Pokemon Heonn Region: the journey comes to a end part3


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Pokemon Heonn Region: Gardevoir returns..

As our hero’s return from the primal battle and Flannery leaving the group they stay in a rented house for the week, who know what could happen!.

A few days had passed and Zach and Gallade was training, with Iris and May watch, “ok lucario use close combat on gallade!” Zach said,” ok rawg!” lucario said and charge at gallade, then gallade jump up in the air do dodge it,” hmm.. now lucario counter gallade with iron tail!” Zach said, and lucario hit gallade with iron tail in the back and he fell down,”uh..” Gallade said getting up,” wow Zach really pushing gallade to his limits” Iris said,” well I guess its because he miss gardevoir so he pushing gallade to the limit because of it” May said, crossing her arms, as gallade got up,” now lucario switch, sableye your turn!” Zach said, as lucario moved back and sableye come out,” oh easy sableye is a dark type I’m a fighting type I can defeat this one easily” gallade said using draining punch, but it when right through sableye,” wha!?” Gallade said,” sableye is both a dark and ghost type, gallade!” Zach said ,”sableye use foul play!” Zach said, as sableye use foul play and gallade fall back and landed on his back,” ugh!...” gallade said, Zach folded up his arm and walk off, with gallade, weak getting up,”wow zach really did push gallade to his limits, he can’t even move,..poor gallade..” Iris said,” man… I never seen Zach act like this.. “ May said, getting up, and going to gallade,” I know Zach seem to be really hammering you down, but he is only doing this…. For reason..” May said, helping gallade up, “ I know why, he misses his pokemon, and he is putting his anger of its death on me..” gallade said,” but its fine I’m cool with it.. I know he means well” gallade said,” you will have to show your strength to Zach, it’s the only way to prove yourself to him then” May said, putting her hand on gallade shoulder,” now go inside and get heal up” May said, as gallade nodded and walk inside, and May look at zach, who was sitting on a bench, May walk over and sat next to him,” Zach you didn’t have to be that hard to gallade, his your new pokemon give him chance” May said,” ugh..well… I need to take a walk” Zach said, getting up, grabbing a pokeball from May and walking off into a forest,” hmm.. he’s chance..” May said, grabbing her pokebag and saw a pokeball missing and smiled, walking back in the house, as Zach walk into the forest with one pokeball, which was May’s frogadier,” hmm…lets see who I grab…” Zach said, as the throw the pokeball and frogadier came out,” huh?” frogadier said looking around and saw Zach and just look at him,” we are going for a walk for a minute, frogadier. Its fine” Zach said and frogadier nodded, as they both walk around the forest, then mewtwo appeared behind some trees,” hmm.. this is one of them..” mewtwo said, frogadier heard a noise and look around,” frogadier what is it?” Zach said, walking to him, as he pointed to the trees,” hmm..I don’t see-“ Zach spoke, but then a shadow ball was shot at them and a big cloud of smoke when off, and Zach and frogadier jump into some bushes, as mewtwo came out,” where are you.. I know you’re here!” mewtwo said, firing shadow balls at trees and bushes, then frogadier jump out and use scald, and mewtwo moved back a bit and saw frogadier and Zach,” what do you want!!” Zach said, “ you’re demise!” mewtwo said using focus blast and shot it at Zach and frogadier,” ahh!” Zach said, then frogadier use substitute which protect Zach and frogadier and then frogadier subsititute faded, and frogadier and Zach fell back and smash into trees, breaking them and fell into the open next to the house they was staying in,” what the!” Derek said looking out the window seeing Zach and frogadier on the ground,” ah! Zach!” May said running out the house with Iris and gallade behind her, then mewtwo walk out the forest, Zach out the ground badly hurt, the frogadier got up and look at mewtwo,” pokemon, you shoudn’t be listening to his human fool,” mewtwo said, but frogadier stayed by Zach side,” hmm..fine then I have no choice” mewtwo said as his eyes glowed purple-white and use psyshock and frogadier dodge and jump up and use ice beam, and beam mewtwo into the face,” grr..!” mewtwo growled as he floated in the air and use focus blast and shot frogadier as he when flying into a rock, then he started glowing,” frogadier…” Zach said getting up, as frogadier evolve into greninja,” grrawg!” greninja growled, and use water shuriken and mewtwo fell back and grin and laughed,” haha!” mewtwo said,” ohhh..you know you screw up when you make the villain laugh” Derek said, “ haha…you weak little pokemon!” mewtwo said, floating down and use psychic and grab greninja and throw him and greninja landed on the ground next to May,” oh my…” May said, as she look at mewtwo,” you weak humans can’t stop me..but I’m not here just to attack, I have my reasons…” mewtwo said, as a figure came out, and everyone gasp and mewtwo grin evilly, as Zach’s gardevoir walk into the light with purple glowing eyes and the thing in the middle of her chest purple as well,” gar-gardevoir..” Zach said, as his eyes widen,” meet your gardevoir that you let die….dark gardevoir!” mewtwo said, as dark gardevoir eyes turn narrow and stared at Zach,” gardevoir..it’s me your trainer the one who saved you from the poochyhena, remember” Zach said, look at gardevoir, but she just stared and raise her hand and lifted up Zach,” please gardevoir!” Zach said, then gallade, and Iris and May ran to Zach aid with sableye and lucario followed,” your gardevoir is no more you shall fall by the hands of your former pokemon!” mewtwo said,” I think not!” said gallade, as he walk in front of Zach and stared at mewtwo,” haha..please another pokemon trying to fight against me.. ugh lets get this over with” mewtwo said, as dark gardevoir nodded and use dark pulse, and gallade jump up in the air to dodge it,” dark pulse…gardevoir can’t learn that” Zach said, as gallade charge at dark gardevoir and use leaf blade three times, but gardevoir block and use thunderbolt, which gallade was hit by and fall next to Zach,” no gallade…defeat dark gardevoir” Zach said, as a tear fell from his cheek, and pull of his mega ring,” ok.. gallade mega evolve!” Zach said, as he pulled his arm up to the sky and gallade started glowing, and gallade mega evolved into mega gallade!,” hmm…mega evolution…no matter you can’t defeat me like that..” mewtwo said, as he started glowing and mega evolve into mega mewtwo Y!,” what!” May gasp,” now I put