The Amazing Adventure!


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The first day of school - exams !!!

 A girl named Lucy was very shy , she hated school just because of her anxiety. She was scared to fail - then she met a girl who taught her ways of life . Her name was Raazia . She was popular and treated her as her own friend. Lucy was very happy with Raazia . Soon they got to know each other , they found out More and more about each other . Raazia found out that Lucy was suffering from anxiety- and Lucy found out that raazia was weak at drawing and communication.then came the week of exams , Lucy looked at raazia and said “how do I study for exams”? . Raazia replied , “well it’s easy find something in the book and see what you can do , saying that you can write down the key points “. Lucy said “ok “ after school Lucy went to raazias house and studied she went there for a sleep over as well . Raazia explained the science criteria , “so the periodic table of elements is easy “ so you understand “Lucy replied “ yes “ soon night care very quickly, they began to watch films on the bed , and ate popcorn . The film was one of Lucy’s favourites it was called “ the crystals “ it was interesting and funny . The theme was a comedy , as the movie played they began to fall asleep 

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Exam number 1

The girls came into the school , and found out the have a new teacher. Lucy thought that she forgot about the exam , then raazia told her “ if we have a new teacher , and we have a test and our teacher left or she’s unwell we still do the test “ Lucy sighed “ raazia knew that Lucy was having a panic attack which had some sort of connections with her anxiety. Raazia asked her “ are you ok ?” Is it a panic attack “? “Should I call the teacher “ ? “Miss ! “ raazia shouted “ she’s having a attack ! “ should I take her outside and calm her down miss ? “ of course raazia “ you go and do what  you need to do don’t worry about your test and Lucy’s you don’t have to do youres ok . “Silence class ! “ 

Raazia said to “Lucy are you ok ?”

Lucy said “I’m fine , it’s just my anxiety hitting me ! “ I don’t want to go back in that classroom “ 

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Lucy What’s wrong?

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