The Yoga of Psychological Perfection


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The Yoga of Psychological Perfection



Pradeep Maheshwari

The Yoga of Psychological Perfection.

How much and what do we understand from this term? What does it entail?

This is a yoga which wants to examine every sentiment, thought that birth in us and the responses we respond with.

Mostly the inconscience, the subconscious, the physical/emotional mind, the active mind, the center of desires and wishes all are playing a complex game with many subterfuges. Humanity in general has no idea of the pushes and pulls at work and the why behind it all. Most of us are totally on auto-pilot and happy to be so.

Our lives are running in very limited grooves and a very basic intelligence mostly carries us through.

Do we think of improving upon it? This would be yoga.

The first question that comes to mind is then what is psychology and is our understanding of human nature as we see it, not enough?

It is definitely not enough.And about psychology the answer is easy. In the last 100 years there has been a good lot of study of human psychology but only from the clinical and medical angle. But nevertheless here are some very good general books like Sense and Nonsense in Psychology that give us a lot of deeply relevant information. Another good source of learning is books by the great writers like Somerset Maugham, Dickens, Maupassant and Victor Hugo and many others. Their stories are not just entertainment but also deeply understanding of the human psychology at work. Bertrand Russell is one of my favorite authors.

But we need go beyond the clinical aspect of human nature which is in this line of study known for the aberrations and disturbed humans. There is something that I call Occult psychology as shown to us by spiritual masters. And this is what we need to study with a sincere, non-prejudiced mind. This is what will take us far on the path on which he first stop is the Intuitive mind which operates from the Intuitive knowledge level of Consciousness.

But reading is not enough. Reading only fills the head up. The information in the head needs to be integrated with the “nature” of the native. The best method for this is by learning new subjects and challenging one self. Make it a point to get into situations requiring learning by doing. For instance take up chess one year, the next badminton, the year after learn to paint in oil; and aim to become real good at it. Think how you can earn some more by taking up extra activities. Every time you take up something new you will have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, meet new people and learn to adjust and work or play with them. This in itself becomes the learning process in which you learn about the world around you and within you. It is not as easy it may sound.The pressure to adjust and deal with the psychological challenges that we come across in new situations and new people is a potent source of self-education and can be used to great effect as the path in the Yoga of Psychological self-perfection.

And then to it all is to be added the question how good is the instrument and how well is it performing?

Between the receptor instrument the ear and the eye and the brain that is going to interpret the information, there is a vast space where the subconscious with its habits, the desire mind with its obvious agenda, the reasoning mind with its limiting logic, the physical body's small mind focused on its comfort, the emotional mind with all its turbulence...... all these have outposts; and try (and normally always succeed) to way-lay the information for their own advantage by adding or deleting much from it.I would say that Zen or The yoga of Psychological perfection, is the way by which we reduce these outposts to nothing and then see the Reality in all its purity.

The removal and eliminating and transforming the ego into a Divine being –

First we do not remove the ego. It is transformed in to a positive being with all its strength intact; it is a gradual process of chipping away and re establishing balance in the persona. It does not, cannot happen all of a sudden - that one moment it is there and the other it is not. This is the way the intellectualised beings rationalise while their hidden subconscious being remains the same quietly influencing everything without the mind ever realising what manipulation is going on.

The organisational heads of any codified set of belief have always used the suggestive power of God's ways & fear of the unknown to control the minds and life of lesser endowed humanity. From this angle religion becomes an enemy.

For the thinking populace, sincerely wanting to better itself, sincerely looking for answers to their questions on life, all life, including religion becomes a source of answers.

We wait for orders. We are brought up under the feudal mindset where we are not allowed innovation and we are expected to act only when we are told.

This kills initiative and even if youngsters come out with something new, it is rarely paid attention to. The ego element in the adults or "captains" is high.

Mike Welton : What other people think of you is none of your business !!!

Pradeep Pk Maheshwari: No but it is mine and it helps me to keep track of myself because others are merely reflecting something of me although improperly. And if nothing else they show us how the world moves and behaves.

I would like to know what is inadequate if at all or is it the uppity, maneuvering and manipulating of the others that see me that way.

Then comes the question why we are in each other's life at all and why I am tolerating them or giving them any leeway.

I am just a Fence.

I belong to neither to the people on the left nor to the people on the right. It is more like no-man’s land. I am just here; not really wanted but a necessary evil to be tolerated – often even derided. Nobody sees any individuality in me and no personality. My worth is the little assistance I give in being the wall in an argument. Otherwise I am quite a nuisance. Even the sheep, cows and bulls think of me as useless interfering thing. I need attention and have to be kept in good repair which makes me a liability. What worth do I bring by my presence? None!

What is the Ego and what do I think of this advice to drop it or let it go and such?

It is not a thing and it is not a separate possession It is one of the bodies we have to take on to make the human persona for our time on this earth. It is the main beam of the tiny house that people call home for a while on this earth.

When you ask the question, why the Ego and all that it is like - why a small cottage when you have the entire earth to live?

Give it a thought.

On the atrocities carried out by wayward children/young men.

The elders and people around know it and know it is wrong. They consider it wrong. They know it is wrong. But the sons have to be allowed. The Prince cannot be called in.

Plus I may tell you, within confines it happens a lot in homes and private corners. Women are play-things and lately they haven't been portrayed quite well at all. Additionally seeing their shapes in detail through Jeans and stocking-pants is quite inflammable material.

To individuals who have suffered I would say: It did not happen to you because you are you or you did anything. It is the mind state that is bubbling all around. It is just that one happens to be in the wrong place at a particular time and opportune moments are created that mischief mongers take advantage of. These bums have absolutely no fear of consequences and no morals to fall back upon

Lazy minds - active otherwise.

When we remember the instructions but forget the “situ”.

We have been advised by all and sundry, even qualified idiots that we should go for walks in the freshness of early mornings. Of course. Yes. But this was advised for hot places and seasons when the sun tends to “burn in the daytime. The freshness of the dew, the breeze if any and the cooler temperatures are conducive to clean breathing and meditation. Moreover with the beginning of the working day smoke from fires and humans, rolling stock and vehicles start throwing up dust into the living space and temperatures can go up alarmingly.

So the human mind picks up this adage and prides itself by virtuously following the advice by rising early ( in comparison to the lazy-bones), going for a morning walk ( in comparison to the laggards), following healthy habits ( in comparison to the careless). The additional advantage being that all this is good for health and some virtuous seeming gossip later in the day.

This advice would have been perfect for hundred years ago for warm climes. But then the advice travels but not the logic with it.

Today the air is polluted to an extent when experts are being forced to advice to the contrary. But I don’t think the virtuous are going to be balked of their good deed of the day. They follow their own prejudice of “I go for a walk regularly every morning at 5 am”.

Few realise or even consider even when they end up having bronchitis and sore throats, that in chilling weather the polluted air is nearer the ground and in more solid form when mixed with the foggish weather. To people with asthma, I have never been able to make understand that they should keep their windpipes covered and warm and their lungs protected from chills.

Who will tell them? Why they are not prepared to think and awaken their lazy minds to this fact which is so obvious from their experience. Not to forget that there is this unspoken thought that we are still young and strong enough to brave the elements and.... and .... and....anything but wimps as the youngsters are proving to be today!

How will it hurt their pride to come out a little later and avoid all the complications?

I give up on this human non-thinking, mentally active to prove their virtuousness but mentally lazy when it comes to logical, introspective reasoning. Always waiting for the doctors and experts to tell them what to do.

There is always an excuse. Far-fetched maybe but there is always a good story formulated by the mind.

Explain what business had Alexander to come to India? or for that matter tiny England expanding itself all over the globe? Had it been trade alone, we can understand but the violence they unleashed and founded to such an extent that the wars continue. Or for that matter explain the expansion and murders by most expanding kingdoms? And in smaller sizes the wars between small chieftains and families

We understand prayer. The let us make it our regular state of being. Support comes in ways that we in our limited thinking can normally not visualise.

The Divine Grace is often misunderstood, not seen or recognised because of our single-minded focus on one desire element.

People want freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to behave with irresponsibility etc etc ….Freedom, Freedom, Freedom but they have no idea from what or FOR WHAT.Freedom to become better, to improve their lives & ameliorate things?NO.

Just to be what they ARE with impunity;

And putting all their strength in maintaining a status quo while the world moves on.

The question on talking of what rights anyone has or does not have is asking for trouble.

Take this case as an example; He was the first born to the first born. In the family hierarchy, he was the new prince, heir to the estate. And this is nothing to rejoice for the family of uncles and cousins + the new bride-mother was the most upset because he stole her thunder.

Apparently he did not have the right to be born in this family. It upset everybody

If one looks at it from the psychological angle mixed with the selfishness and fears involved, one would just need to imagine the scheming interactions, maneuvers and grand plans that would have birthed with nothing but pain and distress all along. A long life of intrigue by and for all those involved in the family – mostly with the intention of grabbing as much as possible from the pie.

Anyway we need to see it all from the funny side.

As it so happened the child in focus was the one who was the least interested in all this; he was not even born there and never really went back there. He made a far more fruitful and rich life elsewhere and ended up with more envy than even before.There is a lesson here: pointless to let too much planning ruin our lives!

I wonder if it is only the climate change as we see it in a few phenomena that we have learnt to recognise. I think there is more to all this. The entire Cosmos is going through a period of tumultuous re-invention. We are in a period of change and reform. Psychological & psychic balances and understanding are asking for change and the changes are becoming perceptible.

I believe in the occult nature of our Universe, 99% of which we have not yet learnt to see. Astrology, 6th sense, intuitive abilities all give us a greater glimpse into things beyond the immediate view. From this I would say that if we take the planetary clashes as being shown by astronomy/astrology, I am inclined to accept that there are greater Forces at work - that are not yet so clearly visible to our 5 senses.

Man is not doing much good to the earth or himself but it also seems "He" is doing it all in spite of himself. There is a greater Life-Force pushing "Him" & his circumstances to extreme positions as if "He" were a mere tool.

If only we could at least see that we are being destructive in very simple essential ways, we could have the change without the destruction. But with all our intelligence, this is one level of behavior we are not able to arrive at. YET.

This life is one big rigmarole being played out - the more dramatic the actors the more idiotic they prove to be.

All that is required is to step back a little to get better perspective.

Is this life proving to be too complicated? What have you done to simplify it?

Go outside and have a conversation with the flowers.

How afraid are you to let in the world in your life?

Pranam to the Sun, for giving light so that flowers may bloom, and butterflies fly.

Am I weird, abnormal or just special in my own way?

To bloom is our destiny, birthright and goal. Being lazy about it is the ball and chain given to us to test our determination

So who is game for growing up?

In this predominantly predatorial world, we need to have two faces; one to fool them and one for private use.

Romance is romance. Like a sweet cup-cake. It comes and it ends. It certainly comes again and again if you don’t let your ego interfere and insist on grieving. What has philosophy got to do with it?

It is all in our determination. But note there is a big difference in being cussedly insistent by selfishly digging in your heels in comparison to an awakened state in which you decide not to take No for an answer. This determined attitude, backed by sincerity of purpose, supported by keen study of information, tangential thinking and a very objective look at things including oneself creates magical possibilities and the highest possible good then transpires.

Humans are quite abusive but hide it well in self-interest. The way humans treat their mates in many cases is worse than the way a good person would treat an animal. We live in such closed tiny glass containers. Wherever and whenever the human gets an opportunity, the sadistic side will out.

Most of us are teachers too to somebody or the other. Which means that we do have power to influence. Are we acting with responsibility? Objective discernment becomes a necessity in practical life. Most of our negative projections become visible in outbursts of some kind when the human is behaving in an unrestrained manner. There is an element of cruelty deep down in all of us.

People say that the path is more difficult to follow as there is no live Guru. I think the path is easier now because of the doors have been opened for us by our spiritual Masters. Alive or recently departed.

People are working with great zeal, that is obvious but the admixture of personal agendas is mudding things. Every time I mention this the adherents get upset and indignant. I say if you were really committed, instead of bristling with indignation, you would have seen the wake-up call in the comment and laughed it off or meditated more deeply on it.

If we are not careful we shall become busy with outward activities and forget the work to be done within which always reflects directly of course and shows outwardly and does not need any defending.

Being offended is an important component of over-blown self-importance

The point is: Life is hounding me.

Why me in particular and with such excessive zeal?

Look at that that farmer in the field. He is doing things in a way that has not changed in a few hundred years. He knows exactly the same amount of know-how as did his forefathers many hundreds of years back. His life goes on placidly.

I made the mistake to look around, raise my eyes and Life took this as an invitation to come banging at my door. Well yes, I made the error to listen to him the first few times: like opening a mail with a virus. Now my life has crashed.

Now I am always on tenterhooks and dread the next knock.

Fear as a friend.

The job of fear is to perturb you.Your job is not to get perturbed.Nothing shows off your position on the evolution ladder like fear.The wise become calmer and contemplative. They withdraw, consider every aspect of the situation, analyse and let the subconscious supply the elements of tit-bits of information and then take considered decisions to act upon – with a strong will – and win.

On the other hand, a mind which is not evolved will go into a screaming fit. It will exaggerate try to frighten everybody around it and get everyone into the act. And in its agitated state will do exactly as the disrupting forces influencing it want it to do – mostly quite the most dangerous and opposite thing it can do under the circumstances. The primary fear behind all this is that this kind of a mind is afraid to be alone and feels secure in a group, specially when the group is also at the same mental level.

You would have heard the animal farm story of the “sky is falling and the end of the world is near”. This is how stampedes in life are created. This kind of crowd is the favorite of mischief mongers and the Devil delights in it.

I believe in letting the Universe do its job - neither waiting nor exerting - simply playing with all the tools given

Study and categorise your thoughts into a list.

What are the subjects that occupy your thinking or let us put it more accurately your "roaming in your mind".

Some rather useless titles that I suggest:

- The neighbor is washing his car again

- Mrs X's dressing could do with some improvement

- Oh he is so dumb

- She is always on her mobile phone

- If it were not for me, nothing would get done around here

- I wish I had married the Clark guy

etc etc.

This is just to show how much of our thinking power, memory space and energy goes into inanities. Keeping ourselves busy with subjects that remotely do not concern us but give us a lot to pump up our own vanities and clamour for sympathy and appreciation.

Only a sense of great virtuousness, righteousness and need to correct the world remains.

And if this is accompanied by a little charity like saying yes to a child for a lollipop or giving alms to a beggar, our sense of virtue goes through the roof. The God-praying and temple ritualistic types are the worst.

The only thing missing is the visible crown. The Halo is there but not visible to others which is such a strain on the spirit of these reasonable saints with so much unrecognized virtue to share.

It is the intention to do the best which is lacking - they want the kids - more hands to work/labor for old age support.