my strength in dark gardevoir!” mewtwo said, and dark gardevoir eyes glowed darker purple and she grin,” ok gallade you know what to do!” Zach said, as gallade charge at dark gardevoir and kick it and punch it,” rawg! Take that!” gallade said, but dark garevoir didn’t feel a thing and grab gallade by the throat, choking him, and throw gallade behind her,” sableye and lucario attack!” May said, as sableye and lucario charge, then greninja got up and ran with them, dark gardevoir stand her ground, as sableye and greninija jump and her, but gardevoir grab greninja tongue scarf and throw greninja at sableye and they both fell into the bushes, and lucario attack gardevoir, but gardevoir kick lucario back far away, then dark gardevoir look at Zach,” uh.. please no” Zach said, then dark gardevoir use stone edge and tried to hit Zach, then gallade got up and cut one of the stone and throw it at dark gardevoir and then she gasp, and fell to the ground the, mewtwo eyes started flicking, for gallade throw a stone at dark gardevoir chest and her eyes start to flicker and purple energy from mewtwo power that he gave to dark gardevoir started to come out the stab area of her chest,” noo!!” mewtwo said and fell to the ground and got up, then gallade charge and ran up a tree then came out and kick mewtwo in the face, as he fell back,” you will not defeat me and my trainer..no matter what you do you will win!” gallade said and, punch mewtwo back, “ fine..” mewtwo said as he mega evolve into mega mewtwo x!,” arg!” mewtwo said, as he fell back, because his power’s was draining as the same for dark gardevoir, gallade started kick and punching mewtwo, which he dodge then mewtwo use draining punch, and attack gallade with it, but he dodge and use psycho cut and cut a bunch of rock above mewtwo, then kick him into the rock which mewtwo was crush by the rocks, Zach and May walk over to gallade,” gallade I can’t believe you, you defeat mewtwo, that’s crazy!” May said,” yeah you are ready to become my new pokemon” Zach said, hugging gallade, then the rocks started moving,” wha!?” May and Zach and Gallade said, as mewtwo crush the rocks and got up, with scars,” hmm…maybe I underestimated you..” mewtwo said, as he floated up in the air,” you are leaving?” May said,” yes weak human I shall return no doubt.. but for now we are……even “ mewtwo said, flying off,” wait what about gardevoir!” Zach said,” oh..yeah about that..she is alive the stone did not kill her.. again just drain the power I gave her, she is still alive just weak..you’re lucky ..for that gallade of yours, it saved you” mewtwo said,” but things might be…different about you’re gardevoir…but that’s not my problem” mewtwo said, flying off,”different?..” Zach said, as he walk to dark gardevoir, who was turning back to normal,”uhh…wha..happen..” gardevoir said, dizzy, then Zach walk up to her,” Zach! Oh my god! Your back! Or your dead…I’m I still dead?” gardevoir said, hugging gardevoir, as she hug back and smiled,” no you was revived, but by a pokemon name mewtwo he corrupted you, and you almost tried to kill me “ Zach said, “ what!? I would never! You’re the greatest thing that happen to me, and I think I would remember me trying to kill you I don’t remember a thing” gardevoir said,” hmm..i guess you have no memory of what happen good…that was a painful thing for me to do..” Zach said, “ well its good I’m alive now!” gardevoir said, then she saw gallade,” uhh.who is that?” gardevoir ask, pointing to gallade,” oh! Gallade..hehe..uhh..yeah when you was dead, the other pokemon thought to get a replacement for you , so gallade was that replacement, but I could dare replace you, gallade was just here for comfort, but he is the one that saved you so you should be happy” Zach said,” well…I do know, but you didn’t replace me so I’m happy!” gardevoir said, hugging Zach, then her stomach growled,”…….oh…I’m hungry…by stomach never growled like that before…” gardevoir said,” hmm..thats weird.. lets get you some pokemon food” Zach said,” I do not know..i’m not feeling pokemon food…” gardevoir said, walking into the house,” so gardevoir back I guess you aren’t sad anymore!” May said, smiling,” yeah but now I’m a bit worried” Zach said puzzled,” ugh..what now” May said, with a annoyed face,” just worried..” Zach said,” yeah too young to worry!” May said, walking away,” anyway I have to fully evolve greninja to look at thanks for evolve in for me!” May said, as she left,” hmm...” Zach said, walking to the house and open the door, “ hey Zach..um your gardevoir seem to have quiet the hunger she ate all the chips and now the cookies..” Iris said, laying on the couch,” that’s odd..” Zach said, then he heard a loud belch,” yeah that’s your gardevoir.. she has been belching like a crazy poke” Iris said,” oh boy..” Zach said, walking into the kitchen, with gardevoir on the ground drinking juice and burped,” uhh..oh hi Zach..burp!..sorry I was really hungry” gardevoir said, getting up,” I think I need to lay down…” gardevoir said, walking to the couch,” hey! I’m trying to sit here-omfm!?!” Iris tried to speak as gardevoir sat on Iris and fell asleep, Iris squirming underneath gardevoir,” oh okay…” Zach said, walking upstairs, and saw Derek, a bit freak out,” uhh..you ok?” Zach said,” nope…your gardevoir reminds me of my snakes..they eat a lot and she is eating a lot kinda odd” Derek said,”uhh..that’s kinda weird” Zach said, going to his room,” hmm..yawn.. I’m wondering what is with gardevoir.. yawn” Zach said sleepy, and fell asleep, then the next day, he woke up to the sound of video gaming sounds,’ what the?” Zach said, as he saw gardevoir playing the laptop, and eating pancakes,” good morning zach hehe I wanted to try out the laptop and May pancake taste great!” gardevoir said, playing on the laptop and eating pancakes,” you have been eating and acting different gardevoir” Zach said, sitting up in bed,” yeah I do not know what happening I lost my taste for poke food so I guess human food is now my thing, sorry for yesterday I was really hungry” gardevoir said, smiling,” well thanks for apologizing,” Zach said, getting his phone and look at it,” did you do something with by phone” Zach said looking at gardevoir,” uhh…no..hehe” gardevoir said,” you change my phone cover to pic of you..” Zach said, “ hehe I was up all night, and had a midnight snack and check your phone hehe burp..hehe” gardevoir said,” hmm..ok” Zach said, laying back in bed,” well this is my new life..well I have to live with it..” Zach said, putting the covers on his head,” my hunger did change..in fact I could eat a horse hehe..maybe a person..” gardevoir whispered and when back to playing her game.

