INNOCENT /Larry Stylinson au/


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Chapter 1

Niall's pov.

"Who's your friend over there he looks lovely mind introducing" Liam's friend Harry shouted over the loud music in the club. I had decided to bring Louis along but he was to shy to even socialize and so he decided to stay at the bar and I let him because there was no way I was going to win this fight.

"He's not going to come over it's useless" i replied annoyingly playing with the straw of my drink. I suddenly felt a small pinch to my waist from Liam and I yelped. "Come on baby why don't you be a good submissive to daddy and go get your little friend for Harry yeah?" he asked calmly but i knew there was a much more dark meaning behind his words.

I nodded biting my lip for him turning away and strutting confidently to Louis my hips moving teasingly just how i knew he liked it. I signed as i approached Louis who had his phone out playing candy crush. Really candy crush at a well known club in England i think not.

"Louis,get up right now someone wants to meet you" I said pulling him up but he groaned remaining in the same spot."Come on he is hot and he seems cool I promise" I said pleadingly trying to pull him up because I knew if I didn't someone was going to give a rosy ass tonight. He rolled his eyes at me dramatically standing up "Fine" well that was easy.



New story,got this idea at midnight!


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