of Things That I Wanted To Buy.I Was So Tempted To Buy It All But I Couldn't Because I Can't Go Buying Stuff That I Don't Really Need To Be Honest. 

I Came Home From Work/Shopping And Have Just Discovered My Book 'The Dream Of Being A Celebrity' Which Is About My Dream Of Becoming A Celebrity Has Got Over 600 Reads So Thank You For Reading The Online Ebook If You Were One Of The Readers.


I Am Currently Listening To Charlie Puth Album ‘Nine Track Mind’ And I Must Say These Songs Are Amazing,I Really Need To Go And Buy The Album Now After Listening To It On Spotify This Evening. My Favourite Song Has To Be The New Single ‘One Call Away’ I Can’t Wait To Do A Cover Of This Song For You All Very Soon.


                                                                   Charlie Puth Album Cover

I Am Now Waiting For Big Brother To Come On,Can't Believe It Is The Final On Wednesday,I Am Team Gemma All The Way,She Has Supported Me With My Music And When I Did My Acting Course At College So Because Of That And Being A Fan Of The Reality Show She Was On,I Really Hope She Wins This Series Of Big Brother.


                                                     Gemma Collins On Big Brother

At long last I Would Like To Thank Everyone Who Ordered A Signed Photo From Me,Tonight I Have Been Signing Them All,And Very Soon I Will Be Posting Them To You.


                                                                         Signed Photo


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