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Singed Prologue - Part One

Part One - Singed


September 12th 1960



Eros Cross tilted his head back to admire the night sky, the full moon hanging overhead glowed as bright as the tiny white stars that peaked through the midnight sky. Ever since he was a young boy, he had always found the night sky to be breathtakingly beautiful. Though, he knew the night was filled with dangers because he, himself, had encountered dangers from out of this world. He had come to learn it was not only desperate drug addicts, muggers and serial killers that prowled the streets at night but as well as supernatural creatures.

Whether it be fangs flashing, canines snapping, wings glowing or magic flying, it seemed as though he was one of the only humans who could spot the mystical wonders.

Wonders, he snorted to himself as he backed himself up against the wall and peered around the corner, narrowing his eyes at the sight before him. Two half-breeds were feeding heavily on a brunette waitress that was no longer struggling, just slumped heavily in their arms while they continued to drain every last drop of blood to sedate their own greedy blood thirst.

Slowly, reaching into his belt loop he took out a sharpen wooden stake that was dosed in holy water before coming around the corner, trying to calm his beating heart and not give away his presence as he approached cautiously but with the intention of killing both of those vile creatures.

It had to be done, they were no longer human but monsters that fed on the innocent and showed no mercy when they killed. Twirling the wooden stake in his fingers he lunged quick and stealthy, diving the wooden stake right through the closest vampire's chest before quickly ripping it out and went straight for the second one that easily dodge his attack with a snarl, flashing it's bloody fangs.

Eros cursed under his breath, sidestepping the vampire and brought the stake around to stab him in the chest but only managed to stake his arm instead which caused the creature of the night to howl in pain. Quickly plucking another stake from his belt loop, he clutched the wooden object in his hand tightly as he and the vampire circled before pouncing into attack.

A shrill scream sounded from behind Eros, causing him to jerk his head around as he watched the waitress rise to her feet, her red eyes flashing with hunger and rage. He swore, throwing himself to the ground and did a barrel roll before whipping the stake straight at the newborn which pierced through her neck, causing her to hiss and snarl while the halfbreed came running straight at him once again.

The halfbreed tackled Eros and he fell to the ground with a grunt while the vampire above flashed his elongated fangs as he attempted to sink his teeth into Eros' neck but Eros put up a struggle with his hand clasp tightly around the halfbreed's neck and his other fumbled around for a stake he could use to pierce the halfbreed in the heart.

''You puny little human—I'm gonna bleed you dry.'' The vampire snarled, snapping his mouth which Eros cringed at before taking out a stake and shoved it through the halfbreed's chest and watched the vampire explode into ashes above, sprinkling him in ash.

Breathing heavily, he sat up and cursed as the newborn finally ripped the stake out from her throat and stalked towards him. Her intentions clear with the way her piercing red eyes glowed with hunger. Eros felt around his belt loop, cursing like a sailor when he came up empty handed as he kept his eyes locked on the newborn that continued to close in her distance before out of nowhere a black flash dashed by, making it seem like time had frozen.

The newborn stilled and her red eyes flashing to a hazel brown before her head rolled off from her body which caused both her head and body to explode into ashes. Eros held his breath and his light green eyes darted to the left as a black cloaked figure stood deathly still with his back to him.

''Playing with stakes is dangerous,'' The cloaked figure murmured lowly, his voice masculine and smooth. ''Wouldn't want to get a splinter.''

Eros furrowed his eyebrows. ''Are you trying to be humorous?''

''No, if you get a splinter while you're fighting; it could draw blood and cause your attacker to become more desperate in killing you.''

''I'll keep that in mind.'' Eros drawled cautiously. The cloaked man cocked his head before slowly turning around but his large black hood kept his face shadowed and out of view.

''You're an orphan...'' The man trailed, hitting a sore spot for Eros because he gritted his teeth behind tightly pursed lips. ''Your family was massacred by vampires but not just any vampires—demonic vampires.''