Something that was valid till ww2 times. Since then the population has trebled. It is impossible to save the children from the fate they have been brought into. The means are lacking, the numbers are great and the mindsets of the parents are a big block.

The subconscious patterns of actions and thoughts picked since hundreds of years is not going to just fly away.

Most poor people are very street wise.

Yet I have never understood that nobody sees that they weigh themselves down with a family even before they have had a chance to make a standing for themselves.

Why was this never obvious? TV and exposure to Movies, Newspapers etc does not seem to have taught them anything.

They are vulnerable to exploitation and are being violated and enslaved but the message never gets passed on or ever registers with anybody and they have learnt nothing about life through the ages.

It is surprising.Only one instinct motivates deeply and uncontrollably – sex.

Even with all the spiritual knowledge of Guruji, why not think for oneself? Do it and find out. Otherwise you are no better than the sheep following TV programs.

When life is reduced to quoting Sutras and Shastras, Passages from this book or that sage……don’t you see what is happening? You have just changed the vessel in which you are cooking your food. The Food remains the same. This is intellectualizing your life and Spiritual change. It does nothing to the basic nature at play. In most cases there is an increase in the intensity of vanities whereas the Path should be doing the opposite to you. Mostly I see it as people collecting more ammunition for justification of their very self-concerned lives.

The Emperors went to war on this; the Religious leaders thrived on this and are still doing so.

Every profit comes from this - by somehow creating a demand using fear - directly or indirectly.There is the fear of death, suffering or loss so we create elaborate regimes, living styles, surgical, medical, psychological and technological interventions and inventions – laws, locks and securities and what not. Then there is the fear of hell in after-life and being stabbed in the back in this life.Is there anything that we do which is not out of some element of fear? This has been THE WAY. Always.

When we project ourselves in some way, thru our persona - it disturbs the status quo in passive people around us. It is all very unconscious - at sub conscious level but may give birth to resistance that may translate into a critical/hurtful/avengeful attack/reaction.

Your thoughts can be too strong, too dynamic and may therefore by the very nature of their strength miss the inflexions emanating from those around and you may ride rough-shod over their personas, creating a lot of resentment and power-less subjugation leading to hurtful acts. .

Humans are always, everybody without exception is projecting oneself outwards. When we go inwards we call it meditation or some such thing.

There is a big world dormant within which the conscient mind is unawares of and operative in humans and all beings as the subconscious. We may accept it or not, but humans are ticking more from the subconscious influences than the conscious ones.

Sharing experiences.

Yes the cell phone by its ability to keep you mentally engaged, and now the Smartphone to keep you totally engaged has done more harm than people will ever understand or admit. The dumbing down is complete and the lives are complete, effortless and totally "no-concern". The 1% are ecstatic. Whatever little of the intelligent human remained has been trapped in the health bubble – sickness and medical preoccupations keep them too busy and tired.

One of our special characteristics is that we pay all our attention to the "impression" we hope to create but never the nitty-gritty.

Similarly our philosophical thought and lectures. They are all talking of Atma, Soul, Brahma, Consciousness and Kundalini but no one stresses on a bit of "sincerity" which is the first step.

Can you believe the sentence below? Yet similar thinking is to be seen and found all around us, within us and in the closest relationships hidden deep in the back of people’s minds. There are always a few generally accepted parameters that give us good reason to feel superior & supercilious – and permit us to carry our prejudices on our shoulders with head held high at all times.

“My friend’s sister thinks she is superior. Why? Because she is "fair"!

All those who are not, automatically fall into the lower caste category and that makes for a shameful condition”.

Always speak the truth!

Can we? Do we even try to live to this level?

Is it possible in the social structure we live with the ego in play? Yet we drum it into the minds of children and then get annoyed when they blurt out the truth and remove the curtain from well-hidden-within-four-walls lives. Our actions repeatedly show them that speaking the truth is NOT the thing to do. We confuse their delicate personalities and lay the foundation for disturbed lives.

But to clarify, I must point out that poorest doesn't mean dirty or sickly. I said that the workers that we are seeing in these small manufactories are normally from a class/strata of life where poverty and due to poverty dirt and sickness are prevalent.

Parents, who gave them birth, had nothing to start with and life for these children was a burden from day one. I do not understand how people with nothing in their hands, with no resources go about having children who are doomed to poverty, sickness and a bleak future as slaves.

How does prejudices of upper castes like come into it?

Our assumptions change nothing. The reality has to be seen as it is. We need to be like cameras with great objectivity. Things are. I cannot change them. Just make you aware. I do have my view-point but that is personal and should remain so.

It is also true that a lot of poor people are so because of their attitudes and acceptance of their "fate". You and I can only partake into this Creation and make the best of it. Our examples of what we consider "Better" we should certainly put forward but we cannot insist.

Self-centeredness is at the core of human nature. Keep this mind when you take grand decisions about what is best for others and altruistic matters. Specially when concerning of things as they ought to be, should be, the right way and more in tune with generous, kind and compassionate ends.

The reality of life is different. The doers don't really have the same thoughts. They mask it well and fool themselves & others.

This is the change humanity is expecting and waiting for but no-one is practicing; even the ones that profess and show the way to others.

As for me personally, I see a "person" as somebody who firstly, understands that this factor is in action, second isolate the thoughts & impulses that are active, superimpose these by ones intelligence which has been prepared by "learning" and then use one's will to not be distracted - being sort of impervious.

If this report is understood in its depth, we will see the myth of our individuality. I would immediately ask myself how much of an individual am I? What kind of an individual am I who am swayed by the mere presence of certain types of people around me? This would mean that I am open to suggestions and other elements as well.Does this mean that I am influenced without my knowing from what people say and do? What about TV shows then? And subtly then things like color, music, weather, books and images & such should also be influencing my moods and my responses accordingly?!How much of a person am I really?

Do you think men will ever be able to enslave their wives? Not likely.

For that matter, the way men begin with groveling for women's attention, they will never be able to make slaves of them except by sheer force wherein the women are really not wives anyway.

The women allow themselves to be trapped in relationships and situations by thinking that their bodily charms are enough to enslave men; never realizing that men are only playing with them.

It is easy to make peace with our lives. The problem is with the people around us that the Lord ties us down with.

At best we have at every moment a choice between YES /NO.

There is really no choice of situations. Absolutely none.

Did you choose your parents, your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, teachers, friends, the religious thoughts and principles/prejudices that you picked up, and I could go on..............yet you think you have free will and are master of your destiny.

The basic nature on the basis of which everyone calls himself/herself "I" - is already imprinted in you - are you the kind type or the hateful kind? Are you the understanding type or the vengeful type? What is your IQ?

Look at it calmly: .... if humans are allowed to be masters, what do you think everyone would end up doing? See what the one percent is doing to you and the planet. If this was given to the rest of the 99%, the Universe would go up in smoke within a few hours!

It is so sad to see humans clinging to their silly little boats of life while all the time the Divine is keeping the invitation open for bigger things.

The Lies we live with.

There is no doubt that we are living in a time of change but we have to as well counter the living conditions as they are after thousands of years of evolution and human development or/and interference. There is also the fact that considering all the factors, everything is in its rightful place but there is definitely room for improvement. This is where the difficulties arise. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have shown us other possibilities but we have to live and survive with the world as others not-so-conscious people are making it and running it.But even otherwise, in the normal state of things, leave out all the philosophy, there is a gnawing fact that has become obvious to the general, even slightly aware humanity, that we are living a life seeped in insincere considerations which forces us to put up a façade and live a charade that we at the bottom of our hearts we may not be wanting to.

Self-centeredness is at the core of human nature. Keep this mind when you take altruistic decisions. Specially when talking of things as they ought to be, should be, the right way and more in tune with generous, kind and compassionate ends. The doers don't really have the same thoughts. They mask it well and fool themselves & others.

This is the change humanity is expecting and waiting for but no-one is practicing; even the ones that profess and show the way to others.

I am giving here some instances to ponder over. Not only ponder but to meditate upon and see within how much of it applies to your own selves.

You are friends with an artist or somebody who prides himself to be an artist and a good one at that. He considers himself really worthy of appreciation and regard but is not seeing so happening in life even after he put an exhibition and all. Anyway you are invited to look at his latest creation. …..Now this is where the game begins: You know in that he is not very good and perhaps even consider him a little presumptuous but now you have two options. Live by the truth of your convictions or play the game?

Most people would keep up the appearances, go to see the painting and even praise it, and then sit down to listen to the artist’s explanations about how and what made him make this great piece of art. You will enjoy his coffee. You are of course not really bothered if the painting is good or not for you are neither being asked to hang it in your house nor buy nor recommend for a prize (which in real life is a distinct possibility).Now tell me is this level of insincerity a good thing? What is to be done if we wish to strictly adhere to the directions of our teachers to be totally sincere because without it we cannot advance on the spiritual path?

What are the thoughts and factors that make you go on with the friendship and this support? Kindness, friendship for other reasons or just because otherwise than the artist he is a good chap over all? But then would it not be a good idea to let him grow up and know his real worth and unchain yourself from this charade?

I bring up another instance. You are dating a young lady and after 2-3 meetings you are beginning to realize that she is not exactly what you had hoped for. There may be many reasons that you like her or were attracted such as she is pretty, he laughter is lovable, she is a trophy of a kind as she is desired by most young people around her and winning her over is a feather in your cap. For some reason she does like with you, perhaps it is your rich father and your car but she is not letting you know that and she, very importantly, ready to cuddle up with you. At the young age of hormones in a rage, this is a very big factor.

Now here is the dilemma. To continue the relationship would be a long term disaster. It is trap of a kind and you know it and understand it. But the cuddling and the appreciative looks in public that you get are so exciting. So what do you do? Continue to tell her how lovely she is which is not a lie, continue to her boring inconsequential long descriptions of her days which is a big lie and enjoy the cuddles for as long as it lasts. There would also be this thought at the back of your mind, that you are clever enough to find ways and means to break it off at any point in time if you so wish it. Then what makes you think she will just disappear one fine day because you wish it?I see only a lot of wishful thinking, over-estimated sense of worth and devout invitation to providence to give you a good whack on the head.

Now see the conundrum: at one end we have all the teachings, exhorts of our parents, teachers and seniors and at the other end the pleasure laid out before you. What would you do?

Let us take our health. Our education has taught us many things about many harmful products now masquerading around as food. We may have some general inkling of the harm they do but as it does not make us feel immediately sick we feel it is fine and here is the lie – if everyone is having it, it can’t be all that bad!Today all journals, Sunday papers, blogs and such are giving away information on everything under the sun yet few take the trouble to read up and even if they do, put it in active practice in their lives. The question is why?The trouble is listening and reading brings us face to face with choosing between our reality and our pleasures. The immediate pleasures and satisfaction is difficult to forgo.

The day comes when we are sick. The pain and discomfort makes us for a moment reflect that we need to take better care of ourselves but what do we do? We go to the doctor and in a short visit of half an hour at most, we come back with a prescription that we hope will cure us totally. At the back of minds there is lurking the misgivings that how can a stranger doctor know more about us and cure us with a few pills but we would rather look away from it all because the enjoyment of life comes first. We have also realized that we get a lot of care and attention when we are sick so it becomes really an incentive to be sick now and then. Then we have convinced ourselves that medical science has all the answers and we can continue to pander to our frailties with impunity. This game of popping pills, trusting people who have no interest in our lives, keeping our eyes closed to warnings from all around goes on. It is a big lie but we are all merrily playing it because the alternative is too demanding and restrictive.I see a total sense of childish irresponsibility in our living. Hardly the kind of resolve needed to go into Sadhana for self-improvement.

In the occult world all acts and actions follow some rules and line of action. It is like if you add white to black, you will get grey. It cannot be otherwise. In the life of humans things happen, situations present themselves and we often fail to read them properly because either we are not reading them objectively or with not enough sincerity. By this I mean that we all allow our personal agendas to interfere in the analysis process.

Human are very good at tricking themselves into believing that they have a lot of grandiose qualities & about themselves in general. Specially when the mind is full of great words that touch our spirit and we then easily see ourselves having become that. Those that have had the opportunity to be somewhat independent and living isolated lives, are the worst affected.

I think now let us move to the basics of all this. The examples we all know but we are gathered here to look into the deep aspect of the human psyche. The point is why we are not prepared to take the bulls by the horns?

We have to accept that living in sincerity would make us do without a lot of things in life for the simple reason that our honesty and sincerity may not be valid currency in this world.

The question also we need to consider is that can we live sincerely or not? My answer is NO; not by simply following a set of mental rules in which we consider some things right and other things wrong. The first step is to be certain that we want to live that way at whatever cost it entails – all the trust and faith in our Guru notwithstanding? I think it is possible but first we need to start paying attention to small tugs your conscience and your Soul will and do make at every moment. These tugs are very small, easily overlooked and with time if not paid attention to tend to become silent. (It is a very unfortunate part that the opposite training is given to children and this conditioning becomes a huge mountain to surmount later. And it is the main reason behind the same old movements being perpetuated in this world.)

Mother removed this aspect from our childhood in The Ashram & school and this was a great boon along with other protective screens that She added into our makeup).

The right things to do and make a habit of it is to have silent time with your “Self”. Go over the activities that had bothered you and look at yourself and ask yourself what you could have done to minimise the insincere movements. Then turn To Lord Vishnu as the Creator and give Him a good talking to. After all as The Creator he has some responsibilities too. In our arrogance we feel and behave as if we are the “doers”. It seems so alright but is it really? We really have very little faith in all the possibilities that put us here and what all is getting organized around us. On the gross material plane at the level normally humans operate we are really a very small cog in a very big machine.

As I tell everybody who would listen if we do everything what would be left for Him to do? Tell Vishnu that you wish to change and that He should reorganize things for you. I can assure you if your intentions are sincere and strong, Lord Vishnu tends to listen. Things, people and situations start getting rearranged. You will be put to some funny new tests and it will be fun but somewhere inside you, at the end of the day you will relish all this greatly and Life will start moving on a different path with more sincerity at every step.

There is a great gap between our understanding of “worth” and how we inculcate it. There is serious fact that we Indians need to face – that we are really too self-engrossed to be genuinely nice, out-going, grateful people. WE are being brought up badly; our style of raising children is excellent till the age of 2 but unfortunately parents rarely grow up or evolve to change their attitude as the child grows. A serious revolution is needed….and a change in attitude at the home level where we do everything for the child instead of helping the child to become self-reliant. The apple of our eye is served like a prince, every decision is made for him, we hover over our children like helicopters, we are prepared to fight for our pride - deserved or not; no wonder our people have a high sense of worth but no real foundation at the personal level to match.

These messages like you have the power, you are divine, you are great as you are..... they are only giving valid excuses to just sit there and be our nasty self.

Vague thoughts, Images in our minds and words between us.

What do you think?..........people really understand us when we exchange words to convey the image in our heads?

