A Deathly Twist


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The main four

 I am a weirdo.I am a confident,cool girl.I am a rude,violent chick.I am just an ordinary girl.And I,am a murdererer.I kill.Well,not me.But one personality does.At age fourteen,I was diagnosed with multiple personalities disorder.So far,my parents have seen four sides of me.Patricia,the weird,freak.Jessica,the cool,confident girl.Blu,the rude, violent and mean one.And finally,me.Sally Burlap.Ordinary,everyday girl next door.But one day,the thought of five came to me.It was my birthday.I had gone to get some chips and candies,leaving to the store.

But a man,stopped me.He grabbed my arm and started laughing,dragging me into an alley.I started screaming,but no one came.Until,I just blacked out.When I came too,there was blood on my hands,blood on the ground,and the man,his head was bashed in.A rock lay on the ground beside him.I had broken down in tears,staring at the blood on my hands.

I had run home,telling my mom that another personality had come to me,but she denied it,saying that the doctor had stated that only four would come.But I couldn't hear her.If a new personality hadn't come,then,which one killed that man?

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The main four

 Present day

   The whispers of students followed me through the halls of school. "Freak," "weirdo."It hurt to know that they ridiculed me because of something I couldn't control.But when Patricia falls asleep in the washrooms,people laugh.When Jessica follows the popular crowd,they ridicule and humiliate her.When Blu lashes out,they steer clear of her.When I walk the halls,they spread rumours.The cruel teenagers of Warrack High have the odacity to gossip about me.They bully me.Try to bring out another side of me.They all know when I shift,that I know what my other sides are doing.They know it's like I'm trapped inside my mind,forced to watch what goes on.

  Lunch is the same as always.I grab my food,then squeeze myself into   the tight space between the garbage can and the cafeteria door. I quietly eat my food,taking time to wash my hands and clean myself off.A sudden trickle of something wet makes me jump.A smiling face looks down at me.The face of Samantha Werdus,popular,mean girl,held an empty lunch tray.The contents of which were now on my head.

I felt a headache creeping through.Her and her friends laughed at the spaghetti sauce slipping down my nose.But I felt myself becoming lost in my head.Blu was slipping out.Blu...Violent,mean,Blu..Could she be the killer?If so,what happens when she is angry?

Blu stood up,coming close to Samantha. "You think you're funny,bitch?I'ma wreck you're face,how bout that?You gonna be laughing then?"Blu snatched Samantha's lunch tray right out of her hand,waving it in from not of the shocked girls face.

"You?You're that other side of Sally,right?Holy shit girls,she's gonna kick our asses!'Samantha joked,but a hint of fear creeped through her voice."Ha,ha.You best shut you're loud-ass mouth,or I'll  shut it for you."Samantha shoved Blu,who immediately slammed the metal tray onto Samantha's nose.It bursts,blood spurting.No! I thought,watching Samantha scream and fall.Blu smirked,slowly stepping over Samantha to get to her class.

     Hey guys!So,I just wanted to assure you,this is not the end of the story!But,with work and travelling,I can't drop everything to write every hour of the day!So,if you like my story,follow me,or rate it,or do whatever the hell you want!Please,if ur a hater,I don't give a damn about ur cruddy hate-filled life so please don't  continue reading.

Bye!    R.A

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