''Aren't all vampires demonic pieces of shit anyway?'' Eros spat and he swore he could feel the cloaked man smirking at him.

''You want revenge and I'd be more than pleased to make you a deal.''

With Eros curiosity peaked; he uttered. ''What would this deal entail?''

''I'll capture all five of the...demonic vampire pieces of shit that killed your parents and younger sister and you do as you please with them,'' The man said the first half with an air of honesty. ''But, I get your heart and you'll work under me. You'll become a reaper, you'll gain more knowledge of the world you think you know, you'll be able to hunt—stronger and faster—because you'll be immortal.''

''Who are you?''

Now Eros could definitely feel the man smirking. ''Why, I am Death.''

''How do I know you're not lying?'' Eros asked after a few moments, staring at the cloaked man. ''How do I know you are Death? How do I know you'll keep your end?''

''That's the thing don't.''

''That isn't in the slightest very comforting.''

''Neither will be the removal of your heart,'' Eros grimaced, self-consciously placing a hand over his erratic beating heart. ''You're hesitant to make the deal which interests me.''

''And why would that interest you?''

''Because, what you call living is day to day filled with guilt and not to mention lonely and risking everyday out in the open with mundane officers in search for you. You're quite the wanted man, Eros.''

''So, it would appear.'' He murmured bitterly, averting his eyes away from Death and gritted his teeth.

''If you agree to this deal, Eros, I can promise you one thing.''

''What's that?''

''A better life, no more living day to day in guilt and what I'm offering to you is the closure you need to move on and avenge the death of your beloved family,'' He said, causing Eros to avert his gaze back to Death as he slowly stalked forward with graceful steps. ''Deal or no deal?''

''...All five and I can do what I see fit?'' Eros whispered quietly and Death gave a nod of his head, now standing directly in front of Eros, glancing down at him in wait for his already decided answer. ''...Deal.''

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Chapter One


Chapter One

Present day....


I died.

Okay, I had only died for a minute before a doctor was able to revive me and brought me back to the land of the living, but anyway, not the point because I still died and had been ready to cross over to the other side, finally freed from this hell on earth only to be ripped away like an old band aid.

I had attempted to take my own life, to cease my suffering but in the end--considering I was still alive and breathing--I had failed miserably.

And if to make matters worse; I could now see ghosts.

It was like a big 'haha, you failed at dying and these people succeeded' slap in the face.

So, not only had I been brought back from the dead but I was brought back with new sight or I had gone bat shit crazy and just in denial. Either way I was fucked.

''We're here.'' My mom spoke up, her voice soft and it was actually the first time the silence in the small vehicle has been broken since the drive started four and a half hours ago. Which might I add was a long time to be mute—especially for my mom considering she was a rather bubbly-happy-go-lucky-none-stop-talking type of woman and the total opposite of me.

I glanced at her from the corner of my eye as she stared out the windshield to gaze upon the college campus I'll be attending without her hovering or breathing down my neck; mainly because this college in particular was a good few hours away from the dreaded hometown of Winery; the place I was forced live and to call home.

''You know I wouldn't be against you taking a year off,'' She continued, nibbling on her pink glossed coated bottom lip. ''A year might help and do you some good.''

''I'm already all packed and we're here, are we not?'' I muttered, unclasping my seat belt and without another word, threw open the passenger door and strolled through the tight space in between the parked cars and popped open the trunk to haul out my luggage.

Yeah, I probably seem cold to the woman who gave me life because you're all probably thinking she's just suffering from empty nest syndrome due to the fact I was her one and only child. Her one and only child that had tried to commit suicide. Insert grimace here.

I pulled out my luggage, grateful both large and wide cases had wheels. My mom finally opened the driver side and stepped out, her curled blond hair ruffling from the wind while she came and stood beside me, taking out the large taped up box that held my personal belongings before I shut the trunk.

''Sebastian, do you know what building and room number you're in?'' She asked and I gave a curt nod, reaching into my back pocket and pulled out the yellow slip of paper, scanning over my chicken scratches I called writing.