This would be deluding ourselves. We think we have conveyed our message well, and the others have surely understood us. What we forgot is that there is a great slip between the cup and the lip. From the point of sound or sight hearing/seeing a word and the time it registers in the brain, our personal agendas can contaminate the thought process and what we see or hear is normally a very different version from the original.

When we pick up years on the way, why are we so insistent to maintain an image of younger years? Why are we not content and proud of the years spent in "learning from the school of experience"?

Is it so difficult to accept that our bodies are ageing, that our faculties are changing - that we don't have to be sprightly 18 and stupid!

Or is it that subconsciously we are aware that we have misused, abused and not taken care of our bodies as well as we could have and consciously we are not ready to accept this to ourselves or others - as it shows us in a bad light.

Why are we not happy to be "Wiser" and accept the role of teachers and guides instead of leaders of the pack?

And so even more stupidly, we try to replicate the acts and successful escapades of our younger years.

It is sad to see people getting older as the world of their youth, crumbles and changes around them while their minds refuse to accept the change. The relatives, friends and the group we started with begin to disappear from lives, life-style changes come in and people continue to live in the memories of their heydays, hoping and trying again to revive the moments that don't hold good any more.

Thinking is the helper and thinking is the bar. We have to think and go beyond it to the intuitive knowing.

The intuitive mind is the plane of existence we should align our minds with. This starts the journey to the Brahmanic intelligence/consciousness.

The teachings of old religions must now change in their way of delivery of wisdom with the new occult powers on the move in the world.

The Essential Truth in all teachings never changes, preserved or not. It is their application that needs to evolve with the evolutionary process. Humanity is upgrading, the lessons have to be rewritten to fit in with the newer mental/subconscious set-up.

Practical, codified exercises are also changing due to the live-style changes

Even the language has changed. References and advice of yore don't always hold good and often actually take you backwards.

That is why even if all the Teachers came back and they are coming back in different forms, they speak in a very different way – more suited to the conditions of the times.

Why and what is the need to stick to these old teachings where the authenticity is in question anyway?

Seems the world is wonderfully replete with answers.

All you wish to know, all you can want; everything can be made available - at a price of course.

And what will you have to do?

- Some say that you need throw some white flowers in a running body of water.

- Some say that you need to give the Shivling (the black mound of stone representing Lord Shiva in temples) a bath with raw milk from a cow.

- Some say that you need to bathe with salt in your water.

- Some say that you need to acquire a Diploma and all the doors of this world will open to you.

- Some advise you to change the spelling of your name and conduct prayer meets to appease the planets.

In short, everything except look within, understand oneself, improve oneself and apply oneself to creative, progressive, worth enhancing activities.

Nobody says, introspect, and look where you are being self-defeating. Study more and solve your questions thru knowledge at your personal level.

Trying to be detached in this existence to attain non attachment is like zipping the mouth to attain Quietude. The concept of illusion is an illusion. Everything is in its place and at all different levels of understanding/consciousness everything is real. etc etc.

We have been able to control everything but the mouth/tongue/mind triad. Words are independent of reality. So all these arguments are born which mean nothing finally as what is….. remains as it is. We can align our words with reality or paint beautiful word pictures. To the Universe it is all the same.

Time to think anew and start afresh –never forgetting that the world is not a nice place.One of the biggest mistakes which are part of our upbringing is that we are made to believe that the world is a nice place and that being nice, honest and diligent will take care of the rest.Unfortunately the world is not really made of sugar and spice and all things nice. We are a mixture of great niceness and devastating evil. There is much love – only for the self – not for you. There is mainly instinct- not much intelligence. Intelligence, whatever little there is goes into supporting the private selfish agendas.So be warned. Do not lose sight of reality. Take nothing for granted.

Lonely are those who need others to be somebody. Solitude is for those who are already somebody.

Insecurities we all have. But we must not let them over-power our sense of balance. If you permit yourself to be pushed into panic stations, you allow mischief making occult beings to control you and undermine your confidence. You open a door into your being for them. Perhaps a perfectionist attitude is taking the joy out of things. Don't make a drama out of a crisis. You can't control everything but you can keep a lid on things by remaining calm although somewhat uncomfortable and even apprehensive. You may feel uncomfortable, itching to make a big impression, a grand gesture, or just to feel like you've made an impact – this is your vanity. Perhaps you feel ignored or unappreciated but you don't have to be front and centre to know that what you do makes a difference. The ego can easily blow things out of proportion. Stop judging yourself so harshly. It's about having faith that you are here for a reason and maybe that reason is still unfolding. This is a learning process. Trust yourself, your destiny and the process.

A little humility goes a long way. Nothing like boasting to queer the pitch – occultly speaking.

In the occult world all acts and actions follow some rules and line of action. It is like that if you add white to black, you will get grey. It cannot be otherwise. In the life of humans things happen, situations present themselves and we often fail to read them properly because either we are not reading them objectively or with not enough sincerity. By this I mean that we all permit our personal agendas to interfere in the analysis process. This particularity in human affairs is seen when we are relating stories. It is clear to those who have understood and seen the occult forces at work and the continuum operative in that world. It is quite revealing the way humans try to hide some elements by twisting the stories as if changing words and sequences will change the story really. Quite often the falsification is obvious because the story-teller may want to either hide some elements because he wants to take the listener to a particular “ending” mostly because the story-teller wants to be seen in a different or good light or is afraid to be misunderstood. A perceptive listener would immediately know where the rerouting in the story is happening but out of politeness may say nothing. In general, everyday life, we are all doing this in some way or the other – it can be called harmless fibbing. But in the world of “self-improvement” it is downright lying. This keeps us tied down with the world of negative vibes and nothing good can ever transpire of it.You would certainly know of stories from your personal lives and of others where later on explanations like these were given: I was only trying to help, I had no idea it would turn out like this, the truth should be told, I had to speak up, I thought if I kept quiet it would sort itself out………..etc

Anyone who has read or seen a good mystery story being narrated would see the point I am trying to make – how we convince ourselves that our logic is right, how we then try to hide behind words, how we give ourselves away.

We hide in the shadows, hoping our errors and faults will remain unseen. Yet we would partake of the life in the Light.

The imponderables outnumber life and we should always be ready to be surprised

Everything was at peace but then kings wanted bigger territories. Where shall I start? The Egyptians, The Persians, The Greek, The Romans, The Mongols, The British, The French, The Spanish, The Germans, The Japanese, The Russians or/and the Americans?

Can you imagine Alexander the great coming all the way to India - for what?

The only good explanation is that this is the only way Mother Nature knows to bring in change and sow wild oats to strengthen genetics.

When I saw the first drawings and photos of face on old Greek vases I used to wonder as a child why the artists couldn't make noses correctly as we know them. Then when I came to Delhi I found the same noses in many from the Punjab region. And the truth of the whole coming and goings of armies/cultures dawned on me.

From the occult point of view, the vibrations each culture carries also then gets transferred and this is a good thing.

Wounds are also lessons. They never heal because we carry the lesson within

To live in this world requires a kind of enlightenment too.

We need to learn and know well:

- The human-made laws

- The psychology of humanity

- The education system

- Laws of physics, chemistry and biology at work

- Logic behind gadgetry and applications

- Know some carpentry. Plumbing and electricals

- When to speak and when to lie-low/silent

- Naturopathy and how to maintain health

- How others will & can hurt us.

- The policing system

- The punishment system

- The monetary system

We shall know the delights of the other world only when we have mastered to stand upright in this one.

It can be daunting and most run from it and turn to abstract philosophy or religious bodies with hopes but no solutions.

Cultivate joy and do it in such a way that others are compelled to smile

Even today at this point in time, there are living beings that carry the knowledge found in all the books ever written. The problem is of who to give it to.

Everyone's cup is full with all that they really require.

The slothful, self-satisfied humanity is busy with inanities.

Don’t give it to them in writing - ancient secret of teaching – not until the vessel is ready. Too early, too much can only end up being misused and result in confusion, hurt and pain.

Some people are bigger than the pot that they try to stuff themselves in. Luckily destiny has other plans and keeps breaking the pot.

It is the time element. They are dispossessed by kings in such a way that the hunger pangs leave no time or alternative but to keep looking for essentials to feed self and family. But today the TV has opened their eyes to easier possibilities "ready-made" not very far away. The temptation is too great. The short-cut stampedes through cheating and thievery is too easy-seeming and often works like a charm.

Bringing about the change.

Nobody is focussing on the "change" - just managing with outward gestures.

The human mind is a phenomenal tool and it is a huge world in itself. It also has the capacity to create its own illusions and worlds within worlds within the mind and keep us well occupied and lost.

To understand the mind and how it works is essential to use it as a tool to bring forth change in our lives but we shall not focus on this subject just now. Enough for us to understand that our mind is not the entire “WE”. At present it is designed to assist our instincts and desire-self to manifest. We need to develop our “witness side” as another persona within ourselves that operates from the intuitive angle and can show us the objective reality without getting muddled up by our subconscious instincts and desire-self.

Your thoughts can be too strong, too dynamic and may therefore by the very nature of their strength miss the inflexions.

Humans are always, everybody without exception is projecting oneself outwards. When we go inwards we call it meditation or some such thing.

There is a big world dormant within us which the conscient mind is unaware of and operative in humans and all beings as the subconscious. We may accept it or not, but humans are ticking more from the subconscious influences than the conscious ones.

What is happening with education is the intellectualization of Sadhana. We have gurus in who we say we have faith. We quote and repeat their writings and sayings to show how much we revere their teachings. We join in group activities and rituals and give ourselves the virtuous feeling that we are doing everything that is required to go on the path of our Gurus.We surround ourselves with symbols, pictures and statues and chant mantras at every occasion with ardor & we do jaap using beads and incense. All very beautiful and does create the right atmosphere - but alas that is all that ever happens.

But I feel or you can say I think but in reality I would say that I am absolutely certain that it only gives us a virtuous arrogance of being superior to the ordinary humanity who obviously is not lucky enough to be following our guru or path or religion pr practices.

One of pour special characteristics is that we pay all our attention to the "impression" we hope to create but never the nitty gritty. The focus is always on the impression we are creating and eulogising ourselves.

Similarly our philosophical thought and lectures. They are all talking of Atma, Soul, Brahma, Consciousness and Kundalini but no one stresses on a bit of "sincerity" which is the first step.The change that should come never does.

One of the proofs of the truth in what I am saying is the reaction a sadhak gives out when his philosophy and group is questioned or movement, project is corrected. Please accept that we are talking here as a generalization. Don’t bring in exceptions to this rule to prove me in error.

Anyway again I am not here to criticize but show how we are not doing what needs to be done and how we can do it.

The first step of course is to study in deep sincerity how far we are being true to our own thoughts and feelings and as follow-up we need to see ourselves and how we are repeating ourselves in actions and reactions. Are we ready to speak what we feel and always do by what we feel is the thing to do, despite it not being acceptable by the world at large? Are we committed to our words? Are we trying to expose ourselves to our own selves or hiding behind smoke-screens of words, garbs and groups?

Time and over time life has shown me that whenever a movement, activity, plan or a relationship or project is initiated through greed or ulterior motives, the result is disaster and always culminates in financial loss and other intangible losses like misunderstandings, permanent dislikes being formed and friendships broken. I think this would have happened to all of us. Do we look within and agree that we were the ones who started it by initially launching bad & self-destructive vibes to begin with or do we blame others for their errors of judgement or ill-will and justify/rationalise our own behavior thru fate and karma? Human and mystical laws that we have brought up under make good curtains.

Two subjects that play a great part in our saga on this earth are our Health and our Love relationships. So let me bring this up for some exposure.

1st the problem of health: Who has not heard of quotes like “health is wealth”. And advice on how to maintain health is available freely and in abundance. Yet how much effort does humanity put to keep the agenda of health 1st on the list. This is a question to meditate on.

My mother started staying with me after my father’s death. Delhi as is known has too much of everything. Too much heat, rain and cold besides pollution. You name it. It is easy to fall sick under these conditions. With regularity that can come only from tamasic stupidity, my mother falls sick due to exposure in the beginning of November with clockwork regularity. She has clothes of every kind, blankets and heaters. Everything for every occasion but she will not pay heed to the cold until she is down with a bout of bronchitis. I get angry, do my shouting to make her realize by understanding or fear that this is not right. It puts a lot of burden on us to care for her. But her excuse is the same year in and year out. She did not realize that it was getting so cold at night and in her sleep she caught a chill or too many clothes are stifling. She is lying and she knows. She is suffering for her lies and she knows it. But she constantly reminds everyone that she never lies. She emphatically points out that whoever would want to be sick? She wants all to believe in her virtuous self-sacrificing self. It is a problem I have not been able to solve. Now I just do my best in providing but leave her to decide and manage her life.

My analysis of the situation is: That she is doing it to attract attention- something like: Look at me, I am working even when sick, I am so helpless- an old frail person and we should take better care of her, It gives her an excuse to pathetically be seen as a martyr.

It is really tragic. She was born with many qualities. She is quite adorable really. Strength of character – once she decides on something she sticks to it with a level of determination which is out of the ordinary, she is fairly sharp and intelligent, she is also naturally beautiful, she has a natural smartness and understanding and taste for the finer things. Just imagine what she could have achieved with these qualities if she had adopted the path of the Yoga of self-perfection? But no! Like most of the world, richly endowed the path of self-gratification is chosen.

Do you think we can induce any change in her even at the most superficial level? I don’t think so.Unfortunately 99.9% of humanity is at this level, including sadhaks and servants of god. Until we can accept the fact that we, with all our qualities, are here to learn and improve ourselves, only our pride and vanities will reign and with these two in harness, nothing much can be done.

Very very few, those, whose souls are already high on the evolutionary scale open up spontaneously. Others need great tragedies in their lives to stop and look within for no one learns at one go. The human mind is very resilient. They soon bounce back. Intelligent are those who learn from others and the mistakes of others and look within and decide to change so that the same tragedies do not strike them.

I relate another story I remember from a book by Castaneda in his book Journey to Xtlan. A friend goes visiting. The friend’s host invites him for a dip in the pool first thing in the morning. The friend says yes and they both go for a swim. It was a bit chilly and both suffer from the dip. Later on the friend comes to know that the host was seriously sick so he asks why at all did the host invite him for a dip. The host replies that he thought it would give the friend pleasure. But the friend was not eager for a dip. So the host asks why did he agree to the dip when he was not eager? The friend replies that he said yes to please the host.

So you see the trouble both could have avoided by being a bit honest. And I don’t understand what kind of friends were they if they couldn’t openly communicate? + What is it in our society that makes us think in this perverted way? I really don’t understand the affectations of this polite society.

2nd is Love. The other very source of problem at the human level is this thing called love. When we profess love what is really happening within us? I think for a short interval we are really in love having dropped off our selfish chogas(garbs). But it never lasts long. It soon gets contaminated with the pride of possession or our vanities. Either our desires at the physical level are satisfied and on closer inspection the irritation of the relationships outweigh the “Lovely” part of the equation or quite simply our selfish agendas do not match with the selfish agendas of the other party.

