Dear Love


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1: Yuna

Dear Love,

How are you? Have you been well? I wrote this letter as soon as we said our goodbyes. I miss you so much I think my heart is going to burst! How is the training going? Is it hard in the military? Did you make any friends? 

I was buying groceries for mother yesterday and I sat on our favorite bench. The wind was quite strong yesterday so I felt a little cold.

Mom and I will be visiting grandmother in Jeju next week! I’m very excited! I heard the tangerines are great this season.

I miss you oppa. It is hard not seeing you every day. I’m not very good at writing letters but I’m sure I’ll learn. 

By the way, I sent you my picture so you won’t forget my face! 

P.S. Have you heard of the new song by Sechskies? It’s called Couple! It’s my favorite song! <3

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