As our hero Zach pokemon gardevoir returns and new enemy arise named mewtwo ours hero’s start a new adventures and as the journey continues.

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Pokemon Heonn Region: Iris and mega evolution and a sky high gym battle!

As our hero’s wake up for a whole new adventure and a return of a pokemon, let’s see what coming for them now!.


Zach finally woke up from bed, gardevoir wasn’t in the room,” uh…where..is.she..” Zach said drowsy, and got out of bed, and got dress and walk downstairs, to see everyone awake and laying around,” oh hi zach!” May said,” I’m about to go to a store with gardevoir need anything” May said, grabbing her bag,” uhh…I thought today we was going back on our journey through the region?” Zach said confused,” yeah we are.. but first we need to get some food for the trip… because remember when we first when on the trip..we had no food we are not making the same mistake twice” May said, walking to the door, and gardevoir followed,” oh! Wait!” Derek said,” what you need derek?” Gardevoir said,” can you get me a pineapple” Derek said, smiling,” uhh..i don’t know what a pineapple is… but I  will find it for you.. somehow” Gardevoir said walking out the door with May, Zach closed the door, and look at Iris,” so let’s get ready to go pack up for our journey to continue!” Zach said, happily, Iris look at him and went back to texting on her phone, and rolled her eyes,” aw.. come on you people are not excite!” Zach said,” not really no..” Iris said, texting,” why?” Zach said,” two reason.. one I haven’t gotten a new pokemon or a evolution of my own and I can’t bring my dragon type haxurous to this region…anything overpowered can’t enter this region crap..” Iris said, annoyed, “ well that’s not enough to stop the journey” Zach said, putting his arm around Iris,” come on let’s get ready for our adventure to continue!” Zach said, and Iris smiled,” ok fine you got me let’s get packing” Iris said,” ok little kid hehe” Zach said smiling,” why you that’s what I say hehe” Iris said, smiling and walk away and started packing up stuff,” so Derek you going to join us on our journey?” Zach said, “ oh yeah sure!” Derek said happily,” ok Derek hehe” Zach said, starting to pack, as their pokemon came to help, mawile was down the stair, but trip on her back maw and fell down the stair,” ahh!!” mawile said crashing into gallade, and gallade fell on May’s gardevoir,” uhh..” they all say as they was all on the ground, Iris walk by,”  hey get up no time to lay down!” Iris said, walking away, meanwhile somewhere, mewtwo  landed in a cave,” hmm…” mewtwo said, then a voice was heard behind him,” your back didn’t take you very long,” said the voice,” I course I just had to once again show the human what happens when u kill a pokemon, but I defeat by the brainwash pokemon that work for the human” mewtwo said,” oh all human are not that bad, just those few..remember the one’s that made us into the being we are” the voice said,” grr…team rocket…” mewtwo said, looking outside of the cave,” I know at team rocket will pay for what they did” the voice said,” oh I know they will.. sister” mewtwo said, grin evil like, as he walk  away, meanwhile back with the house, Zach Iris and Derek finish packing up all the stuff, and May and gardevoir return,” we are back!” May and gardevoir  said, walking in the house as everyone finish up packing,” oh I see that you pack up everything, good” May said, putting the bags food in her backpack,” ok everyone ready?” Zach said, yeah!” everyone said,” ok lets go!” Zach said, as everyone walk out the door,  two hours later they  make into Fortree city, the city made of treehouse, “ that’s…a big treehouse..” Derek said, looking at the gym treehouse,” yeah this is the gym leader is Winona she specializes in flying type pokemon” Zach said, looking at a sign, then Iris walk between both of them” this is my chance to finally evolve my pokemon!” Iris said, rising her hands in the air,” yeah you can but…you only have two pokemon one is fully evolve and the other need a item and to be traded to evolve” May said, then Iris fell down mumble and pissed, you little…grr..” Iris said mumbling, “ oh boy..” Zach said,” I need to catch more pokemon!!!…” Iris said, and fell back down on the ground,”…um..” Derek said, and just look at her,” uh..you can use one of my pokemon here use skitty she my cat pokemon she so cute!” May said, showing Iris skitty,” I don’t think a skitty is going to help me fight against a gym…” Iris said, “ well Iris I didn’t want to give this to you know I was going to wait when you get a new pokemon but I think now is the time” Zach said grabbing a metal coat out of his bag,” a metal coat! Yes my onix can evolve into steelix!!” Iris said, happily, “ yeah here the metal coat” Zach said, and gave Iris the metal coat,” ok now I did to trade with someone” Iris said, looking at Zach,” you gave me the item I think you should trade with me” Iris said, smiling,” ok sure I will trade sableye for it” Zach said, then sableye frown,” its ok sableye I will take you right back” Zach said, smiling as sableye did the same,” ok then oinx your up ,time to trade!” Iris said, as she traded onix for sableye, as then onix start glowing, as onix evolve into steelix!, “ yay!!” Iris said, jumping up and down, happily,” ok ok! Trade me back steelix!!” Iris said, throw sableye and Zach and hug the big huge steelix, and Zach smiles, getting up with sableye holding his face,” get off me” Zach said, grabbing sableye off his face,” hehe sorry” sableye said, jumping out of Zach hand,” oh I can’t wait to battle the gym leader with this!!” Iris said, happily, then a net fell on steelix and grab steelix and he when flying in the air,” steelix!!!!!” Iris said, jump on the net, then team rocket jump out from the side of the net which was holded by a meowth hot air balloon,” I giant iron snake is our prize” James said,” now let’s get out quickly in a dash”  Jessie said,” oh that’s right!” meowth said,” grr team rocket!” May said,” how did they get here when they went flying by the primals?” Zach said, “ oh no we  didn’t fly far” Jessie said,” exactly we just came from flying and landed here” meowth said, then got slap my Jessie,” shh!! Anyways we be taking your steelix ta da” Jessie said, flying away in the meowth hot air balloon,” no no! you’re not taking my steelix!!” Iris said, jumping on air balloon and flied with them,” Iris!” Zach and May said, trying to grab Iris but the air balloon when flying to far up,” ahhh!!!” Iris said, holding on the hot air balloon for dear life,” oh a twerp is on board “Jessie said,” I say no way absol away!” James said, as abosl can out of its pokemon,” ok absol use night slash!” James said, as night slash hit Iris, as she fell off the hot air balloon and fell on the net where steelix was on,” I will free you my friend!” Iris said, and getting a pokeball out of here pocket,” excadrill come out and cut steelix net ropes!” Iris said, “ okay!” excadrill said, and cut the net that steelix was in and steelix fall to the ground,” I got it, I got it!” gardevoir said, trying to grab steelix, but steelix landed on gardevoir,” ahg!.. I’m a fairy type…steelix is a steel type fairy weak to steel uhh.. I knew me saying when a was a ralts, oh a steel type lucky your own master side I would be in danger…uhh well this steel type is not on master side…uhh” gardevoir said, and fainted, Zach facepalm, and lucario laughed “ grr we lost are prize!” Jessie said, smashing her hand on the control on the hot air balloon and then the hot air balloon started spazzing out,” oh no…” meowth and Jessie and James said shocked, as the hot air balloon started flying out of control,” wait, wait ahh!!!” Iris said, who was still holding on to the hot air balloon, whining,” Iris jump off!!” Zach said, putting his hand up, to try to catch Iris,” no, no I’m afraid of heights!!!!” Iris said, holding on tighter, “ get off this hot air balloon!!!” Jessie said, getting to the control and move the hot air balloon around, as Iris when swaying back and forth,” ah!! My arms are hurting!!” Iris screamed, and let go of the hot air balloon,” ohh…that was a bad choice…ahh!!!” Iris yelp out and started falling down,” I will catch you iris!” Zach said, and catch Iris, who landed on his face,” thanks for saving me!!.....Zach?” Iris said, confused, as Zach push off Iris butt of his face,” ugh…uhh…couldn’t breathe or speak.. “ Zach said, laying on the ground, then Iris excadrill fell on him,” uh…” Zach said, laying on the ground, then Iris excadrill fell on him," uh..." Zach said, badly hurt,"aww poor baby sorry for landing on u hehe and excadrill hehe" Iris said laughing,” haha… yeah….uhh” Zach mumbled and just lied there,” ugh!, Those twerp!! ” Jessie said, pissed, “ they are all was ruining our plans” James said, “ and my meowth hot air balloon, I pay a good ten dollars on this..” Meowth said, then got slap,” shut up meowth.. you’re worst then wobbuffet …” Jessie said, and started the meowth hot air balloon and team rocket flied off, “ darn team rocket trying to steal my new steelix, they should pay for it!” Iris said, raising her fist in the air, then steelix slided up,” grr!!” Steelix growled, and use rock slide, which hit the meowth hot air balloon, then it landed into a river and onto a waterfall,” ahhh!! We are swimming off again!!!” Jessie and James and meowth said, as their hot air balloon stink in the water and fell down the waterfall,” yes! They got what they deserve!” Iris said, happily and hug steelix,” thanks steelix! You’re the best!“ Iris said, as gardevoir crawl to Zach, with bandages,” ow…ow…” Gardevoir said, “ poor gardevoir let me help you up” Zach said, picking up gardevoir and carried her,” aw thank for helping me, I thought my pokemon species to suppose to protect you hehe” gardevoir said smiling, and grin,” hehe yeah” Zach said blushing and mumbling words,” aw your blushing, which as I found out means expressing human feelings to another human, but I’m not a human” Gardevoir said and tilted her head confused,” uh t-that means..i j-just like you as a friend…yeah!” Zach stuttered, and gardevoir smiled,” um ok master hehe “ Gardevoir said, then May walk into both of them,” hey! Don’t you guys have a gym to win!!” May said, “ oh yeah Iris you ready?, ”Zach said,” yeah of course!” Iris said, jumping up happily,” ok good because I have another surprise, May will you give her the item” Zach said,” oh right!” May said, handing Iris a mega stone and mega ring,” what…you guys got me a mega stone for steelix and mega ring!!” Iris said happily,” yeah that’s another reason why May went to store she bought that for you” Zach said, “ what! Awesome!! Thanks!” Iris said happily, and hug both Zach and May, with Derek and Gardevoir staring, “ uhh sorry I’m super happy!!!” Iris said,” ok let’s go face the gym leader!” Zach said,” yeah!” May, Derek, and Iris said, as they all climb up the rope to the gym treehouse, but Iris who look at it as if it was a snake,” uhhh…” Iris trembled, then Zach reach his arm down to help Iris up and get up,” thank again Zach hehe your being polite hehe” Iris said, smiling,” well I’m here to help “ Zach said smiling and blushing,” aw your so blushly hehe” Iris said, smiling and grinning,” heheh yeah..” Zach said getting Iris up, and walking into the gym,” ok this is it the gym…Winona flying type gym…” Derek said,” you care for this gym but you’re not fighting it I am” Iris said,” well there is a reason why I have a water and flying type pokemon gyarados is because-“ Derek was stop by Iris,” your mom is  Winona!!” Iris said, out loud,” shh!! Ok ok! My mom is the flying type gym leader ok that’s not a thing to say out loud” Derek said,” oh you are shy about it hehe” Iris said,”shh!! Just battle my mom-the gym leader!! Ugh!” Derek said, walking back and fall off the treehouse,” ahhh!!” Derek scream, then a pokemon altaria  came flying in and caught Derek with someone on the back of altaria which was Winona ,” Derek dear, why you falling again of this treehouse this why you left right to become a pokemon trainer right so no longer living under mommy wing hehe” Winona said, holding Derek,” grr..i just came to help