Whatever; the tragedy begins when it transforms into marriage with its vows and expectations.

.The man marries for the comforts of home and his own private woman always at hand and the woman for a home and being protected and cared for or maybe vice-versa. But anyway it is not love and it is a compromise and a practical arrangement. Affectionate dependence may arise but it cannot be forgotten that it is based on a presumption and poetic license but in its purity it is all a lie. There is no love. And we are lying all the time trying to prove to the contrary. Don’t we put too much emphasis on total control and possession of the "love" partner? The very foundation that 2 people are made for each other is false. The profound psychosis that develops on the word "Cheating" is a reminder that there is very little other than the practicalities of life keeping us together.

This is because we have as yet not learnt to take our commitments sincerely and our promises lack deep unwavering intent & meaning. We live primarily from day to day and moment to moment and dont really think beyond our immediate pleasures or wish fulfillment.

It is a formula for disaster but then we shall cross the bridge when it comes! After all we are clever, courageous & street-smart enough.

We have responsibilities towards each other, promises to keep and all that; yet we must also remember that we cannot clap with just one hand. It requires two to tango and often our human propensities and our personal agendas need a "space" between partners to keep things delightful.

Sadhana unfortunately requires that we move out of this attitude and learn to love and choose change with a lot of sincerity and deep will and determination. It is high time that we understand the difference between compassionate thinking and passionate physical intimacy or the desire for the same. How many of us do you think will do or have the courage to go the whole way and tell a woman that I just need you for a passionate embrace? And again, is this possible in this practical self-engrossed world?Look at this world and how it operates. The whole commercial world is a huge lie that we support. We have to change paths. Stop supporting.

Communications in today's world has reached a level of unprecedented deafness. Why people assume that because I am writing about something, it must be personal? I suppose it is their own limited way of viewing life that they are carrying forward as most people can rarely see life beyond their own personal ends.

Of course, it would certainly be part of an experience in my life and a lesson learnt – no doubt of that. But often I personalize it in a story –normally as a little comic - to make it easy for my listener to relate to. That is all I am doing. The joy, the pain and the experience is real but not always the short story made around it.

Yes, there is nothing such as like, dislike, hate, love, see or unsee - just be in the presence of majesty” of mountains, lakes, trees, clouds, etc and become it.

Everyone wants help with their lives even expect it to be done for them; their greatness demands it and they know that they deserve it. But when it comes to help others back, when it comes to gratitude and thanks, they have such pressing things in hand and on their mind that they feel surely it is of no importance.

Think only of the "Nurturing" you can let flow into this world. The world will nourish you in return.

In present day context, regardless of what Buddha is supposed to have said and done, he is as much a god for the general populace as is Krishna or Jesus.

It is not the teachings, but what the populace believes that is the question and the main point. The Buddha was the main teacher. From His teachings others have been learning in every age and period till today. Most of the learners have achieved great levels of consciousness; I would readily agree to admit that they achieved levels as great as the Buddha Himself. These people also have had much to say and have left behind many words to share. On this foundation has risen and evolved the religion of Buddhism.

If you read the news in India today, the same arguments are going on just now for the status of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Is He to be accepted a God or not? Well some consider him to be a God so why not?

Find me one Hindu who has personally seen/known Vishnu then we shall continue this senseless debate.

In the same strand, I would ask all Buddhists, Christians and others the same question when they speak authoritatively about their claimed Gods.

There is no such thing or state as oblivion. But yes oblivious exists.

All these talks, lectures and discussions on TV/UTube etc are a waste of time but good publicity. Answer questions from seekers after ascertaining their sincerity or comment on pragmatic matters and let it be. The job of thinkers is to make people think, specially for their selves for their betterment – and this they will do only when they desire it and that point comes only when they are tired of it all.

Really; there is only a rickety gate between us and paradise.

Too much in a hurry to digest max from life - and then die of indigestion

I think we need to ask, in a world where 80% are virtually wholly naked throughout their lifetime, why is this business of being naked such an issue in the so-called civilised world?

What so new in seeing someone naked? The more walls we create, the more separateness that will ensue and with it more strife.

But there is beauty in general to be considered. Keeping things pretty is why elaborate dresses are worn and this is where good taste comes in. Of course, there is the question of what is good taste and it can be very subjective. Yet, certain common factors have been prevalent and accepted by all in general over civilizations after civilisations - so they can be accepted as objective against the subjective.

Then I would also seriously consider the factor of comfort and lack of self-consciousness. Dressing to impress is a great industry and we tend to make it part of our vain pretentions. This is really harmful for our growing into a more aware level of consciousness. Wear clothes with the same philosophy as we advise for food – eat to feed your body. Similarly dress to protect your body, maintain style because of your aesthetic sense, and make the dresses comfortable and practical to work in.

And finally:- why have kids unless you are really deeply ready to make them your “life” with the same intensity as you looked for a sexual mate?!

Once, many many years ago, I was visiting Calcutta and picnicking on the lawns in the evening at the Victoria Memorial garden, a child from another family nearby came and sat in my lap. Just simply sat. No talk; as if he belonged there since ever. And quietly kept on sitting there. It was an ethereal moment. Then it was time for us to go. The child calmly stood up and started walking with me. He wouldn't go back to his family.I felt a huge lump in my throat and felt as if something was tearing away when I had to forcefully let the child be taken by his parents.The incident still haunts me. What connection was made and broken that day?Where do I belong? With whom should I really be? Are there connections that were never made that are, though, to happen?What do we really know of our destiny? What do we really understand about our relationships?

We are constantly in denial.

We deny the facts to ourselves and we find explanations to ignore them.

Misfortunes and other nefarious things happen to others- the state of illusion is astonishing.

Fate is derided.

Destiny is blamed.

Friends who dare to pin-point defects are disliked.

Doctors are branded charlatans.

Critics are monsters.

Everything is perfectly fine with "our" world!

Birthday. - It is that special day again when we are most open to The Grace. May the Grace infuse you with special vibes for contentment.

About a picture of a vast landscape - what we do not see in the picture is the silence that reigns in these regions.

It is a surprise to modern man and therapeutic like multivitamins pouring into you.

This is so important but nobody wants to touch the subject. Today’s illnesses represent this over-confused state of the persona, aura, state of the planet that we have cooked – right to the very core of the cellular body-state.The tragedy is in the fact that the treatments that are being devised arise from the same sad state.

Changes come softly and easily to people who have some element of sincerity already in their aura – you can say the nature/soul they are born with. The cheaters learn their lessons only when cornered and beaten up and ostracised - till then their confidence and acts become more and more intolerable, vindictive and unreasonable.

Problem with humor is that everyone's idea of humor is different & dependent on his/her level of consciousness and emancipation.

There ARE people with strong vital personas and they can over-ride the mental processes of most weakling minds – minds that are childishly open to suggestions and have not learnt to stand by their own principles and do not use their will to stand their ground. These ungoverned minds actually collaborate in the process as they can be easily tempted and totally subjected.

Sometimes it is difficult to create a shield against the avarice of manipulators but we can always run away from them for our own peace of mind. The trick is in being able to recognize them. This requires understanding of the ways and means things happen in the psychological realm and its manifestations in human behavior.As I understand - The energy here is of "Beings" that work using people as their conduit vessels. (One has to first accept that there are beings influencing occultly the affairs of men)

Yes - finally the cause or the major part of the situation can be traced to us - if we look into it sincerely.

What I tell parents all the time who want to be strict, correctional and lecturing all the time. I tell them, just be there for them. They can grow only at their pace. Be involved and involve them in your life fully. Play with them and teach them thru play.Consciously pass your knowledge of life thru kindness, understanding and gentleness.

A child brought up with love will always be a formidable one.

The most nourishing food is that which is made with love and joy in one’s heart.

Show me a rich man who became rich thru only and honest endeavor. Business requires the ability to manipulate circumstances to one’s advantage and profit. It is not given to everybody to manage this side of life.

In the world as it is, integrity towards sincerity will always end up in lack of money although you may be rich spiritually.

Exposure is the first step to change.

How exposed do you feel?

Will you in all sincerity permit exposure?

Can you stand the glare of spot-lights?

Why am I so afraid to let the Universe run things for me?

Why am I always interfering and bringing misery to myself?

Children are just happening. That is the tragedy. There is no real wanting for a child to cherish and bring up properly most of the time.

We talk of their rights and we pose in our virtuousness, showing off how much value we give to each life. But do we really?

I say: Have your sexual escapades but once you have a child, you need to forget yourself and devote yourself to the child's welfare totally to the best of your ability.

And then, don't have a child unless you have the establishment that can give a good home, education and guarantee unstinted love and security to the child

Yoga is a way of life/attitude and philosophy. It is not something done separately like playing hockey. This is the error in promoting it as an addendum. The buyers of the charade are as much to blame as the greedy sellers.

Until humans get a hang of the working of their minds, they are going to remain as they are.

These people are not really, deeply interested in changing their habits and routines and study for their own benefit is not on their agenda. Everything is superfluous. They easily convince themselves that all foods and activities they are indulging in are already perfectly alright.

The mind is good at playing tricks on our understanding. You will meet a lot of people who take a virtuous stand by reducing some food elements like sugar or not eating at McDonald's. They feel they have done their part for their good health without ever paying attention to their general diet habits. Insincerity is the main ingredient.

And exercise? Where is the time for that? + They are convinced that all the household chores and the walking from their car to their office will be enough.

We and our Sadhana.

We have dreams and often many goals that have as yet not concretized in our minds; what is floating in the back of our minds is a vague “wish”.

We have as yet not learnt to take our commitments sincerely and our promises lack deep unwavering intent & meaning. We live primarily from day to day and moment to moment and don’t really think beyond our immediate pleasures or wish fulfilment.If we pay “sincerely & objectively” pay attention to ourselves, most times our body moves on the basis of ingrained trained movements and reflexes, our words jump out of our mouths on some word triggers. We talk and repeat a lot of “learnt” information but the thinking, analysing, application and the act of weighing every ifs and buts is rarely practised. In short, we call ourselves thinking beings and our arrogance is based on our rational and thoughtful behaviour but we do not use our conscious mind.We are all here to study the possibility of going beyond this limited persona that forms the humanity of today. What shall we do to break this mould?

…..we need to begin with these two things:

Keep a strict watch on the words you are using. Use them only if you sincerely mean them. Your intent is important. If you are able to achieve this level of control, the Universe will reorganise your life around you and you will start seeing another facet of life. Things will start falling in place with concrete results. A kind of felicity enters the equation. But warning; some entrenched habits and forces will try to disrupt your endeavour at every step.

Do the same with your thoughts. Pay attention to only those that you can sincerely ally with. Thoughts that are of importance to your immediate life and Sadhana. All else should be dumped and avoid joining in conversations, activities that take you away from the chosen discipline that you have imposed upon yourself.

Goals are achieved by people of “Power Personas”. They go towards their goals like well directed arrows. For the arrow to fly it has to be solid and straight. Nothing wishy-washy about it.

The seat of our power is our own projection of our self. What image are the others seeing?

Do you call yourself an "individual"?

On what grounds?

Do you feel bad or elated with the weather?

Do you go along with others?

Are you affected by the sentimentalism in a movie?

Does the decor change your mood?

Do you jump to conclusions?

WE have to move together with others. So what others see you as becomes doubly important. Let me make you think a bit: which of these qualifications would fit some people you know?

- Always ready for something new.

- Always searching for newer ways.

- Can be trusted to deliver

- A congenital fault-finder - denigrating attitude

- Always pessimistic and non-trusting

- Never does what he says.

So give serious thought to what others perceive you as. Not to become what they want us to be but only as feedback.

We often have a very erroneous view of our selves. Do we have the courage to really see our self the way others do?

But until we do so, our persona will not become one of power. This is the focus on which we should concentrate and integrate our being to reap the success we are looking for.

The entire enigma of existence is hidden behind the fact that every individual is totally certain that he has “seen” the world, knows all there is to really know and is perfectly attuned to understanding each and every other person and phenomena.

The next step is of course to know if what we have is worth sharing. And I mean sharing, not repeating. So I repeat the question: How much of an individual are we?

When it comes to "cliché" behaviour, have you observed how systematized some people can be? Why has our culture remained stagnant? Because we are not ready to part or come out of the accepted comfort zone - we have imposed upon us a fixed "syllabi" of life and not prepared to look further.

In the Indian context, it is so funny to hear people voicing hundreds of years old clichés as they are the first ones to have said it. Our stories are the same and in the name of tradition we continue doing the same things as if it was the first time and an innovation we have just thought of. And of course every one cheers wildly.

Just see the story-lines, style of acting of our films and you will understand what I am saying. Pick one average film from each year since 1950 and you will see the “formula" embedded.

When it comes to “quoting” we have no equal. We so easily equate ourselves with the quotes and get lost in a very illusionary persona.

It is neither easy nor simple to have a hard look at one self. This is what life is all about. We start with a list of presumptions. Recheck your list of presumptions in your life otherwise the hard knocks of life will show them to you the hard way; wisdom lies in pre-empting life and learning to integrate your persona with Reality right away, the soft way by desiring it “now”.

Provoking thought and reflection is what I think our words should do.

* Life is not a simple matter of making tea: Add tea leaves to hot water!

Life is more like modern ice cream; a product of technology. It tastes good, looks correct, smells right, and feels nice, lasts perfectly long enough but it is a chemically processed product.

Nothing there is "Sincere". There is reality but no truth in its composition.

On what words were you brought up?

What words are you carrying in your subconscious? These words form the base of your persona. Everything you think and do is colored by these words. Have you ever thought how your decisions are modulated by the words that you carry within?

It is now a well accepted fact that our personas are like icebergs. The greater, major part is submerged and remains unseen and yet upholds the little portion that is visible to the world. Every image that we carry since our day of birth is connected with words that went with the images. We interact with the world based on these images imprinted in our memory unknowingly and subconsciously.

Every world carries a little world in itself. It paints pictures in our minds and unleashes emotions in our hearts. So it goes without saying that we should be vary of the words we are bringing up our children on. And we should deeply meditate and focus on the words that we unleash from our mouth and the words that form part of our regular vocabulary. What words and phrases do you use most of the time?

Can we change our fate? Fate cannot be changed. The curriculum has been set. We can, yet speed up the process so that much of the continuous pain can be shortened and converted into a learning process of change. The seers who have already gone this way can guide through their own experiences by sharing their learning but that is all they can do. The “tapasya” has to be one’s own effort. Planets are not changing their position and by lighting lamps and incense and wearing rings, nothing will happen until sincerity, goodwill, aspiration and will are not applied by the person who wants to change his life in his own life. When we add consciously & willfully certain positively vibrating elements into our lives, like compassion, forgiveness and learning, the Destiny has to reprogram our curriculum and things change.

