Integrity; The Empire


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Chapter 1.....Dictators before all

 In a country that went by the name of The Iron Creed, Kommandant Richtofen Petrodkov looked out of his window, browsing the multiple men, vehicles, prisoners and recruits. Of course, Richtofen was still human...On the inside.

Richtofen came from a rich German-Russian heratige. A brave young man, who stands 6'2 and has the face anyone would fear; especially the Kraunians, their rival empire to the north. When Richtofen was 14, his father was assassinated and his brother, Eins Petrodkov was in control of the creed. When he grew old and died, it was Richtofen's turn.

When he was 16, he ratted his uncle out to the Creed Militia and watched him go onto his knees. Richtofen again looked, knowing who fear really was and who he would soon fight. He walked into a chamber, men doing a formal salute, the casual fist to the side of the face in honor, telling them to construct a mask that contains oxygen to make him live longer.

His loyal men did so and they made it within a good 2 months. When the Haskan war came, it came hard. But the creed was ready and they won the war, taking control of the steamed ancient land of Haskaniat. Richtofen walked out, a new man. He was 49 now......and dieing..

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Chapter 2..........The costs of war

 He had a severe disease that the creed called "Frans Krittenhoff", which means Cough of Death in their own version of Dutch. Richtofen fortunately recieved a mask in the final stage. He got a distress call, a field officer saying that two recruits resisted against orders. 

Richtofen stormed down, bearing a belt and a Mauser P180 pistol and confronted the two men. He whipped and beat them to discipline until they apologized and sweared loyalty to the creed. Richtofen had done his job and returned to his office.

When he walked up, a field Doctor, Heinz Dristtengroff was up there, waiting for him. "Ah, Herr. Gutt that you are here, ja?" Richtofen nodded, shaking Heinz's hand. "I have very bad news, herr." Said Heinz in a slow motion. It would be visible that he was distressed. He continued "I am dieing, herr. And the men have mostly gone into anarchy." Outside of his window would be a battalion of men, raging and charging at Specialized Armed Forces. They would be getting sprayed. Richtofen then said in a mood.

"What idotic man has strouded this upon Mein men?" Heinz replied "I believe it was Obershuctze Helgoit, Herr." 

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Chapter 3.........Operation Zero Ninat

 He gathered a battalion of 890 men and began to debrief them. "Zhe main target is Oberschutze Helgiat!" Richtofen shouted out in an officers uniform, having two Panzershrek Herbenatafan 2810 Motel Men behind him. The men saluted and marched out to Helgiat's quarters. Helgiat ran, having a battalion of men cover his escape. The 890 men battered them down and they proceeded.

Richtofen caught Helgiat, holding his Mauser. Helgiat would plead "PLEASE!!" This made Richtofen struggle a small bit. But without hesitation, he shot him in the face, blowing his face all around.

  The Legacy of Richtofen Pedrotkov was engraved into the Iron Creed History, forever...

The End.

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