Young Love


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Intro/Meeting Our Characters

We walk into a study dimly lit by a lamp on the desk, casting a warm yellow light into the room , there is a figure hunched over the desk writing at a feverish pace, they stop and look up from the papers scattered around her. "Oh! Hi there, you must be here to take a look at the fanfiction story I've been working on for some time now." 

Hands a binder of papers to me. 

"Enjoy," she says turning back to her work leaving me to immerse myself in the world that she has created. I open the cover and here is the title page "Young Love- a Lion King fanfiction" hmm this should be interesting. i turn the page: chapter one is a list of names and facts. 

Characters (in no particular order) 

Sera-bi- a young teen female lion who is just short of coming of age.

Sara-fina- a young teen female lion same age as Sara-bi who is her best friend and partner in crime.

Sauli- King Of The Pride Lands and father of Mufasa and Scar. 

Amara- Queen of the Pride Lands, Mother of Mufasa and Scar.  

Mufasa- an older teen male who is the next in line to take his father Selah's place as King of Pride Rock. 

Scar- a malnourished male lion brother of Mufasa.

Zera- an outcast and love interest of Scar. 

Zazu- Right hand to the king and queen of the pride lands.

Should be really interesting to read I think to myself. 

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Chapter 1- Sara-bi

"You are too damn young for him, he probably doesn't even notice you, look at all the girls fighting and clawing each other just to get to him." Sara-bi thinks to herself as she basks in the warm morning African sun. Sara-bi sees her best friend approaching but is too lost in her own thoughts to acknowledge her.

"Hellooo, Sara-bi"says Sara-fina, waving a paw in her face. 

"Uh…what… oh hey 'fina, sorry about that" Sara-bi says coming out of her daydream. 

Sara-fina laughs at Sara-bi's reaction. 

 "Hey girly, hot shit approaching," Sara-fina acknowledging Mufasa approaching them. 

Mufasa is an older teen lion who's mane has just started coming in thick and full and he is the lion everyone wants to be, or be with, oh and did I mention that he is the heir to the throne of Pride Rock, but he prefers to be just one of the lions. He is the son of  Sauli and Amari the King and Queen of the Pride Lands, he is a close friend of both Sara-bi and Sara-fina.

"Hey, Sara-bi, hey 'fina, what's up?" Mufasa says as his voice hasn't really caught up with him just yet. 

"Someone's got the butterflies." says Sara-fina pointing at Sara-bi who has now turned a bright shade of pink. 

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Chapter 2-Sara-fina


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