Until the question is alive, meaning it has immediate and urgent need to be answered for you, the answers will have no meaning. A floating carpet of words that will fly by leaving you untouched or smiling at best. Today we are inundated by words, advice and propaganda by self-serving sages. It’s a lot of noise with a commercial view in sight.

There is so much useless good advice - almost a joke:

Programmes, blogs and posts can be found all over the place giving us good, even wonderful advice but totally useless in practical terms. Most of it unfollowable.

Information overload, confusion and a disturbed spirit is all this would cause.


- The astrologer says that you should chant a particular mantra 108 times before leaving the house. Every day he has a new mantra. And every day he wants you to go to the temple and make offerings of exotic products that would need half a day just to procure! But for some reason everyone watches them.

- The Chef on the programme has wonderful recipes but to follow that recipe which requires 5 leaves of this and 20 grams of that and a pinch of this to add to the flavour to your choice etc. I mean do householders keep stocks of every ingredient like a grocery shop? Often the vessels or ovens and such they advise are simply not there! But for some reason everyone watches them.

- The sage advises meditation at least 2 hours a day in a very particular fashion that needs you to be alone, or some such exclusive surrounding that would make it impossible to follow for the everyday guy. But for some reason everyone watches them.

In a similar vein blogs and posts recommend attitude and change of persona as if this can be done on the drop of a hat. Often one is more confusing than the other.

In this life, when making a living is already hard, and the hours are not enough, why are we wasting so much good time and means at our disposable.

Is it that nobody really expects this advice to be followed but it does give the counsellors something to do and sound virtuous and project themselves as great gurus too - worthy of obedience. It also gives the troubled spirits something to fall back upon that finally become good excuses to their own selves, that they tried but it was impossible and nothing ever works with them so they merrily follow their routine lives and are happy in their complaining.

It’s stronger than them. Technology now gives us the opportunity to stay cocooned in our own little unevolved world.

Withdraw into yourself and just look without reacting

The upper class will never let go.

They let things happen that are politically correct at the mass level.

Just because most them never speak out their private thoughts and intentions in public doesn't mean a thing.

How do I know? Because even in my own heart, I have difficulty in accepting whatever is uncouth and feel that the masses are not learning from the opportunities that they have now - but in reverse roles they are imposing their mass standards on the rest of the world – now that they have been permitted by law and social philosophy of democracy and “equality”.

What I call - we have brought the villages to town and are now overwhelmed by it.

Yet: The power is always in the hands of The Samurai and The Banker; never the masses - yes - they do have a nuisance value.

Banning guns or anything or trying to stop human nature with legislation is the most idiotic concept in management of humans.

It’s like blaming the messenger. The best defense has always been deterrent. Banning anything is shortsightedness but making it too easy to obtain everything is also not really good. It can and does give ideas to otherwise calm people. How much self-control and disciplined will-power did you expect and average man on this earth to have?

Then our “entertainment” thru digital devices now brings to us shows of every kind which are giving ideas to those who would have otherwise never thought of it. We show nefarious activities in such details, that it gives confidence to less evolved humans to enact the same.It is not only guns; all the products that have been made available in plenty (often on credit) like alcohol, trans-fats, fast cars, cigarettes, sleeping pills, smart phones, to name a few, - have you any idea how many deaths occur due to them? This is without taking into account how we are hurting ourselves and others in the long term.

The reality is that all the factors are in play. It is finally the psyche of the man. Some elements are more pronounced in some areas than others. Mentioning isolated events prove nothing. Let's focus on the illogical side of humanity. The rest are just incidences.

In today’s heavily populated world, there is also a logistic problem. The point is that too many children ruin more families than make them. And we end up having vagabonds. Giving an education is not a joke. And semi literate person like the masses are beginning to be is of no help. Our schools are full but that's about it. There are no teachers of caliber or devoted enough – no real infrastructure and no exposure to the world at large. The atmosphere in the families is not conducive to study.

And finally there are no jobs for the adults now and don’t see much improvement in the future. Our technological world requires education to get things done and technology also runs itself so humans are required less and less.

My philosophy has always been: the child comes first. And we need to consciously work and plan projects to give the children as much exposure to life as possible but this requires time and money and a great will. This is something quite rare and life on earth will change when this happens commonly. Most parents put themselves first – their individual bents and desires, their career, business, social life etc and the neglect the child feels goes beyond calculation.

People respond only when our answers touch their questions. Many don’t have any or are mulling over some vague ones at the back of their minds. A lot are too self-conscious to come out in the open and show their hand but they read.

Last year I thought I would reduce the number of friends on Facebook - when I unfriended some silent ones, they messaged me why I had done that- they were reading my posts but not reacting.

Then there is also the need to understand the art of copy writing and advertising. With short attention spans, we need to make the point a bit more focused at the level of the understanding of the reader.

I have often changed the picture and the same text got different response with some tweaking.

Then the open forum is too general. Specific pages or groups get better responses.

I have noticed some of my posts get 100s of "seen" in one group but very few in another and absolutely no notice on the general page. Convert this info into a more general way of understanding the general human responses and what do you get?

Unfortunately, and I have spoken on this many times before here, women gave away their power for homes. The vanity of having a man under their command, thru his addiction to sex and good cooking was more than enough for them + the reflected glory and social position that marriage brought them.

Nothing will change until the woman becomes the "man" again and subverts the "physical" childishness of the male to help these men evolve beyond chimpazeeism.

Caste-ism, racism, fear of the unknown culture, self-protection is flowing in human blood as distilled stupidity.

I believe the best is to take the wind out of the sail of others is to take the joke on one self.

For instance I always take the joke on me like: - I am a poor failed guy, what do I have? - I am a failed uneducated guy who never went beyond class 4, what do I know?

There is this funny idea going around that you can eat as much as you want and then just go for a walk to sweat off your sins.

Exercise can tone your metabolism but will not remove the extra filling-up. This should be first-class indicator of the insincere way we live and crow about too.

Yes simple: Everything is doable when we want to.

Humans look for excuses for their nefarious plans and books with religious backing have always been a good source. And there are many such books. Looks more like the work of the devil to me. The morals are forgotten and the incidents remembered and obtain justification. In India I find the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana have done more harm than good. Yet the main characters are now our greatest gods.It’s the spiritual leaders that ignite fires in the masses with ill intentioned interpretations.

Finally it is life that will win.

And if we don't wish to perish, we will have to give it priority.

What if the Mother told us in her definitive language - behave or leave! In truth there is no problem... only relentless cussedness and we can or not join in the play. I often wonder why the obvious is not visible to so many or is it their will to want to see so strong that the eyes do not work when pointed in this direction.

You can’t teach people who have been conditioned to be obedient. The effort to think is too much for some and others have their brains atrophied by the time they are 8. And If you can’t teach, where will the teachers come from?

There is no beginning or end and you know that. As for depression, best stay away from it. It is always a case of overblown self-pity.

Then there is this other way, practiced with great ardour in India, of continuously bringing the past up to put you on the back-foot before you can even get going with your discussion about the matters in the present.

We see what we see - as far as our eyes take us.

Mine eyes only for me and thine for thee.

A string of words between us.

When did you think in the first place? Letting the mind roam and juggle with data is not thinking. Thinking requires silence, letting your subconscious participate and getting in touch with the intuitive mind and this brings forth real, creative solutions.

This labelling has gone too far like everything else.

The paper Diploma counts more than the person.

The income value determines success.

The car shows the persona.The Lord of Lies is winning.Just give us the true thing and that’s all I need. I don’t understand the details on the label anyway.

Why be sick? Wellness is the real state. Take care before sickness sets in.

Our laziness is too deep and we prefer to suffer in our cleverness.

Yes. We even begin to become proud of being sicklier than others - to show how special we are and how well we are coping with it. It is a little morbid but we silently expect sympathy

How many of us have given time to contemplating what exactly constitutes the elements that makes us. Do we remember the children we were? That was the original.

After that the layers that have been coated over will need serious peeling off.

Can we force cheerfulness in our basic nature that stems from our subconscious? Yes but only if we are able to leave behind our critical fault finding and prejudiced attitudes. This is good in theory but the effort to look into one-self to see where we are not on the right positive track is something we vehemently avoid. Forced cheerfulness is like glazing over a rusted plate. No real worth in it. Medically as a fact it is definitely true and we should all try to understand to let go, stop running the world and managing the life of other’s in the guise of helping them and knowing better.

The body wants habits and the straight and narrow path of undisturbed equilibrium. The mind needs the opposite to grow and expand.

Keep to the middle path and tap into the Chi or as the French say, you shall be boulversé.

Chi is the life force that flows in nature. It is akin to circulation of air in a dwelling. Where there are no windows, there is darkness and suffocation. Similarly when the body remains in a stationary position, consumes only limited produce in exclusivity, lives a life with limited motivation and ideas (more often than not - prejudices) a small hard-core, mothballed individual begins to evolve.

Tai Chi breaks this block harmlessly and with little yet pleasurable effort. All one needs to do is to take time out to go into Mother Nature’s lap for a while. Try to stop talking and listen to one’s inner being or at least just be silent outwardly. At the same time with eyes half closed, begin to concentrate on the your body and start moving your arms and torso, hands, feet, legs and head in a flowing motion that is circular, non-ending. Keep all the joints a little bend so that there is no indication of rigidity. And go on and on; slowly and without jerks; One movement effortlessly merging into another. With your body trying to merge into all the possible sources of Chi that may be coming from the earth, plants, trees, air and from all the directions. Imagining yourself in the center of a swirling flow of Chi and you tapping into it.

I mention going out into nature. But though it is desirable, when not possible do it at home with the windows open and possibly facing the rising sun. If even this is not possible, just forget everything and get on with it.

Judgements, comments, critics, praise, statements etc ARE all different things. That is why there are different words.

Judgements are normally conclusions with "correctional" motive; with will to punish behind them and that is why they are negative and best refrained from. But humans love it.

Yes. We would all be at Buddha’s level of understanding if we could stop scheming.

A good friend gave me a crystal. Its arrival brought fear into my life. So I went back to her. She said that for some reason bringing in the crystal had created a spiritual attack on me and had angered by Guru/Spirit. So I hid the crystal in a black wrap.Now I am afraid of the whole thing.

The same thing happened when another friend came to pray here and burned oil lamps in the house.

I now conclude that the Guru is all pervading in my life and that bringing in any other element opens the door to forces inimical to me and disturbs the process already put en route by my Spiritual Teachers under whose guidance I have allowed my life to be; other mischief mongers get an opening in my atmosphere to poke in their noses. So I am back to quarrelling with my Spirit Guru and asking for sweets directly from HIM/HER in whose pocket I live.

A new morning and there is much muck to wash off. The weight of all these apprehensive thoughts is weighing heavy. The mind is in turmoil, searching for way out of the enigmas.

The mind can only work with the info it has and clearly what it has is not enough.So we are required to learn more and renew our “connect” with the Universe. Is our courage up to it? Will our laziness agree to move?

The mind is the instrument that helps us grow and it is also the instrument that argues against new adventures and learning.

Want to live happily ever after? Share your life. Pass it on. Enjoy the company of children and share the awe.

Feeling a mood towards the worse coming on? Go out into the sunlight, walk a bit and think of something pleasant. Connect with the butterflies.

"Repose" is the mantra.

Repose of mind.

Repose of emotions.

Repose of body.

When we raise our voices to make a point, we are literally using physical means to ram down our words into the block-head in front of us.

This is extremely bad for your health as well as your relationship. The symptoms one generates are very similar to those of a stroke.

And deaths due to strokes are not unknown from anger bursts. Mild, regular anger bursts can easily becomes habits with autocratic people and I have known many people who eventually ended up with paralysis in their final days.

One has to understand the process and adapt our own personal tendencies with the life & circumstances we are born in and the facilities available to us. Following regimens by the book are always dangerous.

One has to balance with what is with should be and can be. Indications and information are there to minimize noxious effects, not to sanitise life by following rigid rules that are then applied unthinkingly in all circumstances. “For example: Not worrying too much about the clothes your child is adequately wearing or not in winter because you have lazily rationalized that this will increase the natural resistance of the body.” This is precisely what has happened to a 3 month’s old unwanted baby to some working class/uneducated people I know. The baby is dead from pneumonia. Now they are blaming fate and doctors. What rubbish.You cannot forsake “thinking” but if you are so inclined, please do not place the blame at other’s doorstep as we normally do when things don’t go right.

We are wont to be lazy both physically and mentally. Example: A pillow is something we use for more than one third of the time of our whole life. If you calculate, it is the longest time duration involved in use of any equipment in our lives. It is unquestionably an important equipment and most people do not take it seriously. They compromise on it and suffer for it gladly. Too lazy to listen to their bodies and do something about it.

The truth is no one is watching. You THINK they are but they are looking around only to see if you are looking at them or not.

Stress has more to do with the attitude. It is our need to be in control or our tendency to be scared when things are not exactly as we tend to "see or like" that we get stressed.

The art of withdrawal

Stark, a little lonesome but quiet and this is the way I like it most of the time.

Time to disconnect for a while, reflect and link-up with the soul.

Very right but easier said than done as our perspective usually is conjoined with our amour-propre. Rarely is anyone ready to accede the point that their first perception is not the only correct one, that other "views" exist – can exist. If he contrary is proven or proof provided, they will spend all their energies to prove that they were not wrong in the first place. This is a tiresome situation and should be totally outside the sphere of wise people.

Make a corner for yourself where you can be you or at least with yourself.

We were taught to treat our whole life as a meditation and live from a quiet stance within. That is one reason why the actions and reactions of people are so baffling and the pain of discord difficult to bear.

The other thing is that to protect our interests we can try to keep our wits and understand the inner movements of others and manipulate them against themselves but this would require a high degree of knowledge about this world around us and we have to be best in every field we touch - something for which most people do not make the effort and couldn't care.

What does it mean when someone says, "I can't wrap my mind around yours" - It means - Possessive, protective and control is not being allowed. The other person is acting from the stance of considering himself superior and sees the fault in you and wants to help but cannot because your mind is blocking his advances.

Take it or leave it!

Forgive & Find not faults. Be generous and compassionate. It is easy to agree to this philosophy but who is listening? Only those who have been so deeply and badly hurt for too long & often realise this need and see the futility of revengeful and hurtful actions. They are literally forced to consider alternatives by a higher consciousness that is trying to penetrate to look for answers and then discover that there is no gain in hurting.

But the 99.999% remain where they are and the music continues.Instead of hurting back we can always stay away and not get involved in the drama. But when the ego is hurt, it is near to impossible to keep it back.

And then, as I see it, if a clinical hurt has to be given, do it non-emotionally, cleanly and precisely and be done with it. Don’t carry it on your shoulder as an achievement to gloat over or build your future on it.

