The Love Bet


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What did I get into

    What did I do wrong?she asked me nothing it's just your supposed to know my reputation I date girls for two weeks then dump them.Well you can't just break up with me that easily yes I can I said,and now there is a stinging in my cheek she slapped me not like I am surprised all the girls do that and then I just walk away.Here I am with my friends and they say damn Jake what happened to your face its bleeding it is I did not notice you broke up with China didint you yep I say why she was hot,but she was also clingy does not matter anyway because I can get any girl I want. I see a sneaky looking smirk on my friends face and I am instantly regretting what I just said my best friend Nate said any girl right yep (why won't I shut up) well how about a bet and my friends know I can't pass up a bet,so I say what is it I want you to go out with the ugly fat nerdy girl April. I turn around to where my friend is pointing at and I almost throw up she has pigtails glasses,and braces,and is wearing baggy clothes that don't fit her, but maybe it's to cover up her chubby-ness I guess I turn back around to my friend,and I see he is smirking hard well sure I'll do it how much money is being put down 8 million dollars my friends and I are all rich but still that is a lot of money so still want to do it I think for a second and I say sure.I am not done with the bet yet my friend says you have 4 months to get the ugly girl to fall in love with you,and she has to say I love you those words no more no less got it got it I say.

                                                   April's POV

I see that the douche bag Jake Bryan is breaking up with another one of his sluts and now I see her crying and now jake is getting slapped,and that made my day has it been two weeks already since he started dating China.I am being bored all I do is sit here and read this book under the tree I see jake talking to his friends then me looking like he wanted to throw up then back to his friends I thought nothing of it now,but little did I know that moment changed my life.

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