Flying Free


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Chapter one

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  Storm-gray smoke surrounded the McKenna household, swallowing anything inside. The large, lumbering figures feeding the flames were standing strongly with their scales held high, unaware that the small target said were running out, and away. A pale blue she-dragon by the name of Frostbite was the first to notice and alert the others, who were all now stomping into the forest, trailing the escapees. 

When the young girl was set down and told to run, she listened. And she ran, despite the screams of agony coming from behind her. 

Nothing stopped her from running. When she got tired, she lay down underneath a great oak. 

“Mom, Dad? I’m only 11. Why did those bad men and women take you from me?”

Her eyesight became blurry, wet tears dripping down her soft face.

“Why am I alone?”


Quinn walked up to the locket, her tears subsiding. “W-what?” She sniffed, taking a close look at the strange heart-shaped necklace.

“Oh darling, our baby. Never fear. We’ve passed, but you have not. You are very special, remember this. We can talk to you through this amulet, but we cannot give you direct answers. With love, Mother and Father..”

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