There is this is the deep seated fear of certain things and acts we have that we consciously wish to avoid without always knowing why. Life then forces us to go forward and rise to the occasion.

This is an occult fact which is obvious only to seekers of their persona's make-up.

Some may take this to mean to be not afraid or to be foolhardy and would jump into frays that are best left alone. Yet they would still learn from it.

Just a way of saying that after a certain age people are already on their way in their chosen path in life. By this age one knows.

On the question of taking up the profession of priest, following certain dogmas and rituals:

Either you have it in you to take up this insincere profession where you are just there for the money you can gather or you enter it because a profession has to be taken up. But yes it is also true that most people realise the potential of this profession mostly late but by then they would have read enough books to know how to go about it with the right words and philosophical concepts to mesmerise a non-thinking populace.There is also the possibility that your spiritual bent sees this profession as a correct outlet. Why not? It will one way or the other show you the truth. Finally it is life that teaches. Philosophy always helps in softening the blows.

Silence and quiet - think well in silence before acting

By painting everything clear-cut in black and white we do a disservice; specially when we compare and lay them side by side with our prejudices. There are always two sides to everything and many shades in between.

There is a great freshness in the impudent beauty of the intelligent and learned novice.

A good teacher is like a well. The well couldn't care who is drawing water and does not go all over the place asking people to look for its water.

I never ran after anything but did say yes to whatever or whoever was sent to me by Destiny. I always gained from every instance. Either materially or lesson-wise.

The story of my life to ordinary eyes would seem like a total disaster script but it was fun and enlightening.

... The mind sets haven't really changed.

We are still solving problems all over the world by killing the people involved.

At least we feel so for that moment. Good sense comes later when the world attacks us in return. The unfortunate part is the lessons individuals learn go away with them and new beings have to start all over again. So, I agree, in the end nothing is being achieved.

It is the cultured moneyed thugs that bother me more. The servant class is rough but also a little afraid so they can be managed with a little self-confidence. But the arrogance of the nouveau-riche is insurmountable and that is where the violence comes from - sometimes deliberately.

Attaining it all without trying.

We love listening to spiritualists. People throng to listen to them. What are they expecting? Look at the crowds some speakers are able to collect. What is the secret hiding there? Is it our inability to recognize the “real” or is it our wishful thinking of Attaining it all without trying. Thousands of years of lecturing doesn’t seem to have done the world much good.And to top it all, most of these spiritualists are talking of things that are totally intangible to the listeners. Such subjects like the Divine and His ways, The Anter-Atman, The Soul and such subjects like Detachment, Happiness and Untold Riches. Things that I feel go totally out of the “essentialities” & purview of most worldly people. What I feel, everyone is looking for is answers is to their personal anguishes.

Now will they find it in listening? There is this idea going around that Satsang helps. I think this is what is happening. A few moments in listening to “spiritual” words is being literally translated as Satsang. It is easily recognizable as listening to sermons in temples, mosques and churches and organized gala evenings for speakers and singers. But for the remaining period in their lives, these same people consort with the most terrible hurtful thoughts, activities and behaviors; rarely wondering or taking care of screening the kind of people they are spending their time with.

Essentially we are all pretending.

This is going outward to searching for solutions in the world that is pressing down on us. The average Joe is quite content to have been born and somehow now finds himself in need of a home, food and satisfaction of his primordial needs. So considering the limited awareness that he has had a chance to develop, he feels the answers to his problems are in somehow removing the weight that is pressing down on him. These so called spiritualists seem to know how to do that. And if not, the astrologers seem to know what exactly needs or can be done.Well I hope they find what they are looking for. I personally feel that the answers are in learning first about the world and every subject head comes under this requirement; then developing a positive and sincere attitude to life that begins by basic honesty and integrative thinking, feeling and speech/action. The answers will come from within when we stop taking life as Kismet and Destiny and do something about it. Kismet and destiny are definitely there but helpless to assist without our effort to begin with.

All her life has been with one single minded and one-sided thought: - what will they think?She plans all her actions with clever thought and deliberation to give a desired impression based on certain chess moves that she has planned and her plan from the point of start to the point of arrival has been charted in simplicistic detail.

No flaw is seen and the plan is put into execution with deep confidence in the Universe that things will go along as planned for the simple reason that she wants it so. And she cannot see her wishes not being granted.

The refrain is always: “listen to me”. All subterfuges are used to make others see her side of the story – like a little exaggeration or lying. And “screaming” is used as a weapon very effectively if thwarted. The men cower under the impossible unreasonableness and life becomes a tiring and depressive unending story trying to balance the demands of the women with the pragmatic needs of real life. The children bear the brunt of the drama. Nobody has time for them to bring them up properly. The children never know where they stand and mess up their lives.

That others may see thru her machinations and may not be impressed by her self-centered greatness is a fact simply ignored. Then other self-serving people are intelligent enough to see a good thing when they see one and use her vanity against herself to impose and grab whatever advantage they can from her.

Her own are left by the way-side in disdain – they are not ”yes Mam” people and if they dare find fault with her system –it means total and ultimate rejection. She curbs their initiative at every move and even points the flame-thrower at them if enraged – and the reasons are far too many for her to bear it all in peace – and she suppresses them with all her might. Even grind them into the dust if so required…….Disaster is so often the final outcome and then starts another round of critical blame-game and of course it is always “their” fault. The husbands of these women always die in a deep depressed state and the women end up isolated and rejected, all alone in the end but proud of their life and always talking of all the sacrifices they made and how badly destiny has served them. Yet the game goes on and no one sees the damage.

The self-destruct button.

When I see pics of castles, I see the isolation of the kings. How far away from reality and their people they must have been?!!!

We are born with laughter in our life. We feel so light and content with the world we are in. We grow up with great hopes.

These hopes than turn into great wishes and we are so certain there would never be anything in our way to stop our wishes materializing.The world is so wonderful. It invites you to go forth and meander; plant the trees and garden.So with great hopes and certainty in our infallibility we go ahead to build our castle.We are so intent on building our castle that we forget the way and others who are there with us. We do end up building our castle and then soon realize that we have also locked ourselves in.

Hahaha thinking (the mind) gave the world ships, cars, mobile phones, castles and diamonds, atomic & digital technology. Source of all our troubles today. The troubles were there even in earlier ages and times but now their advent has been speeded up to the point of “instant” responses. There is little time left to lick our wounds. I don’t know how this has helped humanity.

Most of our basic knowledge and so called wisdom is what we have gathered from outside of us. It is when we put this into use in our lives that repercussions and feed backs begin. Errors hurt our self-esteem and often great sadness too envelops us from the chain of events. This is the moment that for a while we stop to reflect and this reflection is the first step towards learning from within.

What future does Zen meditation have with the TV, Mobile phone and the laptop open? Humans have this great need to go out and earn loads of something that they can go and exchange for loads of other things. Where will they find time; as it is there are only 24 hours, and they can’t find time for sleep!

We are more self destructive than we would ever agree to.

It is so stupefying how some people constantly misconstrue everything to fit into their anger mode. They need justification to be angry and they find it.For example, hovering over the child like a helicopter, never letting it learn to decide; and then blaming the child for being irresponsible - crossing all "t" and then complaining that nobody ever thinks for themselves. And if the others dare think and do, there is enough ammunition found in the act torespond toit with hurtful bombardment.

From tiny shallow ponds, only small fishes can be caught.

What do we ever know? People who have been married for decades often never know certain deeper feelings and thoughts about their partners.

Like all the words, inane and hollow that we use. The deep seated agendas that we have, often un-acknowledged even by us - deep down hiding in our hidden corners while we project an image of saintliness by every means we can muster and understand; most often doing a rather bad job to say the least.

The first example that would vibrate with almost everybody is the wishes we give - Happy this and happy that; specially to newly-weds!

I would even be courageous enough to say there are no ways; only wild terrain and you are on your own.

Nothing, No-one to follow but thine own heart and spirit.

Some words or image from the Guru that is right for us always hits us when we get started on the way. Later it may plane out till the balance between your inner Spirit gets ready for change with the outer being.

Live by Her Grace (Mother Earth/Universe) and know that it accomplishes all - destiny having been planned by Her Grace and although not fully understood it all, we live under Her Grace.

Too heavily thought out acts keep us back & make us miss the bus to greater things. Aim for spontaneity. That is the genuine yearning of the soul. Nobody believes in being prepared.

They will learn to swim only when thrown into the water.

It may be the information age but nobody is reading or bothering to inform oneself. Perseverance is weakening and tempers shortening. It is a sad age. There is much to read, easily available but lesser number of people actually bother to make the effort to read – they are happy with the pictures and a few headlines.

Yes. I see whole lives spent in policing others. Looking for faults and getting irritated and irritating others. Just so any focus from oneself can be avoided. And then feel superior as well.

Things are what they are. First we need to accept. No point in taking a superior, holier than thou attitude. Then look for the most creative & positive route to take. That is if you want a relationship.

Do you know anyone closely who carry "Resentment" as a crown?

They give the impression that there is no way that the world can ever please them. The commas and semi-colons are always out of place. Their need to put things to right is perennial. They feel superior and even sad by the world’s need imposed on them to keep things in order. The impression they give is that it is their forced duty to be harsh on the world - not that they enjoy it.

But if you ask me they enjoy it supremely. And they maintain this facade because it is so satisfying to see others grovel to keep them in good humour.

My personal observation is that eventually these people lose the most as they end up alienating everybody and as they advance in years, the need for support increases and the opposite starts happening around them.

There is an imperative need to stand out; vanity insists. But it is shadowed by an imperative fear of being alienated from the crowd.

Between the two we die a slow certain death with stress as our constant companion.

Why is the awakened Spirit person considered an unhealthy influence?

Because they carry the seed of change as a virus and they transmit and infect everybody around them. Making life very difficult for the "healthy" people.

Our greatest efforts go into contradicting. Nothing particular is aimed at. Simply we find it difficult to accept that anyone else be seen in a better light than us.The lower the Emotional quotient and intellectual broadening of the mind, the greater is the effort to first contradict and think later.Why does our envy raise its head whenever we find somebody else saying something worth appreciating? Or doing something so well that it is praise all around? And admittedly better than us!

What God, whose God and why God? I suppose humans need some imponderables to balance their ignorance out.

In the final analysis, it is all a good joke. Who cares anyway?

I am more worried about my control of my behaviour, anger attacks, panic attacks, keeping well, friends and their welfare, the next meal and the weather etc etc. If there is a Lord of the Universe, He is welcome to his games. I am occupied enough with the business of handling my small life.

It is so sad to see people being childishly churlish by looking for faults, errors and even countering with exaggerated personal comments to somehow show another in poor light. A habit that is very human.I have seen often that comments bubble up in the listener/reader even before the other person has finished saying or whatever he is saying has even registered.

A good game that these people play is by picking on a word or phrase and then going at tangent in a totally unconnected stream and thereby confusing the issue intentionally; putting the other guy in a position to explain and defend his point. This is one of the most untruthful ways to communicate and interact; it is so insincere. Firstly it is not communicating. It is showmanship. Secondly why are we then trying to communicate at all when there is nothing really important requiring undivided attention and a real response that matters?How does one deal with this?- By not falling into the trap of argument. Just keep your peace and respond with silence or/and a smile, this puts them off no end. Leave them to their devices. And if it is bosses, just make sure by documentary or other evidence that you made your point and that you are not responsible for the decisions.In personal relations I, often reply with – “I have said what I had to say. You can make whatever you want of it” and in other places like with my wife, I do not even try to make a suggestion…… until absolutely crucially necessary.

Growing up is a process few are aware of.Most of us connect growing up with the wrinkles on our faces and the shape of our figure. Little or no effort is put into the growth of the persona and learning to go beyond ones own self. Rather all the effort is put in NOT growing up. One wants to remain at a perpetual 20-30 age level. What do you think you came on this Earth for?

The effort to stop ageing is the focal point which then becomes such a childish pursuit. It is the highest form of self-illusion and escapism from the Truth.

Everyone, even the most inconscient is aware that death and aging is a reality that no-one escapes from. Yet we do not see this in the way people lead and live their lives.

See how they treat their people.

The healing practices and the policing style of a people give their characters away. Some treat life as if at war.

In India today if we take this as a guideline, then we would look to be - Unfair, Self-profiting, callous, cheats and at the same time kind and helpful but not able to work together.

From the trainer’s point of view, I have seen all training remain a superficial activity as the base nature finally predominates.

There is another method too. Forge alliances. Nourish each other. Grow and flourish. In healing this would be: Care, Compassion, Learning, Self-control, Preventive methods + respect for the body as an entity.

Some of the modern treatments make me think of medieval warfare: Attack castle – breach the wall – burn – leave no place for people to hide – rape and kill and enslave the rest. After total devastation, come home and call it a great victory.And they actually use the word “battle” for it (cancer treatment in the modern medicine way).

The Lord never asked anybody to preach on His behalf.

The Lord asked that first the preachers come out of their stupid notions, follow the path and after they have experienced the route, they may share.

But most believe that by repeating His words they become Him and are doing Him a great service as His servants. They even go to the extent of making Houses for Him and feel so virtuous about it all that they become the most intolerable people of them all.

Reflect for a moment.

Can you please stop doing whatever you are doing and reflect for a moment?

You'll need to shut off that Devil's Smartphone you know.

Now reflect for a moment how you came here.

Stop twiddling your toes and there's nobody there.

Now silently reflect.....

Oh well let's forget it.

Creative people know how to use everything/person/situation to their advantage

Even the most negative – but this is possible only when you don’t permit your ego to be ruling your head.

Before you get involved in any way, reflect.

Hope is a poison. Mostly on the basis of luck with some effort put in. Humans as yet not learnt that it depends on the sincerity of their aspirations, learning put in and not sticking blindly to a path. When your hopes take you on a journey, keep an open mind and let it take you where it naturally is to go. Like water. Water always flows by the most sensibly available path and arrives where it must – at the most logical finish line that is possible under the circumstances.

This is why I suppose some say that Reality is disgusting.

To be happy not much is required. But then our desires never stop sprouting.

If only we would focus more on the wishes that have been fulfilled and aspire for more but without agitation.

From the times when the "view" was more important than the screen of the laptop.

When we would sit in quiet repose and go within to ask ourselves the question - what are we doing here?

No TV getting all the attention and no telephone asking to be attended to.

What an illusion and perverted pride that does not permit us to see the current of the waters, the blowing of the winds and the guidance of the sun/moon and stars - not forgetting the kind temper maintained by the thunder-clouds.

The world at large lives as if drifting in paper boats.

We may even be convinced that we are at the helm of affairs.

Finally, when I look back, did I make a mistake? There were decisions and consequences alright but how can they be called mistakes - did they not become teachers of a high order that improved my lot to be what I am - perhaps better than I would have otherwise been. ?!

The Robotic Authoritarian.