''Building B and room 438.'' I muttered, squinting at the hastily written directions before leading the way. I could hear the click of her six inch high heels trailing along behind me and I knew she was itching to make conversation with me but decided against it and I was grateful.

She had been the one to find me in my bedroom overdosed on sleeping pills. Even before I had gone into my state of depression, my mom and I weren't all that close. I had spent more time with a handful of nannies that came and went while my mom worked, partied, vacationed and dated random rich guys to make up for her lost teenage years. I had been a mistake child. She had been in love with this older man—my presumed daddy—and they took it farther than just heated kissing and had unprotected sex only for the morning to come around and he had left without a trace. Regretful, hurt and angry wasn't the only thing he had left her with but also pregnancy and it was how I came into this horrible world.

''Room 435, 436, 437...'' I mumbled under my breath before stopping in front of my dorm room 438. I was praying my roommate hadn't arrived yet and with that thought, I opened the creaky wooden door and stepped inside, taking in my surroundings.

On each side of the room sat two twin sized beds along with wooden chests at the foot board. A long desk/dresser was in between the beds with a large window that looked out onto the school ground. I decided to take the left side, furthest from the door and set my luggage cases down onto my claimed bed before turning around to face my mom, taking the box from her hands and sat it on the ground.

''You're gonna call frequently, right?''

''Mhmm...'' I trailed and I heard her sigh.

''You're gonna do fine and focus on school work,'' She continued on. ''And you're gonna make some friends, you're not just gonna hole up in this room to brood and become even more pale and you'll take your medication everyday and go to your classes and—''

''Mom,'' I interrupted, raising an eyebrow at her while she stared back at me, blinking back her tears. ''I'm not going to kill myself here.'' It'd be way to public.

''...I love you, Sebastian, so much.'' She whispered, engulfing me in an awkward hug. I stood with my arms down by my side while she buried her face into my neck, sniffling and I inwardly sighed, cautiously wrapping my arms around her thin waist in return but hoping she'd pull back soon because I wasn't a touchy feel-y kinda guy.

''Erm, you should probably get going so you don't hit traffic and I should unpack.'' I said after a minute, pulling away from her and she sniffed once again before nodding her head, taking another glance around the dorm before giving me a light tipped smile and left, closing the door behind herself and I inhaled a deep breath, turning back around to start unpacking my stuff.


I ran a hand through my shoulder length blonde hair and huffed, wedging my hand back behind the heavy wooden dresser to plug in the white fairy lights that weaved along my headboard and sighed in relief once I found the socket and managed to plug the cord in before I leaned back, resting my head against the bed frame just as the door opened with a bang and that had my heart lurch in my chest from being startled.

In walked a typical looking jock, short brunette hair, tanned skin, brown puppy dog eyes, muscular and also wearing Abercrombie and Finch. He strutted inside like he owned the place, throwing down his bags carelessly before he seemed to spot me, blinking in surprise before a large grin spread across his lips as he eyed me.

''Hello, I don't think you know but this here is a male dorm unless you want to stay and get to know each other some more...'' He trailed, leaving the offer open and I grimaced in both embarrassment and disgust. He thought I was a chick and he thought I was an easy lay.

''Unfortunately, I have no choice but to stay due to the fact this is also my dorm room and just tossing this little fact out there, what I have between my legs won't interest you in the least.'' I deadpanned, clumsily getting to my feet, brushing my hands off while he opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water.

''Holy shit, dude, I'm just look really feminine.'' He managed, still appearing baffled and I rolled my eyes, turning my back to him while I zipped up my empty suitcase.

''Yeah, I get that a lot.'' I muttered under my breath, listening to him snort.

''Maybe you should like I don't know, cut your hair or something, wear a shirt that indicates your gender and wow, I'm sounding like a complete and utter dick, sorry.'' He said a little sheepishly. ''Well, I'm Jake.''

