Fall in love with My Bully's Mother


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hello everyone, please don't get confused if you have seen this story. I just decided to rewrite it is all.


"Look where you're going freak", You hear a girl saying as she bumps into You. You turn around to see who it was, but soon regretted your choice. It was Jessica. Your bully. Ever since middle school she always bullied You and called You weird names. You still don't know what You did to her to make her bully You, but she somehow seemed to have it out for You. You and her sister are best friends too. But still...nothing

"S-sorry", You said picking up your books that were now on the floor. After picking up your things, You went to your locker and there You saw your best friend, Tiffany. "Hey Minji" she greeted You with a big smile. Oh how You wish her sister could greet You like that. "Hey Tiff what's up?", You ask. "Nothing really I just wanted to invite you over to my house today, so what so you say?", You choke on your own breath for a second when she asked You that simple question. 

It's not the first time Tiffany has invited You over to her house, but You've always denied her offer because of Jessica. But, today for some weird reason, You felt confident. Like something good was going to happen when You accept Tiffany invitation to her house and so You did.

"Ok Tiffany", You told her. "Alright, I will come to your house since you won't stop bugging me". 

"Ok so don't leave after school because we're both going to walk together to my house", she told You and ran off to class. You followed her. *** "Boo", someone whispered into your left ear making you to jump in the air. You turned around and saw that it was just Tiffany.  "You ready to leave?" she asked You and You replied by saying "yeah, but don't do that again or you're going to give me a heart attack". "Whatever" she says rolling her eyes then she continueed "oh and don't worry my sister isn't going to be home today. She went to a friends house, but my mom will be home". "Hahaha very funny", You smile nervously. But, when You finally caught on to what Tiffany just said about her sister not being home. You begin to jump with joy because now You don't have to worry about seeing Jessica. Well at least not today anyway. 'Damn that girl can be really scary' You thought.

Minutes later when You and Tiffany arrive at her house she rings the doorbell and not long someone came running to open the door. When the door open You step inside and right at that moment, Your heart stopped. You saw a beautiful woman with golden blonde hair who was now stepping out from behind the door. You've never been in love before, but for right now that was all a different story. Because now You were in love. She stole Your heart with every breath You took. 

"Hi I'm Mrs. Kim" she introduce herself and continued, "So are you the friend my daughter been talking about nonstop?" she ask smiling at You as she shook your hands into hers. You wasn't really listen to what the heck she was saying because all You wanted to do right there was to touch her and kiss her. Oh those pink lips of her...

"Hmm Minji? Are you listening?" You hear a voice calling You and slowly You came out from your daydream. "Oh sorry. Yes. Yes I'm listening", You lied.

"I'm going to change so wait here" Tiffany says as she went up to her room. You were pleading in your head for her not to leave You with her mother, but she couldn't read Your thoughts nonetheless. 

"You look red are you ok? Are you sick?" she said putting her hands on your forehead as she checked your temperature. "I'm f-fine", you said while stuttering. Your own body was now shaking. Now You regretted ever taking Tiffany's invitation to come over to her house. If only You knew this was going to happen, You wouldn't have come.  As You started to daydream again, You didn't notice how close Mrs. Kim was to You now. 

But, when you finally came out of it...all You could do was notice how tempting her lips were. You wanted to kiss her so badly that You thought the world was going to come to an end. She was just so tempting for You, with those pink lips of hers.

You couldn't take it anymore so You went in for the kill. You kissed her.

For few minutes she sat frozen. But, as You starts to deepen the soft kiss into a hard one she slowly begin to open up. When You slide Your tongue into her mouth she moaned making You to come back to reality.

You were now terrified. You couldn't think staright. You just kissed your best friend's mother who is also your bully mother.

"I-I-I-I'm so sorry. I-I-I'm so sorry" You apologize to her as You took your things and ran out the door, but before you could leave out the front door, You heared Tiffany voice calling after You. But, You didn't stop though. You just kept running. You didn't wanted to be around that woman because of the way she was driving You crazy. As You ran for your life, You also wanted to go back and kiss her again, but You couldn't. You just...couldn't. *** That night when You got home, You couldn't stop thinking about her. Her beautiful skin, her full pink lips and her golden blonde hair...

Oh how You couldn't stop thinking about her. The woman that stole Your heart. Falling in love with Your best friend mother isn't really a big deal. Well...maybe. But falling in love with Your bully's mother? Now that's something. 

'How would Jessica react when she finds out  about this? You couldn't help, but question yourself. 

"She'll kill me", You murmur to Yourself as You slowly fell into a deep sleep. But before You could finally lost unconsciousness, You thought about the kiss and smiled as You fell asleep. 

The kiss scene replaying into Your mind over and over.

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