" Straight"


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1. I thought

      I wake to the sound of my alarm. Another day in hell. Another day at school. Great. I look in the closet and pull out a school hoodie and some skinny jeans.  I lay them on the bed and quickly go to get in the shower before anyone else gets up and uses all the hot water. I take a quick shower and put only outfit for the day. I brush my teeth and throw my hair in a ponytail. I grab my phone, keys, and phone and head for my car. I walk outside and immediately see my "crush"Conner and his sister Maya walking to the to bus stop which is right next to my house. I quickly get into my car so they won't see me.  I take the long way to school so they won't see      me. My mind begins to wonder . Especially about my sexuality .I think I'm straight.  Atleast I say I am. My parents will never approve. They will send me to Argentina to live with my grandma.   Boys were attractive but girls were everything I wanted. Especially Maya. Her green eyes , her blue curly hair, her personality , her everything. 

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