Typical name for the typical jock. I thought in amusement.

''Sebastian.'' I said shortly, hoping he'd get the hint that I wanted to finish my unpacking in silence.

''We should break the ice,'' He said and I raised an eyebrow, picking up my suitcase to place under my bed. You'd think him thinking I was a chick and wanting to have sex would be considered breaking the ice, but I guess not. ''I'm not homophobic in the least, got a gay cousin.''

And he thinks I'm a homosexual. Wow.

''I'm not gay,'' I said through gritted teeth, shoving my other suitcase under the bed with a little more force before standing up straight and turning around with a scowl. ''Before we do any more ice breaking, I'm gonna go tour the campus.'' I wanted to add in, and don't touch my stuff but decided against it due to the fact probably adding that in would make him want to snoop so I bit down on my tongue and walked out the open door, not bothering to close it behind myself—I'd leave that up to Jake.

Already, building B was becoming crowed with college guys and I sighed because it seemed the first floor was awfully rowdy and it was just the first day. I left the building, managing to avoid getting hit in the face with a football and basked in the sun rays that shined down, emitting a nice heat while a cool wind breezed by.

''Hey! Don't walk away from me!'' A feminine voice screeched out angrily, her voice standing out among the murmuring of by passers and I turned my head to glance at the commotion because I was a rather nosy person. ''Stop ignoring me!''

I stopped mid-step, tilting my head to the side as I glanced around the other college students who seemed to continue on with their day, not noticing the screeching chick, trailing after an older group of students who all appeared like the typical popular crowd. The blonde short hair styled girl screamed in frustration, throwing her bracelet covered arms in the air and still everyone walked on by like she was invisible.

''Wait...Hey! You!'' She suddenly shouted and I blinked, realizing I was staring far too intently and quickly looked away as she started to approach me in an angry stride. I shoved my hands into the front of my hooded sweater and started walking in the opposite direction of the angry ghost chick who was still hot on my tail. ''Don't you walk away from me, bub!''

Ignore her, ignore her and keep on walking!

''I know you can hear me!'' Her voice was close, too close and--''Aahh!'' I shivered as she passed right through me, stumbling in front of me before pausing and then whipped around with wide gray eyes, mouth agape before she screamed once again while I stared back at her. ''I-I just walked through you! Oh my cinnamon-hearts! How is that possible!? Can this day get anymore freakier!?''

I sighed, nibbling on my lower lip and averted my eyes. Maybe, I still can avoid and ignore her. With that thought in mind, I continued on walking, leaving her to have her freak out and hoped she'd soon come to realization that she was dead and move on into the light or something and leave me to my business.

''Whoa! Bub, and where do you think you're going!? You're the only person here who has actually looked at me and reacted to me! So I know you can hear me!'' She snapped, falling into step beside me with a glare. ''Look, all morning I have been wandering around and no one—not a single person has spoken or looked at me and I'm so confused and scared, please, just tell me what's going on! I don't understand what's happening.''

''You're dead. You're a ghost.'' I mumbled lowly, not wanting by-passers to think I was crazy by talking to myself or rather appearing that way to them because they'd be unknown that I was actually talking to a ghost. Because that would just be crazy.

''Excuse me?'' She whispered clearly upset and I grimaced because yeah, I could have found a nicer way to break it to her but I was an awkward and sarcastic person at heart.

''You heard me, so if you don't mind.'' I muttered, continuing my way down the path that led to the buildings where classes were held. I wanted to get a look at the buildings where I'd get my lectures and figure out their routes so I wouldn't get lost and arrive late on my first day of classes.

''Dead...I'm dead, but that's impossible and you're crazy! I'm not dead—I'd know if I was dead don't you think?''

And so the five stages begin.

Right now she was in denial. Check.

''You know what? Yeah, you're crazy and cruel and-and stupid! You hear!? Dead!? I'm not dead, this is probably just some stupid prank, right? Right!?''

Anger. Check.

