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Vlad the impaler one of the most violent rulers of all.  So feared that fictional character was named in his honour. Dracula. But the reason he was so violet isn't what it would seem. He was in love and his love was dying.

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Chapter 1

The year was 1443. It was one of the happiest years of my life. And yet one of the saddest.

I sat in my bed made of furs and down leaning against the stone wall. Tears fell down my cheeks as I listened to the cries of battle just outside my window. I refrained from looking out for I may be horrified from what I would see. I couldn't risk watching him die. He was, after all, the love of my life.

After hours of tears, I heard a cry of victory. Even now, I dared not look out the window I couldn't stand it if we had lost. I couldn't stand to look among the bodies just to find his. Just as that thought entered my brain, the door to my bedroom slammed open. I looked up to see Vlad. Covered in blood. I gasped and jumped out of my bed to run to him. Letting my feet slap against the stone floor. When I was about a foot away from him he dropped his sword and took off his helmet letting them both drop to the floor. The first thing I did when I reached him was undo his chest plate so I could see the damage that had been done.

" How could you have been so careless!" I shouted looking at the scratches that were strewn across his chest. I took a few steps back and ran to a chest. "you are lucky that I learned a trick or to from the healer. He left me with some supplies knowing that you would come straight here." I turned around to see his dark brown eyes sparkle with amusement.

"My light you worry to much. I am fine I just have a few scratches here and there." Vlad said with a grin, it only grew when I glared at him.

I pointed to my bed "Sit your arse down." I ordered he limped over to my bed and sat down. I kneeled in front of him and undid his armour from his legs letting it fall with a clank to the ground. He hissed as I tore off his pants. "Take your cloak off," I told him ignoring his whimpers. I got up and got a jug full of water and some shears. I went to work at cutting away all the fabrics showing me his blood-stained body. Without a word a grabbed a cloth and soaked it in water roughly I dragged it along his body watching the water turn red.

"Lucien careful." He grunted through clenched teeth. I glared at him again and pressed a cleaning agent to his wounds causing him to groan and push me away. I landed on my ass and he looked at me and realized what he did. His eyes widened as I grabbed the cleaning agent and poured it over his head. He screamed as he tried getting out of his eyes. "Lucien!!!" He cried. I smirked as I took his hands away from his eyes. Vlad opened his eyes and glared at me, it wasn't very threatening because they were puffy and red. I kissed both of his eyes before saying

"Never never push me again." He nodded before pulling me onto the bed with him. "Vladimir" I laughed as he kissed my neck.

"Tell me your sorry. After all, you hurt your already wounded, king." He whispered in my ear before kissing up my jawline. I laughed and pressed my hands into his chest lightly. I was about to give in until I heard him groan in pain.

I pulled away and gave him a pointed look. "I'm going to go find a servant to run you a bath to clean out those wounds,"before he could interrupt I pressed my finger to his lips and added "if your good , I may join you." He grinned and pressed his back against the wall.

"Thank you my light, what would I ever do without you," Vlad told me sincerely letting his dark eyes meet my green ones.

"You'd probably die of infection" I joked before pecking his lips and leaving to find a servant.

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Chapter 2

It has been weeks since the last battle and yet I am still worried. Something dreadful was going to happen. I rested my head against the back of the bath. The water had gone cool hours ago and yet I still couldn't find my strength to leave it. I looked up to the door as it creaked open. Vlad stuck his head in with a frown on his face.

“My light is there something wrong?” He asked as he stepped into the bathroom. I shook my head in response. He walked towards me and sat beside the bath. He cupped my cheek and pressed a kiss upon my lips. “You need to shave, my love. And maybe a haircut is due as well.” He told me. I smiled up at him and asked:

“Do you not find me attractive with this hair. I am a man. Maybe you should just go and find one of those hairless boys you find so attractive.”

“No- I  mean I just-ummm” he stammered with a blush present on his powdered cheeks.

“Not today” I laughed him before getting up and grabbing a piece of cloth to dry myself off. My legs started to shake “my dragon I'm fine” I told him but Before I could even blink my legs collapsed from underneath me and I fell to the floor. Shaking.

“LUCIEN!” Vlad exclaimed as he ran towards me. I felt his arms lift me up from the floor and guide me to his chest. I stared at his face while he brought me to his room. I was still shaking as he placed me on his bed covering me with fur blankets. He stroked my hair as he ordered a servant to get the healer.

“I'm fine Dragon I'm ok,” I told him trying to calm his nerves.

He looked down at me before pressing his lips to my forehead. “My light you are the only thing that matters to me. If I feel that you are unwell I will send for a healer.” Vlad informed me before I could say anything I saw a tear fall from his eyes. He was truly scared of losing me, I cupped his cheek with my hand and smiled faintly. I weakly pulled him down to kiss me. When his lips met mine I couldn't help but moan, but all too soon the healers cough signalled his entrance.

Vlad shot up and ushered him to my bed. “What is the problem?” The healer asked.

“Nothing is wrong. Vlad just is being  over protective I'm fine.” I said before I swung my legs over the side of the bed. I got up with shaky legs before my knees buckled from underneath me. Vlad yet again caught me and placed me under the furs. Along with the furs, he unclipped his cap and draped it over me. I looked to the healer. Only to receive a grim look.
“Lucien I think it's time for you to tell him” he looked to Vlad and said “ I am sorry your highness, but there is nothing I can do.”  Vlad was about to stop him, but the door had closed and he was gone.

“Tell me what Lucien?” He asked ignoring the healers exit.


“No Lucien your obviously lying to me. Tell me!” He ordered as he gripped my bare shoulders.

Tears filled my eyes, I did not want to tell him. I shouldn't have even fallen in love with him in the first place. Not only was it “illegal” but it was against gods wishes.’I thought bitterly.

“TELL ME” he yelled snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I'm dying” I whispered in such a way that he could hear it.


"I'm dying,” I told him louder as my body started to shake holding back sobs.

Vlad let go of me and began to pace the room. “When?” He asked quietly.

“just before you met me. When I was a boy, I had little muscle in my legs. My mother just being a commoner thought that I was just scrawny, but…. A few years ago I had a few episodes like I did today. Like a normal person would I went to a healer, she told me that my spine was filling with fluid and over time I will control over my legs, then my upper body and then finally my brain.” By this point tears were running down my face. I was staring at Vlad, but all I could see was his long black locks. “My dragon I thought it best-“

“YOU THOUGHT IT BEST! WHAT ABOUT ME! don't deserve to call me that Lucien. You will be moved to the tower where only the healer and myself are allowed up there. That is where  you will receive the best care I can get.” He told me before walking out the door and slamming it shut leaving me in a quivering pile of furs.

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