Like Poison


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In a world where gods exist, they are already fed up. The children of the dark gods that once walked freely on the Earth were banished. Exiled because they had believe that they are tipping the balance of good and evil. Those whose intentions where once pure were now tainted by the path Fate showed them. Seeking refuge and freedom to be themselves, they want to change the world. Even if it meant to be what they were perceived to be.

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Maybe is was Fate's way of making fun of them. Scorning them. Giving them the most unbearable hardships. It was always them.

The children of the dark gods are already fed up. They are scorned. Always in hiding. The others always get the glory, but now they will fight back. 

Crawling from the bones and shadows. Risen from the ash, they will come back like poison. They will get what is rightfully theirs with no mercy, no compassion. Just like poison in hiding.

The world would remember them and they shall finally have eternal glory. Death is their domain, Shadows their realm and Fate would be just their toy to laugh at.

The tables have turned. And this is our story.

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P r o l o g u e



We all probably thought that when Chaos created the universe, he brought balance to the world. Balance to good and evil. We thought that better judgement would be included in that balance, but it wasn't.

We became scorned, ridiculed by many. Then we remembered that life was never fair. And so we fled, escaping the taunts and insults that they have given us. We promised to return one day, but in that day, we will be hated no more.

We were the children of the dark gods. The gods who rule over darkness and death. We, their children, are rising from the flames. We will come back like poison that slowly kills your soul with enough time to change your mind and do our bidding or we let you suffer the eternal pain until you die.

It wasn't our fault that we became like this. We have come to take what was rightfully ours. We, children of the dark will start a new era making you regret every pain you've caused us.

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