Short Stories


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Despite me labeling these as stories, they're more like scenes. 

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 Step after step, I mustered up what every strength I had left to not stop running. It's footsteps echoed behind me, slowly picking up speed. My legs grew heavy as my chest burned. If I didn't know better, I'd assume my heart beat was faster then the steps behind me. My breath hitched in my throat as I pulled back on my heel. 

"No.."  I say softly as I stared down, the ground a few feet before me seemed to stop existing completely, leaving nothing but a void in its place. The foot steps slowed, almost to taunt the fact that it was edging closer and closer. I glanced at the ledge them back at it, making out a shape that could only be described as unhuman. The way It's back arched up, it's unbelievably skinny body that seemed to stretch higher then the trees.

There was really only one way out, and that was to jump. I kept my eyes on the creature as I took small steps back, testing the ground with my foot before applying any weight. It was inches away at this point, it's hands extended for me. I took one last step back, the creature and ground disappeared, I was safe, I was going to be- 

// Authors note: We can only hope for improvement. 

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