''Okay, I'm sorry, that was rude of me and I'm sorry but can you just tell me this is all a dream or just some joke?''

Bargaining. Check.

I glanced at her sideways and she stared back with wide gray eyes. ''Not a dream or joke.''

''Oh lord.'' She choked, tears pooling in her eyes.

Depression. Check.

I grimaced, turning away while I slowed my pace down a bit when she started crying, shaking her head before she fell to her knees and sobbed her inactive heart out. I felt a pang in my chest because it was so obvious she didn't want to be dead.

She probably didn't even remember how she died.

''S-so, I-I am dead?'' She whispered when she stopped sobbing, only sniffling now while she slowly got back to her feet, staring at me with so much pain. I swallowed a lump in my throat and nodded, watching her take in a deep breath before she too nodded, wiping at her red rimmed eyes. ''I'm dead. I'm a ghost.''

Final stage. Acceptance.

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Chapter Two


Chapter Two


''If I'm dead how do you see me?''

I frowned, feeling uncomfortable with her question. ''What's your name?''

''Now you're just dodging my questions,'' She drawled. ''But if you must know, my name is Stevie, what's yours?''


''Fancy and elegant...I like it.'' She declared with a grin. ''Now answer my first question, bub, how can you see me if I'm a ghost?'' I nibbled on my lower lip, shifting on my bed uncomfortably while Stevie stood across from me with piercing gray eyes in wait for my answer—a true no bullshit kinda answer I didn't know if I felt comfortable giving. ''Well? Come on, tell me your tale, it's not like I can tell anyone.'' She had a point there.

I sighed, rubbing my forehead. ''...I died for a minute and when I came too, I had this sight and I could see, hear and speak to ghosts.''

''Vague much?'' Stevie asked with a raised thin eyebrow. ''How did you die?''

''I tried to kill myself and it obviously didn't work.'' I muttered and her eyes went wide while she opened her mouth to speak but got cut off when the door to my dorm room opened and Jake strolled in, whistling with his hands buried deep in his hooded front pocket.

''Sup, roomie,'' Jake greeted with a grin, taking a seat on his bed across from mine; totally clueless to Stevie—a pushy and nosy ghost—who stood stock still, staring at him in awe. ''There's a huge party tonight, everyone's invited and you should totally come. Free drinks and it'll give you a chance to mingle with some singles, eh?''

''Parties aren't really my type of scene and--''

''Go, it'll be total reputation suicide if you don't.'' Stevie cut in, whirling back around to face me.

I frowned. ''What?''

''Didn't say anything, bro.'' Jake replied and I grimaced, shooting Stevie a look and she sighed, doing a motion with her hand to zip her mouth shut with a roll of her eyes before crossing her arms over her chest with a huff.

''Uhm, yeah, I'll go, I guess.'' I muttered and Stevie let out a girlish squeal of delight, clapping her hands together with a large grin.

''Sweet, I'm gonna head down to the cafe, you want anything?'' Jake asked and I shook my head 'no' before he left closing the door behind himself.

''So what are you gonna wear?'' Stevie asked eagerly and I gave her a deadpan look before glancing down at what I was wearing now which was a pair of light shredded skinny jeans and a white hooded sweater.

''...Er, this?'' I said but it came out more like a question and now it was Stevie's turn to give me the deadpan look and I frowned. ''What?''

''What? You can't go to a party in that! You need to change and get freshened up but you can't look like you tried too hard—like something casual that says 'I didn't put in any effort and I still look fly as sunshine anyway' kinda look.''

''I don't think I have that brand.'' I muttered dryly, leaning back on my hands to gaze at Stevie who shook her head with a chuckle—clearly finding my response amusing—while she strolled over to my open closet with a hum, reaching her hand in only to growl when her hand went right through the clothing.

''Being dead is really gonna be a pain in the ass and I really don't want to be stuck in this outfit I'm wearing for eternity.''

I frowned. ''You do know you're not gonna be a ghost forever, right? I mean, you're gonna move on.''