The lack of humane feelings in today's professional attitudes is so unbelievable. And I am not talking of any specific people. Take anyone - a little power over you or your affairs and they misuse it to the full by leading you the honey-trap path.

Every error is capitalised upon. A little error and they take you to the cleaners. Take bankers, lawyers, policemen, doctors even the clerks in the municipal offices. Every fault or small situation is taken with absolute seriousness and the problem is magnified to its full potential. You end up paying to get out of the predicament which out of sheer kindness and humaneness could have been overlooked with a warning.It is demonic when the medical, military, policing people do it for gain as they who are Gods to us and we go to them in trust, play with our health, life, well being fully knowing the horror that they are inflicting on us. Marriages too are not immune to this effect.But they take refuge in laws, rules and procedures. And we have no protection against this. What gives these people such stone-hard hearts?And what is the worst in all this? These people are us! They did not come from Mars, Saturn or Uranus. So in microcosm they are you and me. Get it?

Expanded living. Don’t compromise with smallnessA little thought on this topic will reveal that we live a life of reduction. As we grow in years, we start reducing our movements, friends, possibilities and the actual surrounding space in active use. Something that can be called compacted living. We even compromise with dirt and smartness.Live totally otherwise. Expand yourself in terms of physical usage of space, time & thought.

For example: when creating a corner for yourself, give it the max space, size you can afford. Think big. Use the largest table you can find. When inviting friends over, invite the maximum number you can comfortably. When you give something a gift, give the best you can. When you are eating out in public, go to the most comfortable and satisfying place.Don’t compromise: never with your sense of size, space and standard. Want and expect the best and the Universe will be compelled to organize it for you.

Keep your surroundings in perfect alignment to your spiritual thinking within you. Your space should be clean and every object given a proper place and kept that way. There are many things we easily allow to slip into misuse, disuse and neglect. But we do not remove them from our surroundings; such as spoilt pictures, non-working clocks, torn clothes, empty containers, old medicines and what not. Take time out to paint, refresh and maintain your surroundings and possessions. Keep them in trim and glowing; no peeling walls and drab furniture. This is as much a yogic practice as anything else.

Persona wise, check on yourself, how easily you make friends, how well you think of them, how miserly you can be and how generous you really are. Can you tolerate the stupidities around you or do you end up with a migraine? Are you comfortable in crowds or discotheques or would you prefer the silence of the stars and the expanded view of the sea?Of course with age the energy you have at your disposal reduces and the time and effort becomes a premium product. This is easily countered by reducing your possessions, but never reducing your space.Keep your consciousness in an expanded mode but live in silence more. Observe and enjoy but don’t necessarily engage in time and energy consuming activities. Ask for space from the Universe because in your heart you are ready to become as big.

Sunshine is free and available. But most prefer the air conditioned interior of their "managed" environment.

And what happens when power goes out?

That is the unthinkable, un-thought and not to be thought of part. So let me ask you a question. Who is fooling who?

How is big money leading us by the nose so easily to slaughter?They have too much power and we gave it to them on a silver platter.

We need to break their backs but that would need "consumerism" to discipline itself and abstain from many luxuries and excessive compulsive habits. The world is not yet ready.

When it comes to “quoting” we have no equal. We so easily equate ourselves with the quotes and get lost in a very illusionary persona.

All these sayings and quotes are like comfort food.But in the end they do no good.

Quotes that touch you are the ones where the awakening has already taken place. They corroborate what your soul has already felt. The mind just makes the connection

These quotes can also become a ritual. But if we use them to remind ourselves about the truth of our being, then they serve some very good purpose.

Let them be. Really; let them be. Just do not get pulled into their vortex. Don’t become them but don’t treat their lives as questionable either. If you have to be with them, BE. Just be and nothing more. It is their planet and we are guests. Live like guests. No faulting and comparing with our “Higher & Better principles”. No uppity thoughts to mar the pleasure of the situation. Simply ride the waves and be cool within. Don’t get unnerved, don’t be critical; just make the best of it – happy to have their company.

Do you feel that their ways will hurt them or lead them into disaster? Then instead of getting angry at all the stupidity around you, just remove the sharp objects from their path. Let them bumble along; happy in your company. Contentment is already theirs. Why perturb them and lose our own centre of calm? For verily, they are children, given unto your care.

Our health is the fine result of our stresses that we impose on ourselves thru our thoughts, emotions and activities (this includes food). Do we really know; really know from the level of consciousness of the Cosmos?

Yet, wanting to put the switch on for The Light to enter our lives is the problem. The shadows allow us to hide and what we do not see then can easily be ignored. Most of us live comfortably by the street lights that filter into our homes.And we pay greater attention to the dark windows of the neighbourhood and than ours.Then you may ask why am I speaking out so much? I feel, perhaps, sharing my experience that has benefited me so, may perhaps bring some light into the life of my loved ones!

Speaking out, from compassion is a big duty - before more harm is done.

Goodwill and good intentions even with the strong foundations of philosophy are no guarantee that the road will take you to contentment or favourable recompense.

I have learnt that whatever you do, whatever road you take - you will suffer in some inexplicable way.Then the devil in your head, lurking quietly and waiting for its opportunity does mostly manage to make you lose your way by rationalizing certain possibilities – and before you know it you are trapped and wishing for release which often comes only with death.If this will lead you to awakening is a matter solely dependent on your attitude to life.Guru says that under their protection you are safe and the correct path will open up under all circumstances. This is as true as it can be but the painfulness that one has to bear does not get diminished.

The life-job for each of us is to reach in this life the highest level of positive and compassionate consciousness we can and help others with our experience of the way without interfering in the destiny or lives of others. The moment it becomes anything more, it will suck.

Never forget: giving advice is one thing; taking decisions for others without full understanding of the “destiny” at work can be bad for us and others. It is easy to get lost in the vast sea of writings. Choose a path, get on it and let the path choose your reading for you. More than that will cause confusion, doubts and delays.

This is also the reason why taking on a matured guide in life and leaving the rest of the world is advised and followed in the Indian tradition.

When it comes to "cliché" behaviour, have you observed how systemised some people can be? Why has our culture remained stagnant? Because we are not ready to part or come out of the accepted comfort zone - we have imposed upon us a fixed "syllabi" of life and not prepared to look further.

Nothing can be taught. A student can and will learn from every source when he is bent on having his question answered. Today people are going thru a process which is mis-called learning to obtain Certificates. The aim is finally "JOBS" Teaching is also being programmed to fulfil this need. There is no growth of the personal spirit and persona. Both the teaching world and the learning world are "Bread earning programs". Are you trapped in this cage?

Friendship with a thought of purpose is a bargain, a planned mercenary venture.

For a while the clouds of doom will prevail. The Demonic Forces have been fighting for their hold on Earth. The positive Forces have also become more intense. The demonic ones have been giving us the knowledge needed for the new technologies that we have been seeing. They are controlling a willing portion of the masses thru these lures. For a while there is a definite feel that they are winning. But this is the last battle being played out. How long it will take is beyond our vision as the humans are not cooperating as a mass as yet.

Thine path.

Mine path.

And then there is their path.


Are we all on the same path?

Is it possible that the path is long and wide and we are spread out on it so that we are all seeing some spot different from each other?

Then it would not be the path but our short view that creates the picture of distance and separateness which we like to promote to feel differently superior.

Nothing will save you from yourself. There is no help from this money minded world that depends on its glory on its money making potential. Even if 100 friends were there to stand guard around you to assist in every way, even if a million dollars were at your constant disposal, you would still have to do your own breathing. Finally with every step we take our preoccupations and our personal agendas are always with us.

The main thing is that language-wise or spirit-wise people are not ready to for the next step. So the efforts to shake and wake them up go all into the waste-bin.

The question that begs to be asked is why this wanting to help others to improve? Why we are so great in improving others but pay no heed to the improvement our own persona's needs. Obviously we think that we are Ok and nearly as perfect as can be. Then just think.....won’t others be thinking on the same lines?

Where people need to be pushed to become, awareness never comes. Advising people to take this attitude or that are a waste of time. Those who see or/and are aware realise also that it is none of their business to goad and advise others.

If others see their awareness or not is of no importance whatsoever.

We can discuss our views but let us refrain from choosing the way for others.

Our job at best can be to answer questions by the light of our knowledge but in no way can anyone be dogmatic about it.

Let us all be first aware of - Do we know? What do we know? How do we know that we know?

Is there anything to accomplish? Can we really accomplish anything?

Q- To what extent then is this pleasant feeling we may get doing "meritorious" acts related to what we call pride . . . ?


The response to the above question would be different at different levels of the evolutionary ladder.

The general populace needs this attitude to turn its mind to other things than itself. These feel greatly spiritually elevated and it has all to do with their pride. It does do some good to the world in general. Hopefully.

The intellectualised knower asks this question because he realises that something is amiss never the less because all his knowledge is not really helping in solving much.

The more evolved adherent of the Path sees the vanity involved and eventually does everything out of compassion and his need to be not hurtful in any way. If a situation arises where his help is perhaps of some use, he will venture to assist. He neither wants to do good or bad for in neither case does he feel good - rather he feels he is expending his energies for things inconsequential to much of this existence.

At an even higher level of emancipation, understanding comes that the world neither needs good nor is bad. Everything is in its place. Finally no one is really doing anything. This Universe is rolling-on on a course of its own and we should just be ourselves in the highest positive state of mind possible.

What words are registered in your subconscious?

On what words were you brought up?

What words are you carrying in your subconscious? These words form the base of your persona. Everything you think and do is colored by these words. Have you ever thought how your decisions are modulated by the words that you carry within?

It is now a well accepted fact that our personas are like icebergs. The greater, major part is submerged and remains unseen and yet upholds the little portion that is visible to the world. Every image that we carry since our day of birth is connected with words that went with the images. We interact with the world based on these images imprinted in our memory unknowingly and subconsciously.

Every world carries a little world in itself. It paints pictures in our minds and unleashes emotions in our hearts. So it goes without saying that we should be vary of the words we are bringing up our children on. And we should deeply meditate and focus on the words that we unleash from our mouth and the words that form part of our regular vocabulary. What words and phrases do you use most of the time?

Here is a small example:

A cyclist skids and falls down. These are the comments from passers-by:

- Are you hurt?

- Careless bugger.

- Watch where you are going.

- He wasn’t paying attention.

- Hardly the age to go cycling.

You see from above what thoughts got motivated and what words were uttered it is not difficult to understand the state of mind of each commenter –

People who care and who couldn’t care less or are just happy to advise and criticise. Why? Because that is how they were made to think when growing up. This is what they heard and saw around them and their subconscious is replicating automatically.

Over 2,500 years ago, philosopher and poet Lao Tzu taught that our words become actions, which eventually become our destiny.

In first century Greece, historian and essayist Plutarch declared that a speaker's state of mind, character, and disposition are exposed through their words. And Napoleon Hill, the twentieth century father of personal success literature, asserts that words plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

"Across the planet, sages insist that words are potent and should be chosen and spoken with care, for they are 'the most powerful drug used by mankind,' as Rudyard Kipling warns," says Darlene Price, president of Well Said, Inc., and author of "Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results." If they're right, it stands to reason that what we say to ourselves and others plays a critical role in helping us achieve success."

Regardless of how you may define success, words will help manifest that vision into reality.

"There are also words and phrases that can damage your self-image, mar your reputation, and jeopardize your success," Price says. "To optimize your success, eliminate this language from your vocabulary and never speak it to yourself or another person."

Living in Integrated Harmony.

We have dreams and often many goals that have as yet not concretized in our minds; what is floating in the back of our minds is a vague “wish”.Goals are achieved by people of “Power Personas”. They go towards their goals like well directed arrows. For the arrow to fly it has to be solid and straight. Nothing wishy-washy about it.

The seat of our power is our own projection of our self. What image are the others seeing?

Do you call yourself an "individual"?

On what grounds?

Do you feel bad or elated with the weather?

Do you go along with others?

Are you affected by the sentimentalism in a movie?

Does the decor change your mood?

Do you jump to conclusions?

WE have to move together with others. So what others see you as becomes doubly important. Let me make you think a bit: which of these qualifications would fit some people you know?

-Always ready for something new.

-Always searching for newer ways.

-Can be trusted to deliver

-A congenital fault-finder - denigrating attitude

-Always pessimistic and non-trusting

-Never does what he says.

So give serious thought to what others perceive you as. Not to become what they want us to be but only as feedback.We often have a very erroneous view of our selves. Do we have the courage to really see our self the way others do?But until we do so, our persona will not become one of power. This is the focus on which we should concentrate and integrate our being to reap the success we are looking for.

The entire enigma of existence is hidden behind the fact that every individual is totally certain that he has “seen” the world, knows all there is to really know and is perfectly attuned to understanding each and every other person and phenomena.

The next step is of course to know if what we have is worth sharing. And I mean sharing, not repeating. So I repeat the question: How much of an individual are we?

When it comes to "cliché" behavior, have you observed howsystematizedsome people can be? Why has our cultureremained stagnant? Because we are not ready to part or come out of the accepted comfort zone - we have imposed upon us a fixed "syllabi" of life and not prepared to look further.

In the Indian context, it is so funny to hear people voicing hundreds of years old clichés as they are the first ones to have said it. Our stories are the same and in the name of tradition we continue doing the same things as if it was the first time and an innovation we have just thought of. And of course every one cheers wildly.

Just see the story-lines, style of acting of our films and you will understand what I am saying. Pick one average film from each year since 1950 and you will see the "formula" embedded.When it comes to “quoting” we have no equal. We so easily equate ourselves with the quotes and get lost in a very illusionary persona.

It is neither easy nor simple to have a hard look at one self. This is what life is all about. We start with a list of presumptions. Recheck your list of presumptions in your life otherwise the hard knocks of life will show them to you the hard way; wisdom lies in pre-empting life and learning to integrate your persona with Reality right away, the soft way by desiring it “now”.

Provoking thought and reflection is what I think our words should do.* Life is not a simple matter of making tea: Add tea leaves to hot water!

Life is more like modern ice cream; a product of technology. It tastes good, looks correct, smells right, and feels nice, lasts perfectly long enough but it is a chemically processed product.

Nothing there is "Sincere". There is reality but no truth in its composition.


Wealth is an acquired thing. It can be in any domain or level of consciousness –be it Material or Spiritual. The secrets to acquire wealth are the same.

The first secret is in the word “Precision”.Whatever you desire needs to be precisely pictured in your mind. Most of us tend to be rather vague in our “wantings”. For our own part we have no clear picture of the path and goal we are going to take. There is a heavy dose of wishful thinking in our plans.Then we waver and depend on luck (or call it fate) to provide the possibilities and opportunities.This will not do.

The second secret is in the word “Picturisation”.Paint a picture in your mind of what you want. Fill in the details. When you want a car, decide which model and color and even plan out where you are going to park it. The picture should be very precise. Then the Universe will know what it has to do to organize to make it happen for you.

