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Capitalism 2

Capitalism 2 is a full-fledged business simulator in a real market economy. In this game, the user needs to create almost from scratch a grandiose capitalist Empire, it needs to develop in various sectors of the economy. Agriculture, trade, industry, business intrigue – this is far from an incomplete list of activities that each player will be required to master perfectly. Management takes place in real time.

Capitalism also provides us with complete information and data about what is happening in the market — charts of prices for goods, stock prices, the value of enterprises and so on.  Events unfold in a large metropolis, on the territory of which it is necessary to open outlets, to conduct marketing and production of goods. In the virtual world, as well as in the real world, a huge competition, and the correctness of the action depends on who will be the monopolist in the market of the city – the player or his computer opponent.

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In Tropico under the control of the player gets a small southern island in combination and the state, lost in the tropical seas. The user performs the duties of mayor. The main objectives of the economic strategy of two – to achieve prosperity of the island and its inhabitants, as well as to postpone the Bank account of his character as much as possible. Of course, the accumulation of capital of the mayor are at the expense of the state budget. In the game we deal with all aspects of life of the population and the country: trade, politics, religion, food and other things.

An interesting feature of the game is that at the beginning of the campaign the user creates the landscape of the island, including its size. At the beginning of the passage defines the objectives of the mission – to bring happiness to the people, improve the economy or enrich himself. The duration of the campaign can be limited to 10-70 years. Also in Tropico, there is an arcade game mode, when the goals are not put forward, and the campaign is virtually endless.

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Brass. Lancashire

Brass. Lancashire - is an economic Board game for 2-4 people, in which players act as manufacturers and traders of the industrial revolution. During the party you have to build, expand and develop its industrial network, producing and producing steel, coal and wool.

This is the story of competing entrepreneurs in and around Lancashire during the English industrial revolution in 1770-1870. In this game you will build your own industrial Empire, establishing communication through water channels and Railways, as well as building and upgrading various enterprises, such as textile factories, coal mines, foundries, shipyards and ports.

Brass. Lancashire and other economic board games:

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