''I know, bub, I've seen Ghost Whisperer,'' She said, whirling back around to face me with a frown. ''But what I don't understand is why I haven't yet moved on. I don't have any unfinished business...that I know of anyway.'' She tacked on at the end.

'' you remember how you died?''

Stevie nibbled on her lower lip before a deep frown caused her perfect brows to furrow. ''Actually, no.''

''That could be your unfinished business.''

''That's lame.''

''Well, to speed the process up so you can move on, I can google around,'' I said, reaching over to the end of my bed and picked up my laptop, turning on the power and while I waited for the computer to boot, I glanced up at Stevie. ''What's your last name?''

''Trying to get rid of me so quickly, huh?'' She asked with a raised eyebrow before shaking her head. ''Nuh uh. I'm not giving you my last name until you actually attend this college party and maybe find a hot guy to take your virginity.''

A blush blossomed on my cheeks while I gaped at her before glaring. ''I'm not gay and-and...I'm not a virgin.''

''Seb, baby, hate to break it to you but my gay-dar is having a field day with you and please, you're a virgin, that much you can't deny,'' She drawled, cocking her hip to the side with a smug grin. ''Now, get up off that cute ass and march over to this closet and start holding up clothes so I can pick you out an outfit.''

I groaned, reluctantly getting up off the bed and stalked over to my closet and pulled out a simple black button down shirt and held it up in front of Stevie. ''What about this?''

''Too formal,'' She said dismissively. ''You need something--''

''Fly as sunshine, I know, I know,'' I mumbled which had her smirking while I hung the dress shirt back up and began ruffling through the other shirts before stopping at one of my favorites and pulled it out, holding it up in front of Stevie. It was a black tee shirt with a large white feather on the front. ''What about this?''

''Well, it isn't ugly,'' She agreed and I scowled. ''It'll do, bub. Now pull down that pair of white shredded skinny jeans and for shoes, those white Vans you're wearing will be fine.''

''I don't even understand why it matters what I wear when everyone there will either be intoxicated or high and if not both so it's not like they're gonna notice my or rather your sense of fashion.''

''Oh, lighten up. You make it sound like you're being whisked off to hell,'' She said. ''Plus, maybe this is my unfinished business.''

''Forcing me to attend a party?''

''No, helping you live a little. You seem to only find the downfalls of living so I'm gonna help you find the positives and I'm gonna help show you how to have a good time.''

''So getting drunk and waking up with a hangover is a good time?'' I asked uninterested. ''Yeah, sounds like a swell time.''

''It will be and I'm so excited! Oh, and I wonder how Melinda's nose job went—hopefully since I'm dead, luck will be on my side and she'll look trashy.'' Stevie said, a dark glint appearing in her stormy gray eyes and I raised an eyebrow at her and she smiled a little sheepishly. ''Right, should get ready because it's almost nine and the party will just be starting to get good.''


Maybe, this wasn't a good idea.

Inside was hectic, loud, stuffy and there was a variety of smells that made my nose crinkle in disgust. Not to mention the constant shoulders bumping into mine, not that Stevie had any concern considering she just walked right on through the drunken college kids, blabbering on about the wonderful energy that flowed through this crowd and how pumped up she felt.

Even a ghost—who no one could see—was having a better time than I was.

''Ah ha! Thank you, oh god it looks terrible!'' Stevie shouted out gleefully and I winced, between the techno music and her constant high pitch screaming—I don't doubt I'll soon have a headache that will need nursing. ''Look, see the bottled blonde with the ugly purple butterfly shirt, leaning up against that varsity jacket wearing douche-canoe?'' I peered through the sea of bodies, even having to lean up on my tippy toes but I spotted the couple and gave Stevie a nod before turning my head towards her in question and she grimaced. ''That's Melinda, use to be my best friend and that douche-canoe was my boyfriend. They hooked up while he was still dating me.''

''That's awful.''