my friend do your gym battle mom..” Derek said, upset,” oh is mommy embarrassing you in front of your friends hehe” Winona said, smiling,” ugh mom…” Derek said annoyed, as Iris Zach and May was laughing, “ mom!! ” Derek said, really annoyed,” sorry honey let me put you down,” Winona said putting Derek back on the treehouse, as Iris was laughing hilariously and rolling around and laughing, and Derek moan angry,” ok so who is here to battle me!” Winona said, getting off altaria and putting it back in it pokeball, and walk up Zach and his friends,” hahahhaha! Oh it’s me hahah sorry I’m laughing so hard hahah!!” Iris said, laughing very hard,” ok hehe I am sorry about embarrassing my son in front of you guys hehe” Winona said, and Derek growled upset,” sorry hehe” Winona giggled,” ok so let’s get this battle started!” Winona said, going in her gym and Iris followed,” ok  pelipper come out!” Winona said as pelipper came one,” ok excadrill come out!” Iris said, as excadrill roll out of the pokeball,”ah! The drill is here!” excadrill said,” ok ecadrill use drill run!” Iris said, and escadrille ran up to pelipper and use drill run,” ok pelipper use water gun!” Winona said, as pelipper use water gun and the drill run fell down as with excadrill, “ uh.. “ escadrille said,” oh no excadrill is weak to water!” Iris said,” do not under estimated my pokemon young trainer” Winona said, and look at Derek,” I bet you a Derek battled a lot so you now speed and tactics are my specialty hehe” Winona said, and Derek just turn around and bang his head, May laughed,” its ok she just teasing you around your friends haha!” May said,” ugh….” Derek said, annoyed,” ok excadrill use smack down!” Iris said,” ok.. hope no more water will hit me” excadrill said, as he use smack down and wack pelipper down on the ground,” oh you using a move that makes my flying type useless..hmm… good tactics.. pelipper use supersonic!” Winona said, as excadrill became confused,” uhh…not water...but dizzy instead uhh…” escadrill said, dizzy,” oh no…ok excadrill use metel claw! “ Iris said, as excadrill was confuse but use metal claw and pelipper fainted,” oh…well one pokemon down meets nothing next up is my last pokemon sorry if I have less pokemon I didn’t heal my team up before this battle altaria come out!” Winona said, as altaria came out,” ok altartia use dragon breath!”  Winona said, as altaria use dragon breath and excadrill fell down,” oh excadrill use metal claw!” Iris said, but excadrill was confused and hit himself and excadrill fainted,” ugh…the one time doesn’t work..” Iris said, annoyed, and return excadrill in its pokeball” you put too much faith in one pokemon if it fails you, you will fail with it” Winona said,” oh ok well this is my last pokemon…steelix come out!” Iris said, as the big steel snake pokemon came out,” oh my… a steelix, that’s some pokemon right there, I bet my son would love that pokemon he is a real fan of snakes, maybe that why then he call me yesterday about one if his friends having a snake like pokemon he went nuts” Winona said, smiling,” mom!!” Derek said,” oh sorry he doesn’t want no one to know hehe” Winona said,” HAHAHA..oh sorry hehe let’s continue the battle now” Iris said,” ok altaria use dragon dance!” Winona said, as altaria use dragon dance raising altaria attack, and speed,” odd why is Winona raising altaria attack and speed?, ah no matter steelix use iron tail!” Iris said, and steelix use iron tail and altaria hit the ground but got back up,” ok altaria use dragon dance again!” Winona said, and altaria attack and speed was raise again,” she did it again?! Why..” Iris thought to herself,” hmm… steelix use iron tail again!” Iris said, as steelix use iron tail and altaria when up in the air and dodge it,” wha!?” Iris said, shock,” oh yeah I raise the speed of my altaria to dodge your hits and raise her attack to defeat the steelix for it is a very defensive pokemon so the higher I raise my altaria attack the more easier it will be to defeat steelix with earthquake!” Winona said, as altaria use earthquake and steelix fell down,” oh no earthquake is four times strong against steelix because he is a rock and steel type!” Iris said,then steelix got up,” wha!” Winona said Iris said,” oh it’s sturdy!” Iris said,” oh its ability sturdy makes steelix live by one heath point!” Winona said,” ok cool now steelix finishing move rockslide!!” Iris said, as steelix use rockslide and altaria fainted,” oh…what a bouncing off the wall battle!” Winona said,” I see you train your pokemon well, I see that why Derek admire your snake pokemon they are strong like yourself” Winona said, Derek just collapse,” hehe thank you” Iris said,” ok then here is the feather badge!” Winona said, handing Iris the badge and two more for Zach and May, then a third one for Derek,” here give his to Derek I think he would like a badge hehe” Winona said, “ ugh…thanks mom…” Derek said,” my pleasure dear hehe, good luck defeating the next gym leader, oh and here the HM fly and the TM aerial ace both this moves are for speed no pokemon should be able to not get hit by it, now bye” Winona said,” oh thanks!” Iris said, walking to Zach and May and Derek,” I did it! I won the badge!!” Iris said, happily, and giving everyone their badges,”good for you!” Zach said, smiling,” awesome Iris I knew you could do it hehe I bet Derek did too” May said giggling,” ugh…lets go now…” Derek said very embarrass, and walk out of the gym, and Iris came to him,” sorry about me laughing about you and your mom hehe your mom gave me this to give to you” Iris said, handing Derek a badge,” thanks Iris… and my mom” Derek said,” yeah your welcome and bet your mom is too” Iris said, cheerfully, and Derek smiled, then Gardevoir came,” Derek! I think I found you a pine-apple…thing here!” Gardevoir said,” uhh..gardevoir that’s a pinecone and an apple” Derek said,” what! But together they make pineapple…ugh…I will be back!” Gardevoir said, walking off, and Iris and Derek laughed, and May and Zach came laughing too,” ok on to the next gym!” Zach said, as everyone agreed yes and walk out of gym treehouse.


