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Tablo Launches Paperback Publishing, Expands Book Distribution to 40,000 Online & Physical Retailers.

Melbourne, Australia – Online publishing platform Tablo has today announced the launch of paperback publishing, and the expansion of its bookstore distribution network to nearly every online and physical retailer in the world. This makes Tablo the easiest way to create and publish a book, the most comprehensive distribution platform available to authors, and the only platform that allows authors to publish in both eBook and paperback with just one click.

Authors who create their books on Tablo can now distribute their work to all major retailers including Amazon, the iBooks Store and Kobo, and make their books available with with thousands of physical bookshops such as Barnes & Noble and Readings. Tablo has also introduced print publishing, allowing authors to publish a paperback version of their book with 40,000 online & physical retailers. This is made possible by a global print-on-demand network that displays books as in-stock, but only prints and distributes each book upon purchase, providing Tablo's authors with global availability for their books without requiring a single unit of inventory.

Tablo's CEO Ash Davies says that the expansion is incredibly meaningful for authors who want to publish their books. "Today if you want to publish a website or a blog, we know that we can write something, click publish and see our writing online. With Tablo you can now write something, click publish and see an eBook and a paperback book in nearly every bookshop in the world . It’s an extraordinary breakthrough for authors.”

“The publishing experience on Tablo is now the simplest, and the most comprehensive in the industry. It’s a real blogging-style revolution for books. An author from New York can drop a book into Tablo, and I can walk down to my local bookshop in Melbourne to buy a paperback copy. I can download their book on my Kindle, or have it delivered with Amazon Prime. I can even follow their Author Profile on Tablo to stay in touch with their writing. It’s the kind of availability usually reserved for mainstream authors, and it’s as easy as clicking publish.”

Creating a book and building a profile on Tablo is free, with global distribution ranging from $99 to $299 per year. Every distribution plan includes all required ISBNs and authors keep 100% of their sale proceeds after retailers' margins. Authors can also order paperback copies from Tablo directly using their print-on-demand service. All of this can be accessed through Tablo's new online writing and publishing platform that allows anybody to upload or write a book for free that's then automatically typeset for all formats.

Jemma Birrell, Tablo's Creative Director and the former Sydney Writers' Festival Director, says "This is a major and growing aspect to publishing in the 21st century. Anybody can create a profile on Tablo to share drafts or write a book, cultivate a readership, and join our online communities. We're constantly working to surface new talent and support the development of writers who both want to be published traditionally or independently. With our launch of independent publishing with comprehensive global distribution, writers are just a publish button away from so many bookshops throughout the world."

"The whole team has been working really hard to make this possible, but the message to authors is simple. If you're a passionate writer who wants to publish a book, Tablo can now take your book to the world.”


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About Tablo

Tablo is an online self-publishing platform that allows authors to write books, build an online profile, and publish in eBook and paperback to nearly every bookshop in the world. Tablo is built around a writing social network that allows writers to build profiles and publish progressively, and allows readers to uncover and follow the best new writing. Tablo offers the simplest way to write and publish, the most comprehensive distribution available to independent authors, and the most enjoyable way to take your books to the world. That’s why authors in 150 countries call Tablo home.

Tablo was founded in 2013 by young Australian writer Ash Davies after he struggled to publish his own book. Ash had grown up in a blogging era where writers were able to create a post and publish it with a single click. At 20 he dropped out of university to start Tablo with the goal of enabling any author to publish their book. Today Ash acts as the company’s CEO, and is a Forbes 30 Under 30 and Victorian Young Achiever of the Year recipient. The team continues to work towards a vision of a modern and democratised publishing industry where every author has the opportunity to share their writing.

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