''Yeah, so I confronted Melinda and punched her in the face which is why she got a nose job because I had broken it.''

''What did you do about douche-canoe?'' I asked and she grinned, leaning in closer as if it were a secret and she was afraid someone would overhear—which was doubtful because she was dead—but I, too leaned in closer.

''I didn't need to do anything. Melinda had already given him crabs.''

I stifled a laugh. ''That's--''

''Sebastian!'' A loud but slurred deep voice called out, cutting me off and I frowned at Stevie before whirling around and spotted Jake, stumbling—drunkenly—with a large grin towards me with another jock type of guy only with black hair, flanking him on his right to keep him upright. ''You made it!''

''Uh...yup.'' I said awkwardly, scratching the back of my head and glanced back at Stevie for help but she was busy checking out drunken Jake.

''Oh! Introductions need to be made...Sebastian this is Tyler and Tyler—well you know and anyway, I need to find me another drink!''

''Yeah, so not happening, bro,'' Tyler interrupted with a roll of his eyes and kept a firm grip on Jake who pouted in response. ''I'm taking you back to your dorm, which is?'' Tyler trailed off, glancing at me for an answer and I gave him the building and room number, watching Tyler guide Jake through the swarm of dancing bodies.

''God, he's so hot and if I wasn't you know, dead, I'd be all over him like white on rice.''

''Lovely. Thank for that imagery.''

''No problem bub, now let’s get some vodka flowing through your veins! It'll loosen you up!''

I opened my mouth to protest but Stevie had already vanished through the crowd and I sighed, running a hand through my hair before I turned heel and started to make my way towards the exit. This party wasn't my scene nor did I even really enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages and I couldn't dance provocatively—not that I'd ever want too—worth shit. I could be as sexy as a potato.

Snorting at the thought, I jogged down the steps, careful to avoid the many couples that lounged around to make-out before I started in the direction of building B, rubbing at the goosebumps that sailed over my exposed arms and silently cursed myself for not remembering a sweater or cardigan and just prayed I didn't wake up with a cold in the morning.

I entered building B, thankful it was quiet and no one was out milling about being obnoxiously loud and intolerable which would cause me lack of peaceful sleep. Something that was a must need and especially because I was a very light sleeper. Sighing, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my key as I walked up to my dorm room door, readying to unlock the door but frowned when I noticed it was left slightly ajar.

Jake had probably forgotten to close it in his drunken stupor. The idiot.

I opened the door, not caring the creak of the door was like a gun shot in the silence of the night and, also if it so happened to wake my baboon of a roommate, all the better. I stepped inside only to freeze at the horrific sight before me. The light from the hall illuminated a section of the floor where laid Tyler, pale and mouth agape with his head twisted at a disturbingly odd angle.

I stumbled back, my hand shooting up to my mouth to muffle the cry of horror before the sound of low growling had my head snapping to the right where a tall, lean man with bright red eyes was leaning over Jake's unresponsive body, and the man had blood smeared across his mouth. I wanted to run, maybe scream out for help or make sure Jake wasn't dead and just be anywhere else but here in general but I stood rooted in place, staring at the man who stared back with a smirk curving his blood stained lips.

''You smell absolutely delightful,'' He murmured, his voice deep and I started to shake in fear as he straightened out his posture and wiped Jake's blood off with the back of his hand, still managing to maintain his freakishly scary smirk that looked like the definition of sinister. ''Scared little mouse? You should be because I'm gonna bleed you dry but I'll give you a head start to run because I'm the type of predator that likes to play with his food before he eats.''

And just like that; my flight or fight instincts kicked in and I was turning on my heel and bolted down the hall of my dormitory.

I threw open the doors, stumbling forward before catching myself and started down the steps in desperate need to find safety or somewhere crowded with tons of people but due to the fact it was nearing eleven at night and a college block party was still in swing; I was utterly fucked.

''Oi, bub! You totally ditched me back at the party!'' Stevie's voice screeched angrily.