As our hero’s end today with a gym badge won and evolve steelix for Iris, we will continue our hero’s adventure to the next gym as the journey continues.

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Pokemon Heonn Region: A sandy tomb of ghost! And a group breakup

As our hero’s return from the Winona gym battle, and Iris onix evolving into a steelix, we return to them walking to their next adventure!.


Zach and the gang was walking in the forest of Fortree city to find a way to the next gym,” ugh.. I’m soo tired of walking!!” May said, annoyed and fell to the ground with her feet hurting,” you are a chicken I was raise around big forest like this I climb tree for a living! But not tall trees thou..” Iris said, climb up a tree and grin,” I see something in the distance!” Iris said, then frown,” it’s the desert again!!” Iris said,” oh when we left the gym I think we went the wrong way…” Zach said, folding his arms,” but I don’t want to go in the desert again my poor hair!!” Iris said, climbing down the tree,” ugh and full of sand in my shoes,” May said,” and sand in my dress…” Gardevoir said, Derek look confused,” wait…you wear a dress? You’re a pokemon…” Derek said,” yes and shhh now get I see your phone”  Gardevoir said, grabbing Derek phone,” why you need that?” Derek said,” to google what a pine-apple is….” Gardevoir said, messing around with Derek phone,” ugh… whatever let’s go to the desert” Zach said, walking, with everyone following, it took them a while but they made it to the desert,” ugh…..i can already feel my hair all sandy and puff up…ugh..” Iris said, annoyed,” its fine when we go through this desert we will make it the next town…I hope” Zach said, walking in the desert and everyone behind him, as a sandstorm started,” ugh!” May said, getting her scarf from her bag and put it around her face,” a sandstorm really!?!??” Iris said, getting sand in her hair and face,” let’s find some place to hide from the storm ok” Zach said,” sure” May said,” understood” Iris said, nodding her head, then saw a cave,” let’s go in there!” Iris said, running in the cave,” wait Iris!” Zach said, running in after her, with everyone else,” Iris!!!....Iris! where she go” Zach said, looking for Iris inside the cave,” uhh…this does not look like no normal cave…” May said, as she saw ruins of old bowls and paintings of like Egyptian writing, then sableye came out of his pokeball,” hmm this is not a cave….this is a ruin…of a Egyptian kings  graveyard… or the place where the coffins are put” Sableye said,” coffins…what if there mummys…” Derek said,” please there no mummys here chickens..” May said, folding her arms,” we should try and find Iris just in case” Zach said, throwing out two pokeballs as gallade and lucario came out,” ok gallade and lucario go to the left to there see if Iris is there, Derek and Gardevoir go straight and May and Sableye you go up those stair to the next room…I will stay here” Zach said, as everyone nodded and headed out, gallade and lucario went their way,” hmm…sniff I don’t smell Iris anywhere..” Lucario said, putting his nose in the air of the ruin,” hmm…most of the time ruin are full of ghost or dark type pokemon we must be careful” Gallade said, looking around,” wait isn’t there a pokemon called Cofagrigus it look like a coffin but if you get too close its four ghostly arm will come out and grab you and put you inside its coffin and turn you mummy” Lucario said, a bit scared,” please cofagrigus are most of the time are shy and only if you touch them they attack, I seen this pokemon before they are harmless” Gallade said, grinning, then a shadow moved,” uh! What was that!” Lucario said, jumping up, then a shuppet came out,” its just a pokemon shuppet your so jumpy “ Gallade said, “ yeah so..” Lucario said, with his ear and tail down, meanwhile with Derek and Gardevoir, walking in a dark part of the ruin,” its so dark..” Derek said scared,” it’s fine just use a flash light the dark is not scary” Gardevoir said, grabbing and flashlight and then saw a Durant,” AHH!! A DURANT!!” Gardevoir scream jumping up, and drop the flashlight and ran, Derek just laughed,” it’s just a bug and steel type ant” Derek said, laughing,” SO WHAT IT’S A STEEL TYPE AND I’M GONE!” gardevoir yelled, and ran out the ruin, Zach was there looking puzzled,” where are you going?” ,Zach said rubbing his head confused,” FAR AWAY FROM HERE!!” Gardevoir scream and ran, “ uhh..ok” Zach said, and look in the ruin,” where Derek at?” Zach thought,” then Zach heard Derek scream,” what happen Derek?!” Zach called at, but he heard nothing back,” oh dear..Derek!” Zach said running in the ruin, and then saw a cofagrius in its coffin form,” oh a cofagrius!” Zach said, stop moving and then saw a mummy on the ground,” hmm a mummy…” Zach said, then looking at the mummy closer,” oh my that look like… Iris!!” Zach said, shocked, trying to cut the mummy wrapping off of Iris, as Iris mumble inside the mummy cloth, as Zach rip the cloth off and free Iris,” agh!! Darn cofagrius!!” Iris said pissed, as May and sableye came back, carrying a knock out Derek,” GUYS RUN!!” May said, running out the ruin. Carrying Derek on her back as a horde and horde of Durant’s came  and then gallade and lucario came running to as more Durants came,” this ruin is full with Durants!!” Lucario said,” yeah!” Gallade said, running quickly out the ruin, with Zach just looking confused, then an army of durants came running at Zach,” ahh!!” Zach scream, “ hahaha you scream like a girl hehe” Iris laugh, but Zach didn’t respond, he was far away from the ruin and Iris,” hey!!! Don’t leave m here!!” Iris