The third secret is “Input”.

What exactly are you going to put in from your side?

There are principles and morals + fears that we have imbibed. Are they in tune with the objective?Our study is it complete and do we have knowledge for the task on hand? How well do we understand what we are getting into?The fourth secret is “Communication”Is your language precise enough and are you good at putting your mind picture into words accurately? When you speak is your pronunciation/enunciation and the use of words, are they based on the universally accepted norms; are you sure the other person has clearly heard and understood you? The need for clear and correct interpersonal understanding is normally not valued by people. We assume that we are doing a good job but more often than not we end up misunderstanding more than the other way round and very often we understand not at all but out of politeness do not mention it.

The fifth secret is “Attitude”Do you go looking for solutions? Most of us are experts at rationalizing. We prefer explaining and complaining and that way prove to ourselves that it is all beyond our control. Once we have adopted this attitude, we can blame others squarely and continue to go merrily on our way. This is hardly the way to success.

What elemental thoughts motivate you?

I have been noticing since the last I can remember and have seen around me, that all women/wives ardently desire a home but at the same time some elemental force within them, goads them to continuously needle their men; a kind of "don’t you forget who rules here & and don’t you dare forget my importance in the scheme of things"!

Why? Why not spend all their energies in being happy, focus on all the joyful happenings around them, being thankful for a provider or supporting friend and a home to raise their beautiful children in? (This I focus only on the homes where the men are kind and considerate and prepared to make an effort)

We are playing “Catch the Shadow” with our selves. Like icebergs we hide more than we care to admit and show above the surface. How much is hidden away and what we permit others to see - the quest for the answer to this query can lead us to great learning about us and the world we are in.

Try to rise up and beyond cravings. Do not die with their ghosts following you. Try them out and if they are the thing for you, indulge. The ones that benefit from the experience soon realise how empty are the promises of earthly pleasures and that for real joy that they need to go beyond it all.

Very few have the education and culture to manage on their own so the society and community is the only general solution. Marriage as an institution is still a great need and I don’t see this need changing for sometime - at least not till the human race evolves into a more responsible and disciplined one.

Otherwise mayhem would ensue. See what is happening in terms of degenerate behavior now that people have more opportunities and possibilities

The mission that a knowledgeable ONE gives and the impetus that comes from his persona normally goes with him because those after him are too busy enjoying the fruits and sweets of the kingdom he created.

All institutions established by some Master suffer from this element. There is only wealth going out - not coming in.

In the last century or two European scholars started jumping to conclusions with short fuses. Because of British and colonial expansion the Europeans were able to spread their thoughts more than any other time in history. Quite a lot of the notions survive today or have become the base of further inquiry - of course leading the education process away from the truth. The really knowledgeable nations just got ignored and in most cases were too engrossed in their small happy worlds since so long that it never occurred to them that change is coming in the form of industrialisation.

The ruling class has only used it all to for its own betterment and the business class has had a field day.

Bhutan is the only country that has remained untouched - happily.

The issue is Honor and Pride. The question is what of? Even from the most materialistic angle what honor is there in raping children, lynching children and burning brides and what pride in being a poor farmer living in a mud house?

And how can anyone think so harshly of the child - specially of one's own child that one has raised, hopefully with love.

The thought behind it all is what hurts - lowliness of the quality of our consciousness levels.

I speak of India because I know India and as I live here, I wish to raise the issue that it is not the murder and rapes but the general level of our thinking and attitudes of callousness - specially where teachings and practices are supposed to be of a higher order..

Just think .....Lynching one's own child just because he/she is not listening to us and not prepared to go along with our wishes! Are we parents or Demons?

Musings at sundown

It is the nature of things. Life and earth are what they are and this is the situation. Take it or leave it. Better learn to take it with a smile and pinch of salt.

The truth is that things will be done or NOT done because they are in tune or not in tune with our own flowering and development.

Separateness and Sameness - both are...... like the fish in the lake. All are separate but yet one couldn't care which one of them is eaten. A fish is after all a fish and if fish is not available, perhaps chicken is.

I am I, very separate from you but also related to Brahmaand” – the Creation; so are you and that makes us close first cousins, same elements but that’s about it all.

Men complain that women don’t "listen".

My first question is why should they? My second question is why do you think you know better?

OK. For once let us accept that men may know better about worldly affairs and out of affection would like to really do something for their women if they will let them.

But if men really know then they should have learnt by now that women are designed by nature to respond to sweet-talk and that is the route to be taken with them.

From our own lives we can see how actions and words can be misinterpreted and retranslated. In large families or communes or groups, misunderstandings and great anger is common because of hearsay and relating of words and messages with personal versions of actuality being added all the time.

Rudeness between men and women:

Its the violence between the sexes resulting from selfish motives. First determine who started it.

What we, as outsiders see is the outburst and none of the insidious arrows that have been simmering below the surface.

Although immobilized by the bandages of everyday life, I am a fakir itinerant. My arms encompass a huge hidden world where you may even find repose and some answers.

I have known only dutiful people. People who were loving and dutiful because it gave them the chance to show off their virtuousness. There were always some terms and conditions involved to receive their affection and attention. What would be it like to meet someone, who did not need me but would still go gaga on the very thought of me and never tire of it?

To the temples we go leaving shoes behind as they get stolen.

As for other things? Who cares? Live the life as you best understand it and let the course of events show you the way. This is the individually tailored dharma method.

This moment needs your attention. The secret of life is in this sentence.

Well some have to be what they are and remain that way as they sustain the creation in their own way. We may not always understand why but they serve. Like the rocks sitting there since ages.

But the listening part is for us. Not them.

Are we good listeners? Then we shall learn and change and we shall play our part like perhaps break the rock and shift it into a new thing of beauty.

One thing is certain. When we listen with intent we permit the others to work out their enigmas.

It is the nature of things. Life and earth are what they are and this is the situation. Take it or leave it. Better learn to take it with a smile and pinch of salt.

The Semblance of Correctness

How serious are we?

The seriousness with which we take life or have to take it to survive is an acute thing for us while it matters none to the Creator as things flow for HIM quite well as worked out since the beginning of time. Our thoughts and perceptions are always based on education and personal perspectives. The big joke is the one the Great One is playing on us.

We have woven such a net of masking maneuvers to hide our intense sub conscious real wishes & desires that most of our life is a continuous string of supportive acts that is wholly, fully false. Certain precepts are accepted (for example: that humans always say what they mean even when we know absolutely well that they rarely do and witnesses in court do not lie or have seen things accurately) and if this is pointed out, people will bristle and indignation will rear its head.

The entire fabric of our society is based on false assumptions about the nature of human character. It is nice that we think well and perhaps even mean well but I think the guiding force just now in the world is more selfishness with total disregard of the world at large and pride and we are ready to crush others in our interest if anyone dares to point it out or worse prove it. Neither of which we shall ever agree to.

We believe life is sacred but we invented the hangman's noose, the guillotine, the electric chair and other beautiful and fantastic gadget of mass murder. With what glee we chop of heads and poke knives in the ribs!

We go to insane wars on unbelievable pretexts. It is a sham and a joke but we are not allowed to laugh.

We choose not to learn. It is so much easier on the ego and the fabric of life we have built around us. We always have enough humor to laugh at ourselves but yet do not accept that our escapades are our fault.

We see our ability to laugh as part of our grand acceptance of life as it is. Yet when the finely laid-out, so charmingly choreographed little dramas end in regrettable episodes, we always know that it is the lack of understanding and diligence of some others that made it so. The opportunity to learn and improve upon is not only ignored, it is vehemently pushed away.

Who are we to make them see the light or take a certain path?

Learn to see what is rather than what we think it should be.

The Human who has arrived.

When you reach this level you don’t speak about it, you smile at the world and do what has to be done - join the play and influence subtly as one of the players. The obvious will be clearly seen by others from their personal capacity levels & limitations.

How does it matter if someone decides that someone is not good enough and breaks off contact? I would see it as a relief; one person less to worry about or try to balance out with. And what wives say is immaterial. Dont they finally realise that we made them our slaves by promises ensconced in a few inane words like “I love you"?

In anthropological studies of older, wilderness based cultures, it was seen that to prove her worth and value as a woman, she was needed to have a baby. The men were required to hunt and bring home a particular difficult animal AND have a baby too.

This is today being seen in the modern cultural frame as: Girls acquiring "boy-friends" when literally still overgrown babies themselves. And the boys want a trophy girl on their arms.

Most marriages from love affairs, too, seem to follow this subconscient trend.

I don't find the word “love" very operative here. It is a purely physical thing and the arrogance of youth that goes with it.

If the relationships end in disaster (semblance of) one can understand. Only the babies have to pay for it.

But I console myself that there is a learning process involved and it is all for the good in the long run for the human evolutionary race.

This is one reason why arranged marriages work in India and other closely knit and monitored societies. Firstly the bride is well chosen by elders ( or at least there is a semblance of correct choosing for the most part) and secondly even if the partner is not as good as the natural choice of the individuals would have dictated, at least there is somebody there to play with. In the final analysis, proximity always wins.

For finally after a long life, all realize that they all feel the same and give the same pleasure and pains. The emotional and spiritual bonding comes later

So everybody, including the mother-in-law is happy and the family name goes on.

The Club of Givers

The joining of the club of givers requires, spontaneity, the opposite of the tendency to hoard, live with less and as far as possible with the minimum one can. At the same time sharing of goods, effort and time because somebody is genuinely in more need than you and could obviously put whatever you are parting with to better use. Finally the belief that the Universe is there and will give what you need anyway.

When we give something we are always keeping a track of every penny that is going out but when we are receiving something we feel that we have never received enough. And then we compare our giving with what is coming in and always the final analysis shows a negative balance because compared to what we have given we have never received our due.

Are we being true to ourselves and the universe which is organizing our lives around us? There is so much expectation from the universe but to receive we have to be in the club of givers without premeditated calculations of why & what.

When we give our youth, time and energy to family, relationships, work we do so with an intent which is very self-oriented at the core. No conditionals!

The best givers are intensely alive and very involved in life. When you drop the critical, calculating and the judgmental attitude, there is an aura of compassion which builds up around you. Then you can only give. I know many millionaires in this group and I have been blessed by the help they gave me in cash, kind and personal time.

As an exercise, study your life and see how many things are lying around you that are never used and list them out. Second step if you feel there are others who can use them and NEED them, would you be ready to pass them on?

This is living in the present. Things come and go. We are only caretakers or users for a while; like a coin which changes hands hundreds and thousands of time in its life time. Yet the humans have been able to delude themselves into believing that things belong to them. These people close their doors so effectively that nothing goes out from them nor anything comes in to them. What a waste of a lifetime - it is so sad; these people are doomed to repeat their lifecycles over and over.

So how does one open out to the universe; How to be a witness? How do I grow out of the petty self? It is simple really. See the world with benevolent eyes. Don’t judge - observe as a third party witness. And above all: don’t try to change the world. Identify yourself with beautiful things and surround yourself with them.

Learn about all the things that are negative in character, like noise, obnoxious materials, obnoxious emotions etc - anything that leaves a bad after-taste, shocks or frightens or as the environmentalists would says polluting. Try to distance yourself from these. And then join the club of givers.

You'll see things will start falling in place.

The mind and its games

"....It is easy to delude ourselves by creating a mental world and then getting lost into it......"

1) The question is how. In my experience we are so engrossed and trapped in our own cage of thoughts that we need a friend to see them with any objectivity and there too the ego may interfere and stop the process.

2) The faculty of “listening” does not exist – the ones in control have no reason to and the others out of desperation simply don’t want to.

3) Manipulation is the rule. Everyone is at it. We always have good explanations to hide our real deeper, ulterior intentions. 99% don’t even know this is happening. Often we delude ourselves by ascribing motives that suit us and understand situations only in a form that are favorable to us. Later when things go amiss we mix long explanations and complaints with our tears which are also far from reality.

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4) Life is so accommodating.

Luckily life is accommodating and we are generally speaking able to bumble through rather well.

Seems to me that aspirations (and many fears) and tastes get stuck in our minds when we are at our peak with hopes and endeavors in the age group time of 17-37 or so. The fashions, Arts, Objects of desires & Dreams all are hatched in this period and look for culmination thereafter. Few of us are so wired as to accept newness and modification of aspirations as life evolves day to day as we come across new ideas, people, technology or products. This would be called growing with the times. Luckily life is accommodating and we are generally speaking able to bumble through.

Changing mental tracks can be so much fun. It would also be more profitable if we did not dig in our heels and made it matter of personal pride or/and vanity to prove that state of us - whatever we have decided is our best self.

5) Take Raj Yog into consideration. It is difficult and dangerous to do it without some sort of friendly support to clear doubts and confirmations on the way. It is easy to delude ourselves by creating a mental world and then getting lost into it.

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6) Thoughts are cannon balls flying around.

Attaining Maturity

Spiritual awakening.

First take the first step to awaken yourself from your self-induced stupor and zombie-ish insistence not to hear or look.

You would have noticed people lost in their wistful thoughts to such an extent that they would not notice even an elephant if it passed by.

The five senses are used only marginally and the brain virtually not at all.

And you wish to talk of spiritual things to these Sleeping Beauties? You must be joking.

Let them wake up and do things with full consciousness and focus. Then will come the first awakening when they will begin to listen and see – become aware of the world. Something that the Zen masters or Hath Yogi would call being in the “present”.

Unconsciousness and inertia is part of the existent truth of this material world. We cannot allow it to put us off. It is a pain in the neck dealing with these spiritually challenged people but then we have no option. BUT For our own safety and purity of spirit, we have to keep a distance.

They are what they are and we are not here to change the world but only to sow seeds if we can without any insistence – surreptiously – with the help of other seekers.

What you have to say is correct but you say it badly - you tend to speak in anger as if you have been rubbed the wrong way and your tone of voice rises to shout me down.

Why? Conversation is not a process solely designed to criticise you.

Why can't we discuss a subject without bringing in our egos - a little more as an analytical conversation?

To keep in touch with the world outside of us, we keep many small doors and windows open. It goes without saying that the quality of our life and connection is directly dependent on the entrances and exits we are using.

But additionally we also place some guards at these doors and the windows open out only when we wish to look out.

The guards are small spirits that filter every coming wave. For instance:

- Who are you to correct me?

- So you feel you know everything?

- You think my hair grew white standing in the sun?

- No. It is not my fault.

- You did this because you envy my goodluck/looks/wealth/abilities…

- I never lie

- I am always ready to share

- I cannot allow you to get away with this

- Leave it to me

- Luckily I was here for you

etc etc etc

IQ level of knowledge becomes doubly productive and useful only when it merges with EQ knowledge and this most people avoid as their quest is to make money with their learning.

Lakshmi is Divine. What you do with this Grace is your decision. Entrapment in having more and more gives money a bad name.

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