''Stevie! Run!'' I screamed, picking up my pace once the sound of the doors behind me slammed open. I ran towards Stevie, attempting to grab onto her wrist but my hand went right through and I cursed myself for forgetting Stevie was a ghost. She wasn't in any danger with the man or rather creature that was chasing after me but I sure as fuck was.

The words that were running through my mind at this very moment in time would put the dirtiest mouthed sailor to shame. With my heart beating erratically—threatening to burst through my chest—I continued to run in attempt to put distance in between the creature and myself. No more than four quick steps passed a frozen-gaping-Stevie, I felt pressure collide against my back, causing me to fall face first into the pavement with a grunt of pain escaping past my lips from the hard impact and the heavy weight pressing into my back wasn't helping my brutal fall in the least.

''I caught you little mouse.'' The creature crooned tauntingly. I gulped, the blood pumping through my veins ran cold and I squeezed my eyes shut, finding this whole scenario ironic. I had tried to take my own life and now an opportunity had presented itself in which death was the end result, yet, here I was laying underneath this monster scared out of my mind.

I could feel his breath on my neck while he teasingly ran his nose against my cheek which had a shiver of pure fear and disgust wrack my body, something he seemed to find amusing. ''Don't worry with your blood smelling the way it does, I'll drain you quickly.''

Yeah, that really didn't make me feel any better.

''I think you've consumed enough blood, leech.'' An unfamiliar male voice stated and before said leech could respond, the creature lurched forward before the weight was lifted from my back and I was being covered in a dust like substance that scattered above me.

Stunned into a shock like state, I laid on the pavement dumbfounded and blinked once, twice, three times before I willed my body to roll onto my back and stared straight up at the starry night sky, taking in a shuttering breath and willed myself to wake up from this horrid nightmare.

''Sebastian!'' Stevie cried, pulling me from my stupor-like-state and I blinked again before Stevie's concern face was hovering above me.

''You probably should get up from the ground, mate.'' The same male voice from before said, the hint of amusement caught me off guard and I reluctantly sat up, once again blinking as I tried to find the man to the voice and spotted him a few feet away.

His dark brown hair was in long dreadlocks that framed his oval-straight-nosed face and his pink cupid-bow lips were up in a smirk while his chocolate brown eyes danced with a glint of amusement. He wore a pain light brown tank top, showing off his tribal tatted biceps, toned chest and stomach while a pair of baggy dark green cargo pants hung dangerously low on his waist but besides his oddly attractive looks—what he was holding casually in his hand had me weary; a wooden bow with a quiver of arrows poking out from behind left his shoulder.

''...Who are you?'' I managed to ask the stranger.

''Yeah, Tarzan, who are you and what the hell was that-that thing you just killed with an...arrow!?''

''Tarzan?'' Said stranger murmured, raising an eyebrow at Stevie.

''Yes, Tarzan! And another thing—wait! You see me?''

''Yes, I in fact see you and ain't you a little spitball,'' He murmured, giving another smirk in Stevie's direction which only seemed to anger her before she huffed with a glare and crossed her arms over her chest. ''Also, I don't know who this Tarzan is you speak of but I'd prefer if you called me by my birth given name; Hector.''

Shifting her glare-like-gaze onto me, her facial expression soften immensely. ''Are you all right?''

''I...think so.'' I muttered under my breath, grimacing as I readied myself to stand to my wobbly feet—still shaken—but hissed in pain as I placed my hand on the ground, my wrist throbbing in agony which meant it was no doubt sprained or worse case scenario; broken.

Speaking of broken; Tyler's neck came to mind and I shuddered.

''An ambulance, we need to phone for an ambulance, Tyler and Jake...'' I trailed off, my stomach turning and I felt sick.

''Shit, come on, mate, get up and lead me to where they are and so help me, don't call any type of authority until I personally give you the go ahead.'' Hector muttered, making an impatient motion for me to get to my feet and with hesitance; I stood.

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Nine

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Chapter Ten

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Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Twelve

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