said, running with Zach, out of the desert with everyone else at the route of the desert,” oh Zach and Iris I thought you got rip to pieces by the durants I already sign a paper for your funeral coffin, hehe funny you would have died in a place full of coffin and dead people” May said, Zach face turn pissed, “ whatever….” Zach said, and walk off,” I think you made Zach upset May” Gardevoir said, bumping May shoulder,” please he made us go in the ruin of creepy ant pokemon!!” May said,” yeah it’s not his fault its Iris!, she went inside the darn place!” Gardevoir said,” hey! You know nobody what to be in a sandstorm! And besides he split you guys up remember the last time we split to find someone May almost died and this time it was me! It’s his fault” Iris yelled,” so he went to save your dumb butt even thou it failed he cares about you why he would go in a cave full of dangerous pokemon!” Gardevoir said,” yet he would sacrifice the rest of his friends for one!! I think not..” May said, and Iris nodded,” you two are not acting like yourself you both care for Zach, we all care for him and if you think yourself butts and not one of your best friends then you shouldn’t even be friends!” Gardevoir said, then May gasp and frown,” how you know anything your just a pokemon and I been that boy’s friend for years I don’t want to hear another word from you in fact I’m going my own way” May said,”what!” Zach said, shock,” yeah you heard me if you and your girlfriend of a pokemon can say what she want then I don’t want to see you either bye!” May said, putting her foot down,” yeah same” Iris said,” what Iris why you to?” Zach said,” yah sorry just I’m not going to die for someone else I’m apparently selfish” Iris said, winking to May as she wink back,” oh ok…fine we will go our different ways then” Zach said, as Derek and Gardevoir followed, and Iris and May went a different way, Iris whispered to May,” are we really seriously going to leave Zach and Derek for good?” Iris said, concern,” oh we are not going to leave Zach forever just I need to meet a friend that came to the Heonn region her name is Kristina and she is visiting for a month, we have been best friends since we was young!” May said,” so how long we are going to live Zach?....why did we leave Zach?” Iris said, confused,” oh because its time for the girls to hang out I wanted gardevoir to join us but I think I was acting too silly and I think she is upset at me” May said,” well when we return I bet she will forgive you, and I guess the boys and gardevoir are on their own hehe” Iris said, giggling,” yeah oh! We could go get Flannery back and have the group of four girls on girl’s week out!” May said rising her hands ups,” a week!? Will Zach and Derek make it without us for a week?” Iris said,” uhh….I think they will do fine!” May said, smiling, and walking to the route 112 to head to Lavaridge town, meanwhile Zach and Derek and Gardevoir, was walking to Mauville city,” so I guess we can stay in one of Mauvile city hotel for a few days until May and Iris comes back” Zach said,” oh I guess me and you have the place to ourselves hehe” Gardevoir said giggling,” yeah gardevoir, I bet we will get a  free place, you know since we save the world and all” Zach said,” yeah and I don’t have to share a room with anyone!” Derek said happily, Gardevoir just smiled,” let’s go find Wattson I bet he will let us stay a hotel” Zach said, as he and Gardevoir and Derek walking into Mauville city, and they saw Wattson looking at a tower in the middle of the city, and also Winona was on top of the tower putting her arm out like a bird spreading it’s wings in the air,” oh my god….mom…” Derek said, putting his head down in his hands,” so I guess your mom really like flying type pokemon hehe she act like one” Gardevoir said, then Wattson heard them and turn around,” well hello Zach and friends!” Wattson said, then Winona saw them and jump down and landed next to Wattson,” hello son and his friends oh few of your friends are missing wasn’t there more girls with you?” Winona said,” ugh..yeah…mom but there not here at the moment so anyway we need a hotel so can you get me and my friends one?” Derek said, putting his hands in his pockets, “ oh well isn’t that funny!” Winona said, smiling,” what you mean funny?” Derek said,” I’m on my gym leader break and I just got a hotel here! You are your friends could stay with me!” Winona said, Derek fall out,” no…..” Derek said, Zach and Gardevoir was sitting there laughing,” hahah!! Sure we will stay with you  I bet Derek would like that hahah!” Zach said, laughing,” yeah it would be nice hey maybe Derek mom knows what a pineapple is hehe” Gardevoir said, smiling,” then its settled you guys stay with me!” Winona said, smiling,” ok here your room keys Ms. Winona “ Wattson said, handing her the keys,” oh I’m divorce just call me Winona” Winona said, grabbing the keys and smiled as Wattson,” oh ok sure Winona haha” Wattson said, laughing, and walk away,” ok let’s carry Derek to the hotel” Zach said grabbing one of Derek’s hand and Gardevoir grabbing the other, pulling him to the elevator, “ this boy is heavy ugh!” Gardevoir said, as Zach and Gardevoir put Derek in the elevator and Winona goes in too,” ok to the fifth floor I hope Derek wake up in time when we get there hehe” Winona said smiling, as they when to the next floor,” so Winona how you become the gym leader of Fortree city Anyways?” Zach asks,” oh well then I was a little girl I always wanted to soar to greatness so I train myself to the limit of my powers, I became a trainer and caught my first pokemon which was a swablu and then later