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Many trendy things are going on in the developer society, one of the most talked-about is mobile app development. Supposing you don't know how to code, it will be like a real challenge for you. You may have doubts about my statement so allow us clear that.

Below are some mobile user statistics that will tell you why Mobile development so important.

·        A mobile phone user spends 90 percent of his time on the phone watching content on different mobile apps, and only 10 percent doing actual calling.

·       Many people love native mobile apps over any website because they are easy to access. About 85 percent of mobile phone users prefer them.

·       In the U.S. mobile apps grossed nearly 60$ billion in revenue for 2016 alone.

·       Any average person typically has 30 apps and spends 35 hours on his phone in a single month, some even more.


All that plays a role when deciding whether to get an app or not; Ultimately the choice is made by you and your needs. If you happen to be needing one take into account Big kitty Labs, they make sleek, fast, responsive, and future proof apps, as well as taking care of deploying updates, and providing support for it. The two big players in the app market are Google’s Play Store and Apple’s AppStore, they have requirements of their own to get your app published with them; let’s not get that ahead yet. If you are thinking to make or develop a mobile app, you will need to understand some of its steps.


·       Research and discover: you may have many ideas about developing an app for your business. That is an excellent way to start, but you also have to research the market and discover it so that you will be able to make a unique and useful app.


·       Establish objectives and goals: if you are planning to develop a mobile app, then establishing proper objectives and goals will be one of the crucial steps that need to be considered. You’ll need to answers these questions for yourself.                                                                                    

1.  What problems will my app will solve for my users?                                    2. What features should you include?                                                             3. What will be the appeal of your mobile app's core?                     

After you answer those questions you should have a clear vision of what you want, to achieve it you could follow these next steps, or have a software company do them having you present at every step.

·       Storyboards and wireframes: these will mainly help you elucidate your app before any development is done, this is where you can see how your app will work and flow meaning after you are done with this step you will have a proper and clear idea about the functional app. These will tell you how the design and proposed feature will fit into a useful app. You have to keep in mind that you need to make a good user experience.                                                                                                       1. You have to focus on the user experience.                                                 2. You have to consider the users and how they operate their apps.

·       Proper UI/UX design: you have to make a UI and design your UX that fits appropriately with the theme of your app. Suppose if you are developing a mobile app about gaming information then you have to plan it accordingly. You have to spend some proper time designing both your user interface and user experience, after all, these are what the user will deal with all the time if they aren’t good it’s likely you won’t get any result for your efforts, and that’s the least of all evils; If your app doesn’t perform or look the part it could even end up hurting your business.

·       The platform: you should decide the platform for your mobile app, will it be for only Apple users? or just Android users? Why not both?.

 There is variation in both platforms, if you develop for iOS then it will not work in Android. So you have to create them separately if your goal is to have them developed natively; You could always have them be developed “hybrid” but there are compromises to this approach as well.

Those were some of the most critical steps that you should consider before developing a mobile app for your business or any other purpose. If you are looking for one of the best companies for mobile app development look no further, I’m comfortable recommending you Big Kitty Labs, they have over 10 years in the game, and 330 developed projects (and adding more as you read this)

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