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“It depends on how you see it.” 

A Kim Seokjin Oneshot.


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Written in your point of view. 


What a exhausting day. I feel like my face is covered in debris and sweat from running instensely for two hours and now, I'm back home, just taking off my shoes and heading over to my bedroom to change. As always, I'm alone at home since my parents went to do some work on our future home. 

The quiet atomsphere at this home seemed peculiar. Not there's anything wrong with it, it seemed like someone is watching me processively. 

I should really stop watching horror movies.

The windows are all closed, so there's nothing to worry about, right? That theory proved me wrong when I flicked the switch on the bedroom on. 

Holy sh!t. 

My bedsheets are all messed up, like someone is searching for something and with indents of some dried blood on the carpet floor. Did I had my period today or something? Probably not. I know I can't scrape off the blood without some professional steam cleaning. 

Did I leave the basement door open?

I went to go check the door when I spotted a baby scorpion crawling towards me, on the hardwood floor. In my mind, I had a heart attack, but on the outside, I went upstairs again to grab a frying pan so I can smash it. I'm not some screaming girl in the horror movies. I'm brave. 

On the outside.

On the inside, I'm a total scaredy cat. I get freaked out everyday actions internally. I went downstairs with my rock mini frying pan so I couldn't get poisoned. 


I can't fvcking find that black creature that was just here a moment ago. Having a scorpion in my basement while I'm sleeping is not good. I went to the door, the basement door, that's slightly opened enough that someone can intrude into the basement real quickly. 

A/n: I'm not actually kidding my mom found a baby scorpion and the door opened for 3 days. It's a long story. Back to the story. 

How long is the door slight opened like that? And more, importantly-


What the hell? I heard from my ears that sounded like a gun shot in the bathroom?

I quickly closed the basement and locking it, just in case. Now my smart side didn't come and think this through. At all. I just followed like the gut's feeling. 

I opened the bathroom door slowly, expecting a monster or a serial killer to pop ot and slash my brains out. The automatic switch turned on and...


No idiots, nothing, just my comb fell down from the glass to the hard, granite countertop. 

I'm still parnoid as always. I'm still holding this pan. I should really stop watching horror movies. 

I looked around, still looking everything instensely, I still has supisions. I'm not those clueless, idiotic girls. 


I looked at myself in the mirror and god, I look like ugly as always. 

Wait, my eyes, why are they blue? My eye color is brown. 

I squirted closer to make sure I'm just hallucinating. I'm part blind, anyway. I even touched at the reflection where my pupils located. I thought it's a prank. 

Nothing works at all. 

I kept doing that when a different black and white face appeared on the mirror.  I don't remember being this handsome. 

I tilted my head when that strange face tilted the opposite. I stuck my tongue, a bit to left out when that face did it to the opposite. 

Am I still hallucinating? 

I slapped my cheek twice, of course it did the opposite. My mind didn't think of running away from this cursed mirror, I'm still standing there, not believing anything that's happening past 33 minutes ago. 

Wait a minute..

His face, his face, it reminds me of Seokjin of BTS a lot, is that him? 


He giggled, he fvcking giggled. He actually, no exactly looks like Seokjin. Oh, that's why I was handsome. 

I looked at the mirror again like a staring contest, and he smirked. 

God da!n, he smirked . I'm gonna die.

And he spoke, 

"Enjoying this view in front of you, aren't you?" He took a moment to smirk widely to the side then, "You really are a stubborn girl." His hands came out of the mirror, still smirking, grabbing my shoulder. This point my mind went hazy just by putting his slender fingers onto my shoulders.

"You only belong to me, no one else. And your cheeks looks tasty, by the way. Your eyes, I could pluck them out." 

That words disturbed me a lot when the last thing I see is him dragging me, just by hand, towards the mirror.


There's a epilogue by the way.

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Written in your point of view.


What a exhausting day. I feel like my face is covered in debris and sweat from running instensely for two hours and now, I'm back home, just taking off my shoes and heading over to my bedroom to change. As always, I'm alone at home since my parents went to do some work on our future home.

I'm actually feeling terrible now. I meet one of my old bullies on the way and they wasted their own time by throwing insults at me repeatly. I did say a savage statement, but it doesn't stop the emotional pain. Now, I'm at my basement bedroom, rethinking what I could've said. 

Like something strong and powerful to make them shut the hell up. 

I went to my food storage and grabbed strawberry pocky sticks and started munching on them. Still thinking deeply. 

Is my face that ugly? I get  it that I have a few pimples here and there, but still. I should probably wash my face. 

I was about to step out when I found a black creature, crawling all over the hardwood floor. What is it?

I walking quietly and found out it's a scorpion. A baby scorpion, to be exact. I'm freaking out internally and my motive is to go upstairs, but then, I heard a loud bang on the bathroom. Like someone is trapped in there. 

Is it my mom? I thought she left. Wait, why is the door to the outside slightly cracked open. 

I'm started to being even more parnoid than I already am, beacuse there's a scorpion, next, the bathroom banging, now, the door is slightly open.

C'mon think. If I'm trapped like this in a haunted house, I would stay calm and... Wait, what am I thinking? 

I went upstairs first to deal with the scorpion with a rock frying pan and headed downstairs, still my thoughts scattered and blurred. 

It's gone. 

That black baby scorpion is gone. I don't know about you, but losing that creature is worse feeling. Especially if it bites.

Great, maybe I should just check the bathroom instead. 

I twisted the bathroom knob and first thing I see is my ugly figure while the lights automatically flickered on. That same ugly reflection staring back at me. 

There goes my self esteem.

I took my soap and exfoliating foam and proceeded to rub the scrub all over the face for a minute, throughly, before splashing my face with some water to cleanse it all out. 

And I looked at the mirror for one last time after I wiped my face with a towel, I saw a very handsome face.

Since when did I get this handsome? 

Wearing round specs, with brown hair, and a quite unique shaped eyes I have ever seen. He looks inviting, and smiling with his moist lips.

Unlike my chapped ones. 

I thought I was hallucinating. I thought this is too unreal. Like this is the every fangirls' dream. He just resembles Seokjin from BTS. As in, Worldwide Handsome Guy.

I think I ate too much sugar for today. 

"Hi." He talked, he talked. To me! Just for me! My mind decided to betray me beacuse my smile quickly replaced into a frown, just thinking how ugly I look. 

"You know, it's very rude to look at somebody with a frown." 

I wanted to say sorry. But it feels like I got tongue twisted. 

"H- Hi." I said, while looking down. 

"You're a shy girl, it's okay. Don't torture yourself too much." ?????

"Ex- Excuse me?" 

"You should know that I like you. A lot. I can't see my girl torturing herself about how ugly she looks. You need self confidence in yourself. You need to love yourself." He said, looking right through my soul. Easy for you to say it, you don't how low my self esteem is. Wait a minute, did he confessed to me.

I think he read my mind beacuse he said this as an answer to my thought. I was looking down the whole time. "Yes, I'm handsome. I also have my off days, too. There are some people saying I'm not handsome. But, believe in yourself. Start yourself, as a new, confident person. And yes, I like you the way you are. That shy personality, and your thinking is too advanced if I do say so to myself." 

Wow, I'm speechless. He, out of all of 7 billion people on the planet, choose me? As his? 

"Yes, I choose you. Come here." His hand came out of the mirror got hold my tiny shoulders, making me look up. His grip on my shoulders somewhat seemed like a sleeping drug for me that I can't remember much after that. 

The only feeling I felt is a pair of moist muscle kissing my chapped lips. 



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