How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H505


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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H505

Resolve QuickBooks Error H505


QuickBooks error H505 is associated with the multi-user hosting set up. If you see this error it means that the computer that hosts the company files need some supplementary adjustments. You won’t just find one reason or cause of the error. In fact, this error is caused by improper host settings, the firewall installed on your PC is prohibiting the access to the computer where the company files are stored, inability to access an internet connection to the computer hosting the company files and lastly due to damaged Network Data file.


To know if you experiencing this error, be on the lookout for symptoms like ‘sudden crashing of currently running programs’, ‘display of error code H505 on the screen’, ‘slow performance of your windows computer’ etc. So if you notice any of these indications, then you must handle the error right away. But if you don’t have any idea on how to handle it, then you can go through this blog as it contains the solution on how to resolve QuickBooks error H505. Then contact QuickBooks Customer Support      There are many plausible fixes for error H505 in QuickBooks and listed below are some of the methods you can implement to resolve it.


Method 1.

Ø On your computer, go to the control panel from the Start menu and under it search for the ‘firewall setting’.

Ø After locating it open the setting and click on ‘allow a program through firewall’ option.

Ø Now click on ‘add a program’ and add the QuickBooks and its version on the exemption list.

Ø After you are finished with that, restart the computer to make sure the changes have been successfully made.

Method 2.

Ø Press the windows key and R on your keyboard to launch the Run window.

Ø And on the Run window, type in the words ‘services.msc’ and click ‘ok’.

Ø When the list appears, right click on the version of your QuickBooks and select ‘stop’.

Ø After that right click to select start and close the window.

Ø Now, on the explorer window, click on ‘tools’ and select ‘folder options’

Ø Click on ‘view’ and clear the ‘hide expansions’ box.

Ø Now open the ‘view’ menu again and select ‘show shrouded records and organizers’ and clear the ‘hide secured framework’ box. Then click ‘yes’ and ‘ok’ and close the windows explorer.

These are the methods you can employ to resolve error H505 in QuickBooks. If you run into any additional problems you can contact QuickBooks Tech Support Number   


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