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The Truth In Lies (Edited)

After her father's unexpected death, Deanna Carpenter returns to Asherville to say her final goodbye. She has no plans to stay in the town she escaped from years before, but her older sister and mother have other plans. Despite their turbulent relationships she agrees to stay; she wants to understand what happened in the past and put...

Northern Arrows

As a child, a young village girl found a wolf in the forest. Years later, they live for the hunt. But all is not as it seems, and the two hunters have decided it is better to investigate on their own than to wait for things to fix themselves.

Good Night Papa

Good Night Papa is a collection of fifteen short stories (including one screenplay) set in Japan and around the world. Each story presents a dilemma, conundrum or mystery which its characters solve by wit or resolve: What does a recovering alcoholic mail pilot do when his plane crashes in the Australian desert with a bottle of gin on...