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Learn About Business Art: Take Lessons from Andy Warol

Are you an artist and you love creating art pieces? Are you an art enthusiast and loves spending time at art galleries and museums? Do you love collecting art pieces? Have you contemplated on pursuing your artistic inclination and making a career out of it? Has the idea of going into the art business every crossed your mind?

If making business out of art have crossed your mind many times, what is stopping you? What are your reservations? Are you under the impression that business and art do not mix?

·        That if you want to practice your artistic inclinations, you will need to forget about profitability and financial stability?

·        That if you want to have a successful career or a profitable business, you will need to give up your art?

Who is Andy Warhol?

These are legitimate thoughts since this is what society made us believe for a long time. However, over the years, many artists have already proven this belief to be wrong. One such artist is Andy Warol. Andy Warol Art continues to dominate the art scene and his business art principle has proven to be lucrative, profitable and sustainable.

Andy Warol was an American director, producer and artist who challenged traditional fine art with his Andy Warhol Art that focuses on pop art and modern art. He first came out with his Campbell soup can art in 1962. His Andy Warhol Art about Marilyn Monroe, ex-President Nixon and other famous personalities. He practiced his art in different forms such as painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking.

His Andy Warhol prints, and Andy Warhol lithographs displayed at Edward Kurstak Art Gallery’s official website and other art stores and museum brought him fame. But that’s not all. Andy Warol was able to mix art and business and he called this business art.

What is Business Art

Andy Warol was a leading figure in the visual pop art movement. However, his accomplishments did not stop there. Andy Warol also become known for his business art principle that made him successful in hist business endeavors, too.

For Andy Warol, because he was an artist, he started with his art, creating beautiful art that he can be proud of. While he took the risk by challenging tradition, his Andy Warhol Art became well accepted which prepared him for his next step which is to do business art.

Business art, according to Andy Warhol, is that step that comes after creating art. He let himself go by creating Andy Warhol Art. After establishing the Andy Warhol Art, he put his business skills into practice so that his creative work becomes a profitable and sustainable business enterprise.

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