it evolve into a altaria which is my best pokemon in my gym, later I fought the fortree gym with my altaria and won the gym leader said if I win a battle with another gym leader I would become the new gym leader, which I did win and became the gym leader of fortree city, I was really happy then later I had a kid which was Derek I was even more happy then I taught Derek all about my past and flying type pokemon but he was more into snake pokemon so he really care much, but he still care for flying type and that how I became the gym leader a proud gym leader I might add” Winona finish saying, but Zach and Gardevoir fell asleep,” oh hehe that always happens… I will tell then it again later” Winona said giggling as the elevator stop on the fifth floor and the elevator jointed and Zach and Gardevoir and Derek woke up,” wha!? uhh…what happen” Zach said, scratching his head, and Gardevoir Yawn and Derek had his arms folded ,” oh nothing you just fell asleep that’s all hehe” Winona said, walking out the elevator,” how hurry before the elevator close and you be going down hehe” Winona said, as Zach Gardevoir and Derek came out of the elevator, as Winona took out her keys to the hotel room, and unlock the door,” my casa is your casa hehe” Winona said,” casa wha?” Zach said,” my house is your house my mom speak Spanish…”Derek said, hanging his head down,” ok let’s get you three settled, there is two bed room I sleep in one and Zach and Gardevoir sleep in another!” Winona said, ” wait where do I sleep at? ” Derek said, “ duh with your mom!” Winona said, Derek fell out again,” oh…hehe I guess he could take that he sleeping with me hehe” Winona said, putting Derek on the couch,” you two get settled for the night I will get your beds ready” Winona said, as she walk off, “ sooo” Zach said,” I’m going to play on a computer!” Gardevoir said, smiling,” uhh… don’t think this hotel has a computer and the one we did have May had it in her bag” Zach said,” what!?!?!..........NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Gardevoir yelled,” shh!!” it night time!” Zach said,” oh sorry…nooo…” Gardevoir whispered,” oh boy…” Zach said, and face palm, meanwhile with May and Iris was at Lavaridge town, and headed to the gym where Flannery was there at the gym door,” ok Flannery you got my text!” May said, “ yeah girl week out!” Flannery said, putting her hands in the air,” so where is that friend of ours May?” Iris said,” oh she will be here soon she just finish her Spanish school class, she speak Spanish, but also English as well” May said,” awesome! I can’t wait for your friend I also speak Spanish too! I know a lot of languages hehe” Iris said giggling, and May and Flannery giggled too,” so where you send the boys at?” Flannery said,” oh they went to Mauville city by the route they went” May said,” oh so you don’t know where they are?” Flannery said,” yeah…now that I think of it this wasn’t a good plan…” May said, rubbing the back of her hair,” well they will be safe I know it” Iris said, smiling then a shadow shown behind them,” huh?” May said,” Hola a todos” the person said, then May smiled,” Kristina is it you!!” May said, turning around and saw Kristina with her white dress and her pokemon ninetails next to her,” MAY!!!” Kristina scream,” KRISTINA!” May said, and both Kristina and May hug each other, Iris and Flannery smiled,” it’s been so long! How you been!!” May said,” oh I been just great I been going to all the regions battling really tough trainers and remember that vulpix we saw in the bushes back in 5th grade! Well it became by pokemon and I evolve it!! Into a ninetails!!” Kristina said, “ oh that’s awesome me and my friend Zach become pokemon trainers and been fighting all the gyms to become the very best!” May said,” you mean the champion of this region? How far you are guys in gym batting you defeat all eight of them?” Kristina said, petting ninetails,” oh we are at the sixth gym well we defeat the sixth gym so we are on the seventh gym now” May said,” oh well your almost done with the gym leader then the elite 4 that’s going to be hard..” Kristina said, holding her hands,” well I’m sure we can do it me and Zach have been training and fighting, so I think we can do it!” May said, smiling, “ well if you say so… so where  is Zach then?” Kristina said,” oh he is with his friends one a different way instead of us, we are going on girls week out!!” May said, putting her hands up, and Iris and Flannery did the same,” yeah now it’s time for the girls adventure!” May said,” YEAH!” Flannery and Iris and Kristina said, raising their hands up in the air, as the day turn to night, meanwhile with Zach was brushing his teeth, and then Gardevoir came in,” master why do you brush your teeth?” Gardevoir said, confused,” to keep my teeth clean and look nice” Zach said,” oh well give me that tooth brush!!” Gardevoir said, grabbing the tooth brush from Zach and brush teeth really hard,” uhh… why you brushing now” Zach said,” so my teeth can look nice I want to look amazing!” Gardevoir said, brushing,” uhh…ok” Zach said, confused, as the day came to its end.


As our hero’s split up with May and Iris on their own side, and Zach and Derek with their, and Flannery returning and a new friend name Kristina joining May and Iris we will find out what happens with this team clash, as the journey continues.

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Pokemon Heonn Region: Separate adventures!

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Pokemon Heonn Region: The return of an enemy and a new adventure begins!

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